We select and arrange the furniture in a small hallway

Modern design is represented by a variety of ideas, thanks to which housing takes on a cozy and spectacular look. For different rooms, depending on their purpose, a special style of decoration and decor is selected. Each room in the house is unique in its own way, since it performs a certain function in a person’s life. The hallway deserves special attention, because this room is the first to strike the eye when entering the house. The general impression about the owners of the house, their tastes and preferences depends on its design.

Selection features

Today, not everyone can boast of having a large entrance hall. Most of the apartments are planned in such a way that the smallest part of the living space remains for this room. Therefore, to pick up and arrange the furniture in a small hallway is sometimes considered a big problem.In order for this room to be beautiful and creatively equipped, it is necessary to make rational use of its space.

The correct solution for a very small hallway in the apartment or house will be the choice of modular furniture.

For many owners, the design of a small hallway will seem difficult, but if everything is correctly calculated and designed, this room will turn into an original “visiting card” at home. First of all, you need to save this room from the volume elements and forget about the overall cabinets.

Of course, large furniture can accommodate everything in itself, but it will “eat” the already missing area of ​​housing. Therefore, for small hallways you will need to choose those models in which you can place things used at the moment.

As a rule, in the closets of the hallways they store clothes according to the season, and everything else is hidden in storerooms or mezzanines.

An important indicator in the planning of the room is considered the number of households, that is, it is worth considering the number of all tenants and, starting from this, calculate the volume of clothes and shoes for each. We must also remember about the guests. If the owners of the house are very hospitable, they are often visited by friends, neighbors, relatives, you need to take care of the comfort of visitors and provide them with several shelves, hooks for clothes.

Installing furniture in the hallway, you should correctly pick up its color and material. For small spaces, it is recommended to acquire light shades with a glossy or mirror surface. The dark designs in the room will not only look gloomy, but also visually “steal” the already tiny space.

Therefore, you need to choose a maximum of the mirror and light colors. As for the furniture materials, the right decision will be wood, MDF or laminated chipboard.

To simplify the process of planning the room, you can draw a sketch of it. Thus, the figure will see everything that is possible to translate into reality. Sketches are carried out both independently and to order.

When designing small hallways, designers do not recommend using the following:

  • Massive modules and facades. They not only do not fit into the general view of the room, but often block the passage in the corridors.
  • Decorative shelves on the walls. Open surfaces will not serve as an element of decoration, but will turn into collections of trash. Therefore, it is best to install shallow small shelves under the keys and cosmetic accessories.
  • Deep furniture. In small rooms, cabinets with a depth of 600 mm must not be installed.
  • Huge chairs. To many, they serve as an excellent place for comfortable re-dressing, but in miniature hallways it is worth forgetting about this type of furniture.


If a small hallway room resembles a square with a narrow aisle, it will take a lot of tricks and effort to make the room look decent. In addition, the main task in this decor will be the maximum savings in space. Therefore, for a small hallway fit minimalism. For this type of design has its own peculiarities. This also applies to furniture.

For a miniature room, an excellent option would be:

  • Closet. Doors of the structure do not occupy additional space, as they open in a parallel direction to the wall. In many models of such furniture there is no wall, which makes them much more compact. In addition, such modules often force angular space. Cabinets allow you to store a lot of things and accessories, look aesthetically pleasing.
  • Hanger. If the dimensions of the hallway are limited and the cabinet does not fit in them, an alternative solution would be to use a hanger.Today there is a huge selection of these models. Unlike cabinet furniture, they occupy a minimum of space and are designed for storing hats, umbrellas, clothes and other items of clothing.

There are hinged and floor hangers. At the same time, the first of them have a multi-tiered appearance with 2-3 rows, which helps to place a lot of clothes, especially in the cold season. As for the floor models, they are characterized by many positive aspects and have multifunctionality.

It is advisable to purchase hangers with upper and lower shelves for storing gloves, scarves, hats and shoes.

  • Shelves. In the hallways install hinged structures that are attached to the wall. Floor models for small spaces will not work, as they will occupy space. Under these shelves you can hang hooks for outerwear.
  • Rack. It is necessary to give preference to variants without a back wall. It economically takes up space, suitable for storing shoes and small items. Increase the tier of the rack can shoe boxes. To do this, they need to paste over the remnants of wallpaper or colored paper under the tone of the hallway.
  • Mirror. An excellent element of decor for small rooms, in addition to its direct purpose, it also helps to visually expand the room. It is possible to hang up both wall model, and to choose the models which are built in furniture.
  • Shoe shelves. In the hallway it is important to organize not only the storage of clothes, but also shoes. Best of all for these purposes fit multi-tier shelves, occupying the entire height of the wall. Not bad also look in the combination of a wardrobe and a shoe.

In addition to all the above items of furniture in the hallway, you can also try to place and dressers. These modules allow you not only to store many things, but also complement the room with notes of completeness. If in the room the area is quite small, then it is recommended to install special shelves for bags, keys and gloves.

Furniture for the hallway can be purchased as a finished product or made to order. At the same time, independent production has more advantages over standard models, since the owner of the house tries himself as a designer, he selects a unique composition, style, decorates the space to his taste.


It is not easy to select and arrange furniture in the hallway, as this room ends with an entrance door.Therefore, the designers for this room create special design techniques that allow you to expand the space.

It is worth noting that furniture, lighting and decoration play a huge role in the decoration of the hallway. At the same time, all the above indicators should correspond to the same style and harmoniously fit into the interior.

To create a unique and spectacular interior, you need to follow some rules:

  • Use simplicity in space;
  • Rational use of the area under the ceiling. Many things can be stored there;
  • Perform redevelopment of non-residential space;
  • Connect the living area with a hallway.

The choice of each of these options depends on the design of housing. Many find it difficult to agree on the restructuring of rooms, but this has its advantages. For example, if the house has a separate bathroom, it is possible to combine it and, due to the received square meters, increase the entrance hall. After that, the furniture is conveniently located and cabinets will serve as a complete wardrobe.

If the option with a bathroom is not suitable, then you can fill a place under the ceiling. Installing hanging cabinets expands storage space.Unusual design idea is also considered to combine living space with a hallway. In this case, the transition is made smooth and all the furniture is selected in the same style. Hull modules should fill rooms in stages, not dividing the space into zones.

Variants of placement in the interior

In small rooms, furniture needs to be installed rationally, since there is no possibility to place volume sets and cabinets. Therefore, an excellent option are angular models that can be placed in the corners of the room or at the front door. In addition, it is recommended to replace bulky furniture with modular objects of regular shapes.

The main problem of the hallways is not only their mini-space, but also the type of room itself. There are square, narrow hallways, as well as a corner corridor, the last of which is difficult to furnish with furniture. The main advantage of the corner room is the presence of a free corner, in which it is good to place the wardrobe. Thus, all the problems of planning will be solved, since it will be possible to arrange all the most necessary things in one place.

As for the square room, it allows to fantasize and place various models of furniture.

Things are much worse with narrow corridors, there is no volume of walls and corners, only a narrow space. To make such a room a stylish hallway, you need suspended or modular furniture.

What kind would not have a hallway, it must always be decorated with mirrors. In narrow and small rooms, this element of the decor will help to increase the illumination and visually expand the space. An important role in the design of the hallway is also assigned to the lighting, it will complete the image of a room of any shape, emphasizing the desired shades and design style.

About how to choose the right furniture in a small hallway - the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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