Choosing forged hangers in the hallway

 Choosing forged hangers in the hallway

Each person respecting himself and his dwelling is engaged in arranging the hallway, because this area is rightfully considered the face of the house. The interior here can be different, but forged hangers in the hallway are out of competition for refinement.

Design features

Despite the fact that the hangers can be wall or floor, they always perform a single function, namely, aesthetically and compactly place outerwear and accessories. This task is really important, because hardly anyone is pleased with the cluttered corridors dying from their own bad taste.

The advantages of forged hangers:

  • compactness;
  • an organic combination with various styles;
  • ease of construction;
  • long service life;
  • hygiene;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • possibility of use in unheated rooms;
  • strength.

Forged models are really compact, because they lack those massive panels that are famous for products from chipboard. Thin curved rods do not represent visual gravity, even if equipped with stools.

In addition, light and elegant bends are used in almost any style. The only exception is the high-tech style with its focus on strict adherence to geometry. It is difficult to imagine classic, baroque, minimalism, Provence or country music without forging. Various tones in dyeing and patterns created by masters meet all the requirements of style and organically appear in tandem with other materials, whether it be wood, iron or other raw materials.

In addition to the aesthetic properties, it is worth noting practical advantages. For example, curved rods are for the most part hollow, and therefore hangers are light. They can easily be moved from place to place without resorting to male power. It's amazing how this airiness is combined with incredible strength and the ability to withstand maximum loads. In this, however, the merit of the raw material itself.

Advantages and disadvantages

Forged metal is one of the most hygienic materials, because with proper processing it does not face corrosion and loss of appearance. Durability is the main quality of this raw material.

The lack of metal in the furniture is considered to be the cold emanating from it. Perhaps when buying a bed this is true. However, the hanger does not have such a disadvantage, and even in the presence of metal stools, it is easily supplemented with light and warm cushions. Owners of such products, on the contrary, claim about warmth and comfort, because the exclusive model is performed manually, putting their skills, thoughts and soul.

Speaking of manual work, it is impossible not to touch on the topic of the cost of this product. A quality product can not be cheap, and therefore not available to everyone.

Nevertheless, those who wish to enjoy such furniture find a way out by welding ready-made patterns and curls to the hanger.


Modern wrought-iron hangers can stand on the floor, and can be mounted to the wall, thereby preserving the free space in narrow rooms.

Wall mounted

Wall hangers are attached to the wall with dowels and screws.The quality of fasteners will directly depend on the strength of the whole structure and the degree of its load.

Varieties of wall models:

  • hook hook - one of the simplest and most compact models with patterns, usually located on top of the hooks;
  • hooks + hat storage shelf — a functional model that allows you to keep in order not only outerwear, but also hats, gloves and other accessories;
  • the hanger supplemented with a mirror is a more complicated model, and therefore more refined. A mirror located below or to the side of the hooks is framed by forging;
  • decorative hanger - a type of furnishings, based primarily on aesthetic qualities. Forged images of birds, animals, sakura branches, sprawling oak are complemented with several hooks. For a hallway such model is recommended to be used as additional to more capacious hanger. A decorative product should not be littered.

It must be said that each of the varieties presented can be supplemented by other materials besides iron. So, the shelves can be made of solid wood or furniture board, as well as durable plastic with imitation of natural textures.


Floor hangers occupy a larger amount of space, however, their spaciousness is at a high level. In addition, floor models are easy to move around the room, because some of them do not require mounting to the wall.


  • the model on the leg is one of the smallest and most mobile hangers;
  • floor model with a seat, mirror or shelves - practical and voluminous furniture.

Models on one leg are known to everyone, because they are most often used in cafes and other public places. Their secret lies in the mobility and a large number of hooks, located in a circle. Today, models are executed in the form of floor lamps, street lamps and trees.

Despite the stability of the structure, it is recommended to install it near the wall, thereby avoiding a fall due to the advantage.

As an interesting detail on the bottom of the hanger leg there may be a container for umbrellas or magazines and newspapers.

A shelf with a seat on small legs looks very stately and aristocratic. To ensure complete safety, such a model should still be fixed against the wall. At the bottom of the seat, as a rule, there are shelves that can be easily equipped with decorative drawers and storage boxes.The seat itself in the absence of any bright patterns and details can be supplemented with a soft mattress or pillows.

How to choose?

Before you order or buy a wrought iron hanger in the hallway, it is worth soberly assess the size of the room.

And here are a few rules:

  • a narrow rectangular hallway can harmoniously accommodate the wall model;
  • a square small corridor is well complemented by a small floor hanger on the leg;
  • a wide floor hanger with a seat and shelves at the bottom will be excellent additions for a spacious hallway.

After accurate determination of the size and types should proceed to the criterion of spaciousness of the hanger. Thus, in a large family, the number of hooks and additional shelves should be sufficient to maintain an orderly appearance of clothing. A family of two people living in a small apartment will have a small coat rack with several hooks and a hanger area.

Attention should be paid to the quality of painting. A good model, capable of remaining new for decades, must not only be painted, but also be primed. In the ideal scenario, there should be several layers of enamel.Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to verify this at the purchase stage, and therefore it is important to purchase and order a model only from reputable craftsmen.

The good faith of a craftsman or a company that produces forged models is one of the most important aspects of a good choice. You should not trust questionable suppliers in pursuit of a seductive price, because high-quality forging cannot be cheap.

Examples in the interior

A luxurious wall forged hanger in the form of intricate turns represents a decorative variety on which you can place several accessories. The main model is the floor hanger on the leg.

A simple and airy model with no extra decor and shelves is complemented by plant motifs in the form of flower buds of wild flowers. The hooks are made in the form of dew droplets, complementing the laconic model.

Composition of amazing beauty from a wall hanger with the top shelf for hats and stools. The angular arrangement of the elements makes the hallway roomy, despite the small size.

Floor hanger with a seat is a combined version of the metal and solid wood.A table made of wood flows smoothly into metal branches.

Stylish floor model for a hall with worthy dimensions. Forging, located only on the sides, makes the model applicable to modern styles and minimalism.

Smooth patterns of airy and gentle hangers for the hallway in Provence style are characterized by rustic simplicity with a hint of French aristocracy. White color identifies the style of the villages of Provence.

Corner floor hanger with twisted rods while saving space has good spaciousness and convenience. Due to the angular location, the seat has a comfortable depth.

How to make a wrought iron hanger for the hallway, see below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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