Furniture walls in a hall in modern style

The hallway is considered to be the guest gate of the house, so its design should be beautiful and practical. Making out the interior of this room, you need to take into account not only the finishing of the room itself, but also correctly select the appropriate furniture. Since the hallways are often small in size, the best option for them is to install the wall, which is a modern and multifunctional module. Thanks to the stylish models, this piece of furniture allows you to efficiently use the space and creates a cozy atmosphere in the room.


To date, the wall in the hallway is presented in a huge assortment. All its designs are unique in their own way, amaze with the rich coloring of the material and decorative elements. But despite such a chic variety, the furniture should be selected in accordance with the parameters of the room and functional purpose.As a rule, for hallways, apply three main types of walls.

  • Modules with hinged doors. Consist of a set of the most necessary pieces of furniture. The main components of this model are a wardrobe, a mirror, a shoe holder and drawers for storing small items. Sometimes there are also decorative shelves for souvenirs and decorations. Such walls are well suited for small narrow rooms, they take up little space and are comfortable to use.
  • Corner constructions. Traditionally, furniture is made of rectangular shapes, but such options are always suitable for hallways, which have a small and asymmetrical space. To maximize the useful distribution of square meters, the walls are placed in the corner of the room. Thus, the “dead zones” of the room are filled, and additional storage space is obtained. Similar models also fit into the corridor with a non-standard layout.
  • Walls with wardrobe. Even if the hallway is decorated in a modern style, its narrow walls will not go anywhere. Indoors create barriers to movement, and the room itself becomes cramped and dark. Hallways in which modules with a sliding wardrobe are placed are completely different. The owners have full access to the internal compartments, and the space is visually expanding.

The walls in the "Khrushchev"

Not everyone can boast luxury apartments, and so many have to be content with mini-hallways in old buildings. But if you apply the design skills and perform the planning correctly, even the smallest hallway will turn into a beautiful and spectacular room. The main points in this interior is the choice of furniture.

For smaller rooms, it is best to select walls with open structures. At first glance, such models may seem inexpensive and simple, but they can be original decorated with the overall design of a room. In addition, there is an alternative solution to this problem - to place the modules and cabinets inside the walls. Visually, it does not take up much space, and the hallway will be stylish and multi-functional.

Corner hallways

The rectangular room is considered ideal for interior design, but often you have to deal with small corner rooms. It is worth noting that this type of hallway is most often found in apartments and houses. So that the corners in such rooms are not empty, they place walls in them. This creates the possibility of ergonomic layout.

Modular furniture can also be placed in the entrance area, and on its sides a hanger and a mirror will look great, while the main wall structure should have a contrasting color and harmoniously stand out from the general plan.

The main task of design in the corner hallways is the correct distribution of the geometry of the space, so furniture walls should preferably be selected in accordance with the shapes of the room, the shades of the walls and the floor covering.

In such models it is convenient to store not only the basic wardrobe items, but you can also place bags, shoes, keys and key chains. As for the material of the furniture, for passers-by of this type it is best to choose products from natural wood of natural colors.

Design Ideas

In the modern style the hall should not only look beautiful, but also be functional. Therefore, in order to make a respectable room out of a small entrance area, you will need to correctly design the design, the main focus of which will be the furniture. Recently, modular walls have been used for the furnishing of hallways: they are roomy, they save space and are originally combined with any interior.There are many options for beautiful placement of such structures, the most popular ones are

Narrow corridor

For placement in this option, it is recommended to purchase walls, the set of which includes a narrow cabinet. In conditions of limited space, it will be useful and practical. As for the handsome wardrobe, in this case it will not work, since its minimum width should be 45 cm. In addition, you should also take into account the doors and sliding mechanisms of furniture, they can take a lot of space. Therefore, a small wall with open hangers is the best option in the design.

Outerwear will easily fit on hooks, and a more spacious wardrobe, like a coat and fur coats, is best hidden in another room, where storage space is organized. The wall in the hallway must match the height of the door. In order to create an interior in a room that is modern and original, the walls should be decorated in light colors and the floor should be dark. This will help to visually expand the corridor. As for the modular design, it should be neat in size, decorated in the color of the average between the shades of the walls and floor covering.

Small entrance hall

In order to rationally plan the missing space, designers recommend installing walls with sliding doors in the room. Cabinets in them it is desirable to choose with parallel compartments. Due to this, the design will turn out to be narrow, and it will be possible to store shoes and other household items in the pull-out cabinets. In addition, the furniture should be complemented by a large mirror mounted on the outer wall panel or on the swing door. The light shade of the module will allow to combine it in an original way with any design style.

Large entrance hall

This type of room, although it is considered a rarity, but is often found in modern new buildings. For spacious rooms, you can use a wall consisting of a headset, chest of drawers, mirrors, shelves for shoes and hats. But, if in such a model open racks are provided, it is impossible to fill them in bulk and turn them into a warehouse of trash. Covering furniture for such passers-by is best to choose a mirror or decorated with elements of painting. This will help to create a feeling of weightlessness and will accentuate modernistically.

Beautifully looks also built-in furniture with mirrored doors from the ceiling to the floor.External wall shelves can be decorated with unusual decorative elements, statues. In order for such an ensemble in the interior to create an impression of solidity, rather than a dressing room, it is worthwhile to use uniform colors in the decoration. Since the modern style does not tolerate excesses, then the furniture in it should be appropriate: comfortable, fashionable and strict.

Regardless of the size of the hallway will not be superfluous to use its niche. To do this, you can make a wall to order, according to individual sizes. This will allow you to correctly dispose of the height and width of the room, as well as hide the pipes, wires and other communications. In addition, to emphasize the appearance of the module, it is recommended to divide it into separate objects and harmoniously arrange it over the area.

About what else you can choose the design for your hallway, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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