Choosing a dresser with a mirror in the hallway

The hallway is the "face" of the apartment, so you need to correctly select and arrange the furniture to create a cozy atmosphere. Dressers with a mirror for this room are a functional type of furniture that have a lot of advantages.

Advantages and disadvantages

Furniture such as a dresser with a mirror performs several functions at once: storing things and being able to see yourself before going out.

This furniture has the following qualities:

  • Visually increases the space of the hallway. This is especially true of the white surface of the cabinet with a mirror;
  • It harmoniously fits into any interior, as it has many models and colors. Actually it will look both in the classics and in the modern style;
  • Looks compact in the hallway and does not take up much space. In this case, a lot of things fit in the dresser. From small accessories (keys, comb, pen) to clothes and shoes;
  • Availability. Pricing policy of furniture allows you to choose a model for any wallet;
  • Simple and easy installation of the product. If the dresser with built-in mirror, then you only need to carefully make it and put in place. If the mirror is mounted and located above the surface of the dresser, the installation of the mirror involves drilling the wall for hooks or screws.

By the shortcomings of the model with a mirror include:

  • There are particular difficulties in the care of the mirror and the surface (for example, in the case of a glossy dresser);
  • When dismounting a mounted mirror, it will be necessary to drill new holes and fill in old holes.

These features make this type of furniture an indispensable thing in the apartment. In order for the dresser to serve a long time, it is necessary to choose the right material.


Hallway in the apartment is the most passing place. That is why the furniture in the hallway should be strong, reliable and made of high quality material.

The main materials for the manufacture of furniture for the hallway are:

  • Chipboard and MDF;
  • Solid wood;
  • Plastic;
  • Metal.

Chipboard and MDF are the most popular raw material for the manufacture of furniture.

This became possible due to its low cost, fairly durable qualities, good moisture tolerance, high, low room temperature, and compliance with various design solutions and plating. Finishing veneer is more suitable for a classic living room, and metal inserts for the modern modern style or high-tech.

Despite the advantages, wood boards have a slight drawback. To it can be attributed sensitivity to mechanical stress, as a result of which the product becomes unusable.

A chest of drawers made of solid wood is considered to be elite furniture that is suitable for a luxurious and aristocratic atmosphere of the room. Such valuable wood species as oak, alder, beech are used as an array. The facade of such commodes, as a rule, is painted by hand, decorated with stones, metal inserts or carvings. The array allows you to create different species compositions that will differ in functionality and noble appearance.These include a chest of drawers with shelves, with ottoman, a cabinet with a mirror and a hanger.

Elegantly looks wooden dresser, which is made under the dressing table. This option will be well combined with a mirror in a chrome-plated bronze frame. With all the nobility and functionality, such furniture is sensitive to high humidity and moisture.

The cheapest, easiest to handle and install is plastic. These chests do not require special care, well withstand moisture and temperature changes.

It is also resistant to mechanical damage. The variety of colors of the facade will help to choose a chest of drawers for any color range of the hallway. Plastic sheathed easily and quickly with various materials. And depending on them, it may take one or another form. So, a plastic chest of drawers will look elegant and luxurious.

Veneer sheeting and stained glass inserts will provide the Soviet Baltic type of furniture. It is rare when pure plastic is used, as it has an unpresentable and unreliable appearance.

Metal dressers are expensive and heavy furniture, so metal is rarely used in its pure form.Most often forged products decorate the facade and shelves, metal inserts will give the product strength and stability. Such material is very difficult to spoil, so metal furniture will last for many years.

The basic rule in the use of metal for furniture is the absence of small details (does not apply to decor). Small doors, shelves and boxes made of metal look ridiculous and inorganic.


Classification of furniture for the hallway has several reasons.

Depending on the shape and size of the dresser is divided:

  • Angular;
  • Narrow;
  • Chest of drawers;
  • Chest of drawers;
  • Chest-dressing table.

The corner model is the most functional, as it allows to use the corner of the corridor. It is suitable for both small and more spacious hallway. The way of opening the doors in the form of a coupe will significantly save the nearest space. The wide tabletop of such a dresser will allow to use it also as a stand for flowers. The design with small shelves is an excellent option for storing small items (pen, documents, keys). The cost of such a model is much lower than similar structures, while in terms of functionality, strength and quality, it is not at all inferior.

A narrow chest of drawers is an excellent option for a small corridor.By placing it along the wall, you can move safely and freely.

The presence of drawers and shelves allows you to store a decent amount of things. Typically, these dressers are used to store shoes, accessories and documents.

The chest of drawers is a practical combination of two designs. This allows you to store things inside and outside, as well as use it as a stand for heavy things. The cost of such a model is almost the same as a simple dresser, but the functionality is much higher.

Dresser-wardrobe with a mirror is a combination of these two types, which are combined in shape, color and style. Various types and dimensions of this design will allow you to place it in any hallway. This type of furniture efficiently uses the floor space.

There are designs with a corner wardrobe that can accommodate not only clothes, but also shoes. The price of such dressers is significantly lower than the cost of each design, purchased separately.

Chest-dressing table-a design with three mirrors, sash. This design was considered a classic for Soviet furniture. Modern options are slightly improved and have a lower shelf for shoes or ottoman. The latter option will allow you to use the dresser as a dressing table.In this case, the tabletop begins to be filled with cosmetics, hairbrush, hair products. The presence of small shelves and cabinets will allow you to keep on hand many details.

Depending on the type of placement, the furniture is subdivided:

  • Wall mounted;
  • Suspended.

The first type is the most common, and such furniture is located along the wall. Wall chests can be equipped with legs, which adds strength and stability to them. The mirror of such dressers steals up to match.

If the surface of the furniture is covered with leather or metal inserts, the mirror can be framed in a forged frame.

The high-tech glossy surface or loft can be complemented with a mirror in both metal and wooden frame. Mirrors in a frame with spotlights look unusual.

Suspended structures, as a rule, are not designed for storing heavy and bulky items. They can be equipped with a variety of light and small shelves. Most often, a mirror of this design is mounted. In the presence of architectural arches or niches, you can create a dressing room with small shelves and a closet. These types of furniture will comfortably decorate the hall.But for this you need to know a few rules when buying a chest of drawers.

How to choose?

It is necessary to choose a dresser with a mirror in a hall slowly and deliberately. The life of the product depends on many factors, therefore, buying such furniture, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  • The area is a hallway. First of all, the shape and size of the dresser depends on it. It will be natural for a small hallway to get a narrow or angular dresser. For a larger hallway, you can choose furniture with a combination of a wardrobe or cabinet;
  • Stylistic orientation of the corridor. The texture, color and design of the product depend on it. For classics, Scandinavian style or Provence style, the soft features of the furniture and warm, white tones are characteristic;
  • Accessories products. Inserts, hooks, shelves, locks should be made of quality material;
  • Functional orientation. If you intend to use a chest of drawers for storing a large number of things, then it is better to purchase a cupboard, cabinet, or just a large chest of drawers. If the furniture is needed for storing small things in one place, then thumbs, drawers or hanging cabinets will fit.

A dresser with a mirror for the hallway is a necessary and functional furniture that can store many things.

Even more models of dressers with a mirror are presented in the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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