Metal wall hangers in the hall: features of choice

 Metal wall hangers in the hall: features of choice

In the interior and decoration of the home can not be small things. The smallest detail can both improve mood and dramatically spoil the overall impression. It is very important to choose correctly even such utilitarian thing as a metal hanger.

Features and benefits

No house can not be imagined without storage space for outerwear. When people come to the dwelling, one of the first actions is changing the shoes and undressing. Shoes and boots, shoes and sneakers can be left directly on the floor or on a shoe holder, the headgear should be folded into a bag (bag), put on a shelf, on a table, held in hand. But with the outerwear so easy to do.Even if no one walks to you, it’s still ridiculous to hang your own jackets, coats, and raincoats on the backs of chairs or on the door.

Metal hangers are more convenient than closed cabinets. The moisture does not accumulate in them, and the hung out clothes dry faster. If the area of ​​the apartment is small, the wall layout is much better: it takes up less storage space. Metal constructions are always heavier than plastic and wood, so do not forget about a secure fastening. The number of hooks can be selected individually, according to your needs.

Wall structures, which is important, can withstand a significant load. They will not require additional care. There is only one drawback, which is the other side of the merits - such a hanger cannot be moved to another place. Carefully select the area where it will be attached!

Iron hangers are attached to screws and glue. There are even varieties that adhere to suckers or magnets, although they are inferior to the “classics” in reliability. You can glue the hanger only on a completely smooth and even surface, such as tiles.


The simplest type is a strap with a vertical or horizontal row of hooks. More sophisticated options are equipped with mirrors, shelves for additional accessories, sometimes obuvnitsami. Separate versions instead of hooks are equipped with hangers. Such a solution is safer for clothes.

The hanger, complete with a stand, can also be performed in different ways. In some modifications, the upper part and the cabinet are inseparable from each other, while in others the wall part and the cabinet are independent elements. Some models differ in the type of complementary shoemaker (fully open or equipped with a facade). Mirrors can be placed:

  • from the side;
  • in the middle of the model;
  • on the door provided by the cabinet design.

The shape of the mirror surface does not have to be traditional. Lamps are often installed next to it. View shelves also try to diversify. The main formats are monolithic panel and "lattice".


The use of hangers for clothes together with a colored or carved border increases their visual appeal. The rectangular version is considered to be a classic, but you can also choose an oval and other exotic configuration.When the room is made in the spirit of hi-tech or art deco, all-metal panel with holders of atypical geometric shape looks very good. The original idea is to arrange them in the form of an animal figure. If you are not satisfied with this idea, you can choose any design with a minimum of decor and a simple form.

The developers did not stop at such obvious options. There are much more original solutions:

  • panel with screwed dowels (their location can be changed);
  • imitation door handles;
  • hooks in the shape of an airplane.

Iron forged hangers are always elite and elegant. Often they are made to order. The cost of such solutions is very high, but the feeling of exclusive aesthetics will not let go of the owner for many years. Wall panels are not always solid. In many cases, those that are divided into several parts look more beautiful.

Using models with mirrors is an excellent solution for small apartments and houses, which helps to visually expand the corridor and make it a little lighter.

The hall in the spirit of minimalism will be spoiled stylistically, if you put in it a coat hanger with decorative forging of plant and flower motifs.It will be local to use designs with straight contours. The approach is similar for the loft style hallways. Another thing is baroque furnishings. Here you should definitely choose the most luxurious and elegant options.

Forging looks good against the background of country, and if you are an adherent of modernity, you need to take designs with rounded smooth lines. Such solutions are beautiful and aesthetically complete. In the modernist environment, you can apply a variety of decorative elements. Industrial style favorably emphasized products imitating water pipes. You can beat her and at the expense of holders in the form of a wrench. Some designers experiment not only with the basic design, but also with hooks, giving them the most intricate look. You can find products with "balls", "sprigs", "leaves".


In the classic interior and in the room, decorated with antique, you need to use furniture in black or brown. A simple metal coat rack ideally enters a high-tech style, even if it is a bright color, golden or chrome-plated. It is important to note that whites, although they refresh the room, they are not in demand. In addition to lightening the space, white light is attractive:

  • original play of reflections;
  • relevance in a variety of interiors;
  • harmonious combination with any colors and textures of surrounding materials, furniture (with rare exceptions).

How to choose?

Other things being equal, the presence of a shelf for caps, a separate shelf for phones, gloves and watches is a very convenient and practical solution. If there are children in the house, it is worth taking only those hangers whose holders are located at different heights. When there is a back support plate, it is very good - the clothes will not be smeared on the wall and will not get dirty. Always try to choose models in which there are more hooks than members of your family.

In small rooms, it makes sense to put corner hangers, as they are much smaller than usual and occupy a minimum of usable space. The constructions, supplemented by thumbs, on which it is easy to put small objects and headdresses, manifest themselves quite well (so as not to reach up).

Before buying, pay attention to whether all the hooks are durable. They should not bend or deviate to the side, no matter how hard they tugged at them.

Ensure that the fasteners are sufficiently secure and installed in at least three places. The hooks themselves, unlike the panel, should not be aluminum - this metal is excessively fragile. Vertically oriented structures allow the ceiling to be raised externally, while horizontal ones are more compact. Decide for yourself which of these considerations is more important to you.

Choosing a metal hanger, it is undesirable to take options with massive tips of hooks.

It is very difficult to hang clothes on them and then take them off, especially if thin and narrow loops are sewn. The rounded corners of all parts are welcome, they are much safer than straight lines.

See the next video for a lot of creative ideas for creating wall hangers.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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