Spectacular halls from solid wood

Natural wood is the most stylish and practical material in the field of construction, furniture manufacturing and interior decoration. Despite a number of advantages, products from an array are not often met due to the high price. Attractive appearance of wood makes buyers do not save on decoration and furniture, placing wood products in houses and apartments.

The modern market offers customers a huge selection of kits for arranging showy and stylish hallways.

Location characteristic

Before talking about decorating, you need to tell a little about the hallway. This is a required part of any home. For this zone, reliability, practicality and durability is very important. Here, people gather before going out,change home shoes for the street and do many other machinations that can damage furniture, walls and floors in the hallway, and therefore for this part of the house you need to choose products that are resistant to various damages.

It is worth noting that the design of the hallway creates a first impression about the beauty and decor of the house as a whole, especially if the person gets into the apartment for the first time. Colorful and elegant design, clearly demonstrating the high status and wealth, will attract the attention of all who cross the road.

Furniture sets, designed for the design of this part of the house, are made of various types of wood. Use both domestic, and foreign wood. Especially prized mahogany and other rare species. The color of the furniture is also diverse and multifaceted.

Features of the hallway from the array

Natural wood - the best raw material for allergies. It is also a smart choice for residential areas where small children or pets live. Environmentally friendly material is hypoallergenic and completely safe for health. If the apartment is located in a region with frosty winters, the more you need to pay attention to the array. It has excellent thermal insulation properties, creating a comfortable temperature in the room.

Connoisseurs of classical decors choose wood due to the fact that this material does not lose relevance and is in great demand. In addition, natural drawing and wood texture creates a comfortable home environment. It is worth noting that woodwork is the best choice for classic areas and rooms in a rustic style. Country often used on the basis of wooden houses.


Specialists in the field of home decoration made a number of the main advantages of halls from a natural tree.

  • The beauty of the tree can not be compared even with the highest quality artificial imitations. Appearance is very important in terms of aesthetics and decor. Do not forget that the design of the hallway creates a first impression of the house.
  • The maximum service life - that is what boasts solid wood furniture for the hallway. High-quality products will retain the beauty and practicality for several decades.
  • As mentioned above, the array is an environmentally friendly raw material. It can be safely used, regardless of the health of the household.
  • Halls from the massif are resistant to external mechanical impact and damage.
  • This design option is perfect for a number of popular designs, including country, Provence, modern and all the classic trends.

Breeds used in manufacturing

As noted above, companies use a variety of wood in their work. The more exotic, stronger, more beautiful the material, the more expensive. Also the price is affected by the rarity of the breed. Buyers who want to build an array of beautiful hallway, make a choice in favor of more affordable options.

Hallways are considered the most budget from pine - This is an excellent choice for Russian buyers, given that this tree grows in many regions of Russia.

Also very popular oakwhich also grows on the territory of the Russian Federation and is available to domestic customers at a bargain price. More details about the hallways in the above types of wood will be described below.

How to choose furniture?

The modern market offers customers a huge range of products for every taste, color and wallet.

Before you make a purchase, you must accurately determine such parameters.

  • Product design: shape, texture, color.
  • Dimensions of furniture.
  • Functionality.

Due to innovative technologies, manufacturers combine the beauty of the material with durability, practicality and reliability. Also, with the help of equipment and techniques, the masters decorate an array, giving it a special appearance.

  • Wood carving.
  • Brashirovanie.
  • Bleaching and artificial aging of the canvas (cracked paint effect).

The most common types of domestic wood are pine, birch and oak. Among the exotic varieties, yew, stew and wenge occupy a special place in popularity. Advice from designers: so that the furniture stands out expressively against the walls, it is recommended to choose a contrasting color of products.

If in the hallway the walls are bent out in white paint, then in tandem with them models from dark wood will look great, and vice versa.


For customers who want to decorate the hallway with stylish, original furniture from exotic and rare wood, a custom-made service has been developed. Given the expensive cost of such kits, firms do not manufacture this product on an industrial scale. The service life of such luxury products can be several centuries, while maintaining the beauty.Wood furniture is a classic, and even after centuries the demand for it will not die out.

Nuances at registration

In the process of decorating the hallway residents may encounter various problems.

  • Compact size location.
  • Non-standard form.
  • Irregularities on the walls, floor and ceiling.

Given the above problems, it is difficult to choose furniture and other decorative items. Experts note that the decor of wood will help to cope with these shortcomings. The graceful and refined appearance of the furniture will overwhelm all the attention, distracting from defects in the hallway. The original pattern of the array can not be ignored.

Pine entrance hall

Furniture for a hall from a pine - the most budgetary option in this segment. Despite the fact that the price of the product from the above-mentioned wood is lower than the cost of other species, the pine is distinguished by high reliability, wear resistance and long service life.

Set in white color perfectly fit into the classic style or French Provence. For the second option, you can pick up furniture in white color with the effect of artificial aging.

Oak decoration

Oak wood hallways have become widespread due to the reliability and durability of the variety. For centuries, oak was used to build houses and make furniture. Due to the dense structure of oak products can be decorated in various convenient ways, for example, by carving.

It is worth noting that this breed belongs to a high class of wood varieties.

Another feature due to which oak attracted the attention of buyers is a special aroma that fills the room. In the event that the buyer does not like persistent odors, you can choose products that have undergone special treatment, eliminating it.

Birch tree

Known to all Russian birch is used in the manufacture of furniture for the hallway. This grade will transform a decor to unrecognizability. Designers note that birch products will harmoniously fit into a variety of decors. Furniture in brown shades is perfect for classic decors.

Features products made of solid birch are as follows.

  • Simple care that does not require expensive detergents.
  • Resistance to high humidity.

To all this, the advantages of choosing natural wood are added.

Birch is treated with special compounds, thanks to which the canvas is not afraid of dirt and dust.

Country Style Hall

Today the style that has reached us from America is very popular. Its name is country. The main characteristic of this area is the use of natural wood in large volumes. In the house, decorated in the above direction, install furniture from the array. The walls, floor and ceiling are also decorated with wood.

The entrance hall of the array - an integral element of the decor of the living room in a rustic style. When choosing furniture it is necessary to take into account that the beauty of the tree should be revealed. Painted products will not work, only furniture covered with a transparent varnish, as it will protect the fabric from the formation of fungus, mold, dirt and damage.


Based on the foregoing, the following can be concluded.

  • Despite the compact size of the hallway, in this area it is important that the furniture was not only beautiful and practical. Let the price of furniture from the array is high, but it will serve for a long time, preserving the beauty and attractiveness from year to year.
  • Wood decoration is fully consistent with the requirements of modern customers: style, elegance, durability, environmental friendliness, relevance.
  • The choice of buyers, manufacturers offer kits from different varieties of the array, from domestic and well-known breeds to rare exotic species.
  • Light models will visually increase the size of the hallway, creating a fresh and light atmosphere. In standard design, the dimensions of this part of the house are compact. It is worth noting that the furniture in white color adds to the interior notes of chic and nobility. Such products are very popular in the modern market.

If during the selection of goods there are doubts about the quality of the product, you must be familiar with the certificates. Documentation will confirm the quality of the product and raw materials from which it is made.

An overview of the trend of the season in the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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