Ikea hallways in a modern interior

 Ikea hallways in a modern interior

Ikea is a Swedish company that manufactures furniture and other various items and accessories for the home. In any company store company you can feel as if in another world. Here are examples of the interior design of entire rooms: bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, kitchens, toilets and bathrooms. They are selected according to color schemes and styles, as well as any visitor to the store can touch the furnishings, carefully consider the details, feel the furniture for softness.

Ikea is a global brand known in many countries.The company's products have a large assortment, high quality and reasonable price. One of the interiors of the rooms, which are very popular, is the design of the hallway.

Special features

The Ikea company exists since 1926 and has been operating for more than 90 years. During its existence, the organization has grown and developed. Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of the company, sold his matches to his neighbors at the age of five, and after 20 years he founded a furniture company and named it Ikea. Today the company has its representative office in more than forty different countries. Almost every second person in the world knows about this brand.

The main feature of the company is its goal, which is to ensure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to purchase comfortable and beautiful furniture from Ikea. Therefore, the company offers very low prices for products that do not affect its quality at all. In order to reduce the price of products, not only Ikea employees participate, but also the buyers themselves. The company sells many goods in unassembled form.

The buyer himself collects purchased products, saving on the purchase price.

In addition, another feature of the company's products is a large assortment of various types of products selected for each room. So, for halls Ikea provides a wide selection of different interior options, made in different designs and styles.

Range of models

The company Ikea has a wide range of different models of furniture for the house or apartment. In any corporate store organization you can see the full interior of the rooms, made by the designers of the company. That is, it is not necessary to spend time searching for individual elements of the interior in order to collect details that will harmonize in style and color. Simply select the option of the types of rooms that will suit you most.

The hallway is an important element in any apartment. It is for this room that the first impression of the whole house is built. Therefore, many people are very serious about choosing different models of furniture for the hallway and creating the interior.

Ikea presents a wide selection of different options for the hallway room. There are both versions presented in the classical style, and modifications made in the modern style.

For those who do not need to fully equip the hallway, but only to purchase some missing elements of the interior, there is also a large selection of models. In addition, in Ikea, you can see the shoe organizers, which, like the document organizer, divide the contents of the cabinet along different shelves. In any hallway there are products, without which you just can not do.

Shelves and hangers

These interior elements serve to ensure that the person who enters the house can hang his outerwear and place other objects. These are irreplaceable objects in any hall. In Ikea you can find a variety of types of these details of the arrangement, differing not only in appearance but also in functionality.

An interesting option for shelves are baskets. They can store various little things and accessories, such as a scarf and hat, and they will also be an excellent option for keeping shoes in them. Baskets can be of various colors and sizes. They are well suited for the hallway, designed in country style: light wooden furniture will look great with wicker baskets.

For hallways that have a small size, a wardrobe will not be a very good option, as it will take up a lot of free space.Ikea offers a better option for outerwear in a small room - a hanger. It takes not so much space and looks harmonious.

Many people hang umbrellas along with outerwear or simply put them on the shelf along with scarves and hats, but this is not very practical. To store this accessory best suited special supplies for umbrellas. The company offers various models of umbrella. They can be in the form of baskets, as well as often umbrella-shaped, having the form of various decorative supports.

Shears and galoshnitsy

These pieces of furniture are needed for storing shoes so that it does not take up much space on the floor. The most common variants of shoes from Ikea is an organizer, it is very convenient and does not take up much space. There are also open models of products where you can put shoes. Another original option for storing shoes are folding seats and benches.

The folding seat is a model with an opening lid. Inside it may be a place to store shoes or other things. In addition, this model may have a small retractable shelves under the seat.

The bench is convenient in that there may be several open shelves for storing shoes under it. Due to this structure, the furniture does not take up much space in the room, and therefore the entrance hall looks freer and more spacious.


They have different colors and models. The products with modular drawers are in great demand. They are convenient because you can store various things in them, such as gloves or spare house keys.

Cabinets from Ikea differ in their strength and durability. There are models with or without a mirror.

Products with mirror cabinet doors also have their advantages, such as ease of use, but they must be treated more carefully. Cabinets in the hallway are designed for storing outerwear. They can be angular or ordinary depending on the size of the room. There are also options for models with a seat and a shelf for shoes.

Curbstones and poufs

Poufs are very convenient because you can put purchases on them after the store, and they can also play the role of a bench, where you can just sit down to change your shoes. They do not take up much space in the room and are very useful to use. The pouf from Ikea can have various design and a form.The most famous of them is a rectangular pouf on four elegant legs, as well as a model that does not have legs and is made in the shape of a cube.

Bedside tables are used to store things and various trifles. For those who do not need a large closet, you can easily replace it with a cabinet and a hanger for clothes. The cabinet can have four legs or wheels in place of them. The cabinet with wheels is convenient because it can be easily moved.

Stylistic ideas

Halls from Ikea are made in various modifications and are presented in a variety of styles, both in modern and in classic. Here you can find any design of the hallway room so that it is combined with the overall interior of the house. Anyone will find a fully furnished version of the hallway in the store, with each item and design element available for purchase at real prices.

The most popular styles that are used in the interior of hallways are the following types:

Modern style

Hallways from Ikea, made in a modern style, are usually distinguished by their simplicity and practicality. There is no furniture that looks massive, everything looks very harmonious and comfortable to use.The most popular wardrobe option is currently the wardrobe with mirrored doors. This is very convenient in that you can see the reflection in full growth, as well as large mirrors visually enlarge the room.

For those who do not have a lot of free space, Ikea offers the interior of a hallway with a small and elegant coat hanger, as well as a cabinet, where you can remove not only shoes, but also other things.

In addition, there is a holistic version of the hanger and thumbs, it is very convenient and will look the same.

The most popular color used in modern style is white or milky, it makes the room bigger and wider than it actually is. The modern style is distinguished by the fact that there are no unnecessary details and patterns; you can put small elements of decor in the hallway, like a painting or a clock, however, so that they do not clutter the room too much;

Classic style

Ikea hallways in classic style are distinguished by the fact that the furniture can have elegant patterns in golden tones. The products themselves have smooth transitions and bends. In such a room you can put a massive closet that will look elegant and majestic.Classic furniture can be kept in dark colors, which means that it is made of noble wood.

In such a hallway is very often used a mirror, the edges of which have smooth bends. Also for classical style hallways, Ikea suggests using sconces in the form of candlesticks or chandeliers made of crystal. Classic Ikea hallways create a feeling of majesty, grace and sophistication;

Country music

This style in the interior is always very popular. It is suitable not only for the house, but also for the apartment. This is a great option for those who love the feeling of harmony and unity with nature. Ikea offers country-style hallways that will bring a sense of comfort and warmth to any home.

All furniture of this direction is made of natural materials, such as wood. It is made in bright and vibrant colors. Also in the interior of the room can be found light, unobtrusive patterns, such as a rug with a checkered pattern or wallpaper with stripes. For fans of country style, Ikea offers a wardrobe with wicker baskets, which will be perfectly combined with the interior. For lighting in the room can be used conventional lamps, without unnecessary parts,as well as lamps in the form of street lamps;

High tech

The style is distinguished by its minimalism and contrast. Ikea hallways, made in this style, can be made in black and white or cool gray tones. The main feature of this style is that all products must be the most functional and comfortable to use. This is a minimum of furniture and various details. All products do not have patterns and smooth transitions. Ikea offers such interior options as furniture, made in black tones, on the background of white wallpaper or gray walls in combination with white furniture.

Color spectrum

The most popular colors used in the interior of Ikea hallways are light colors, such as milky, white and light gray. This is due to the fact that white furniture makes the room brighter, increases its visibility, the hallway seems spacious and cozy. In addition, dark furniture is no less popular. It is more practical and convenient to use.

For those who have small children at home, dark furniture will be more beneficial to use than light furniture, since it is not so branded.

Dark products look expensive and majestic.Ikea also offers furniture in natural wood color for those who love exquisite furniture. The company believes that the main thing in the interior of the hallways is ease of use, proper distribution of space and harmonious combination of colors. For those who cannot choose the combination of furniture with the interior of the room, you can find ready-made options in Ikea retail stores, as well as look on the Internet.


The design of the hallway depends on the style in which the rest of the rooms are made. Depending on this, you can choose one or another type of a hallway in the Ikea store. The options presented in Ikea are constantly changing, there is always something new and interesting.

In order to make a good design, you can invite professionals who are professional in their work. However, nothing prevents you from walking around the store and choosing products that fit the interior of the room on your own. To do this, it is enough to take into account that the product was made in the same style and had a color harmonious with the whole interior.

Tips for choosing

In order to choose the right product models for a specific interior, you can use the Internet.Here you can find a large number of different options and ideas.

Also, when choosing furniture, Ikea gives you the opportunity to get a fully assembled interior of the hallway, without thinking about which parts and products will be best combined with each other.

Ikea has entered the world market a long time ago, it has a lot of experience, as well as numerous clients and partners. For its customers, Ikea offers a large selection of different types of furniture and other products for the home. Halls from Ikea are in great demand and popularity.

Also for those who are not sure about the quality and durability of products, there is an opportunity to learn about the characteristics of the product from those customers who have already purchased this product. To do this, you can see the reviews on the forum via the Internet. Here, buyers share their impressions of the purchase, post pictures. You can also learn more about the products of interest from the customers themselves. Ikea is known worldwide for its high quality and a wide range of models, so most of the reviews on the product are positive.

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Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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