Clothes hooks in the hallway - an important design element

 Clothes hooks in the hallway - an important design element

The hallway is a space that unites the entrance area and all the living spaces in the house. The corridor equipment is of great importance in such a way that it is as practical and functional as possible. The main function of the hallway is the storage of things.

It is easy to organize everything correctly when the space is large enough; however, it is a completely different matter if the area is too small to accommodate an overall cabinet. One of the solutions in this case is coat hooks, which not only provide significant benefits, but also become an excellent wall decoration.

Types and features

With the help of a hanger with hooks, you can easily save space in the hallway with a small area. The clothes hanger represents a level with the hooks located on it in a certain amount.Every day, design proposals are becoming more and more original, offering consumers updated, interesting designs. Now the place to store clothes performs an aesthetic task.

The following elements may be included in different models:

  • The convenient level having special dredging under any accessories.
  • Roomy trays for clothes.
  • Shelves for hats, scarves and gloves.
  • Folding design.

Some hangers, which are distinguished by a special non-standard, also have moving parts. Forms can be different - rectangular, curved or figured. The functionality and capacity with all this is so high that the need for the acquisition of a large cabinet simply does not arise.

When choosing the design of your home, it is important to pay special attention to the design of the hooks to emphasize your good taste. They can be attached to the plank or attached to the wall, and then their holder chooses a convenient arrangement for daily use. The second option would be best to look in a very small hallway.

Do not be concerned with the choice of these items scornfully.They must be in harmony with the general interior design, otherwise there is a threat of getting a ridiculous picture of the corridor. Modern manufacturers have done everything possible so that buyers avoid such a serious mistake, having the opportunity not to change their own tastes and preferences. Hooks are very different - wooden, metal or plastic, and thanks to their rich color palette, everyone will certainly choose the right shade.

Stylish hooks visually improve the appearance of the hallway, making it much more original. It is necessary to treat their location with all responsibility, having thought over this moment even before purchase. They must be large or medium in size to avoid falling things.

Types of fastening

The degree of their reliability and endurance depends on how the hooks are attached. The type of fastening depends on the quantity and weight of the clothes, which can be sustained by both the whole hanger and the single hook.

The most convenient way, which is quite widespread - a screw mount.

Hooks with Velcro - the most suitable option for ceramic tiles, and most often they are used in the bathroom or in the kitchen.There is also a magnetic mount, however, this type is used not too often, as it requires one special piece - a metal surface.

Accordingly, there are several fastener options:

  • Screws.
  • Glue.
  • Suckers
  • Magnet.

Choose the appropriate type is not difficult, if you determine exactly what will be the functional load. Outerwear is quite heavy, because it requires maximum reliability, which can provide only strong screws that can withstand heavy loads. Accessories and other items of clothing that do not have significant weight, fit and hooks, fixed with velcro or glue.

Style features

Every detail must support the general mood of the interior of the corridor, however, some styles allow the use of contrasting elements:

  • For example, conciseness in the Scandinavian style is complemented by any other model that meets two rules - small size and the minimum number of decor or its absence.
  • The classic interior is created with the help of elements that have a discreet, strict design.
  • Art Deco will emphasize chrome, bronze or wooden hooks. In this case, pearl, stones or leather may be added to them.
  • Modern style makes it possible to let fantasy fly free, experimenting with various versions of models, forming from them the compositions that adorn the wall and amaze the imagination with its originality. Pretentiousness, abstractness, conciseness - all this will do. Stylish metal, colorful plastic and various figures will help to embody the most daring ideas.
  • An excellent solution for high-tech - structural metal objects.
  • Hooks in the form of a water pipe, nail or adjustable wrench are simply created for the loft and industrial style.

You can watch a lot of creative hangers for the hallway in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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