Wrought iron furniture for the hallway: ideas for the interior

The hallway is a small space where there is a wardrobe for outerwear, a shelf for shoes, a mirror and a pair of lamps. But for guests of your apartment, this is its cover.

Special features

It is on the hallway that they most often appreciate the coziness, comfort and beauty of the room. Coming to visit, people begin their acquaintance with the apartment from this room. Quite often we spend so little time repairing and arranging our own hallway. Blame stereotypes that claim that the main thing in the apartment is the living room, bedroom and kitchen, and the rest will find time and later.

Professional designers say that to argue is wrong.

First, if you obey the principles described above, it is unlikely in the near future you will get to repair the hallway.Secondly, the constant postponement of the upholstering of the hallway will lead to a lack of motivation, as a result, at least what you planned will be fulfilled.

Modern designers recommend to purchase beautiful and stylish wrought-iron furniture for your hallway. It will make this room not only functional, but also stylish.


Forged furniture will never go out of fashion. With the help of such items you can decorate your house or apartment inside and outside. Forged items will add extra warmth to your decor and create some comfort. Such elements will serve you for many years, and at the same time will please the eye, not only you, but also your guests.

Forged products for the home can be very diverse. Even a small piece of furniture can give your room a unique look.

Today it is possible to buy such forged items:

  • Tables for the hallway. They can be small and quite impressive sizes.
  • Benches. Install such items can be in the hallway. They will look great with any interior and will become a real designer item in the room. Upholstery can be white or any other color.
  • Hangers. This is not just a beautiful home decoration, but also a functional item. You can use them for storing outerwear. It is possible to buy forged elements in various modifications.
  • Whatnot Convenient and compact shelves are designed for storing shoes. They will elegantly fit into the hallway and become its decoration.


Not only the theater building begins with a hanger, the hallway in any house begins with it. First of all, going home or meeting guests, you take off outer clothing and shoes. Therefore, you just need to have a wrought iron coat rack in the hallway.

Such a simple, at first glance, object, like a forged hanger, will make your room unusual.

Forged hanger can be made in any configuration and can easily be the center of any situation in your home, especially if there are other accessories with forging elements in the room.

A clothes hanger is an invisible, but very important part of each room. When choosing forged hangers for clothes you need to rely on criteria such as quality, durability, practicality and reliability.

Clothes hangers are extremely diverse.

The easiest option - hook, which takes up minimal space and can be selected according to the general concept of the room design. You can buy forged panels with hooks that can be mounted on the wall. They will certainly decorate your interior.

There are other options for clothes hangers, for example, vertical models hangers. Their main advantage is compactness. Such wrought iron furnishings are suitable for hallways not very small in size.

There are hangers with exclusive design. Today, many models are presented that will give your hallway uniqueness and respectability. Such options have charm and add charm to the whole interior.

Do not forget that acquaintance to your house begins with a hall and a hanger. Make it enjoyable and impressive thanks to the exclusive look of the hangers.

On the quality of this type of furniture should pay special attention. It is important to evaluate not only the material of manufacture, but also the quality of the finish. Traditionally, hangers are made of wood, plastic or metal. Forged hangers will add a special charm to the English-style room.

Although they have a significant drawback - the possibility of corrosion. To prevent rust from damaging your coat hanger, use special varnishes.

For information on how to make high-quality wrought-iron furniture, see the following video.


Modern house is hard to imagine without mirrors. Imperceptibly, they have become an indispensable component in the interior design. Mirrors hang anywhere: in the bathroom, bedroom, hallway.

Recently, mirrors in the hallway in a forged frame have gained popularity. It is very practical. After all, every lady needs to examine herself and her clothes before going out. In addition, such a mirror in the hallway can be used to visually increase the space.

Another advantage of this type of mirror is that they can increase the illumination of a small area. Usually the hallway room is small in size and there is practically no natural light.

Therefore, given the property of forged mirrors to scatter rays from its surface, we can fill the room with plenty of light.

When creating a cozy room, it is important to think through every detail.Mirrors for the hallway is better to choose, given the place where they will be. There are two main types of these rooms.

The first is an entrance hall. This is a spacious room, which can be seen in foreign films. In such a room, you can not save space, so in such a room would look good large mirror with forging wall type. It can be decorated with various accessories, lighting, large wrought-iron elements.

However, in our country the hallway is, as a rule, a small room in which seasonal clothes, shoes and umbrellas are stored in closed cabinets. Therefore, in such a room is better to place a small mirror with cute wrought iron elements.

Especially beautiful look designer mirrors, equipped with openwork forged metal frames. They can combine several colors. Unique mirrors can decorate and artificial stones to give a more elegant look.

Basic styles

First we need to decide on the style of the future hallway. To do this, just look at yourself from the outside and align it with your character and habits.You can also define the style of other rooms and make a hall in the like.

If you are a business and elegant man, it is best to make the hall in a classic style. Calm lines and solid colors will help to tune in to the working mood, as well as provide the necessary atmosphere for your home. In this case, forged furniture should be kept in strict colors. It should not be some flowers or butterflies. You will fit a stylish floor hanger and a small shop of strict forms. In this way you will emphasize your individuality.

For brave and energetic people, as well as for purely male apartments, the high-tech style is perfect. Chrome-plated metal, plenty of glass, light wrought-iron furniture and spot lights highlight your entrance hall among others.

The avant-garde style has become a hit in the last few years. A large number of furniture requires a large area for the hallway. Bright and unusual solutions allow you to show the landlord as a focused and emotional person. For such a room suitable wrought shoebill, a small shop for the home and a stool. All these products can be supplemented with a pot with wicker baskets.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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