Floor hangers in the hall: ideas for a modern interior

Such a convenient and familiar accessory for storing outer clothing, such as a floor hanger, is not only an indispensable attribute of the hallway, but also a stylish addition to the interior. If the dimensions of the corridor do not allow to install a complete wardrobe, the ergonomically selected hanger will solve the problem with the placement of umbrellas, hats, jackets and coats of your guests.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of outdoor products will make you think seriously about choosing the right structure for your interior:

  • The walls will remain safe and sound. Many owners are scrupulous about excessive drilling of the walls, because in case of subsequent repair and transfer of wall products there will be ugly holes that will add some problems.
  • Ease of movement. Because of its compactness and, as a rule, low weight, the floor coat hanger can be easily moved to any convenient place, and if you wish, you just need to temporarily remove it. A more cumbersome design can be erected on wheels, in order to give it mobility for the same purpose.
  • Most products are ready to use immediately after purchase. For the selection of a suitable model for all parameters, you will have to spend time, but immediately, as soon as the choice is made, you can start operating.
  • Price. Savings are not the last place when choosing furniture. If the closet or dressing room is not affordable (or not in size for cramped spaces), a well-thought-out hanger design will help out. In fact, showing a bit of wit, you can choose a functional and convenient option that can replace bulky furniture. An additional bonus when placing clothes on a hanger will be its faster drying and ventilation, which can not be achieved in the closet.

For objectivity, we will talk about the shortcomings that can affect your opinion about outdoor storage systems:

  • Instability. In order not to drop the design, you should evenly hang clothes on it.
  • Accessibility view. In the event that accuracy is not your “horse”, it will be visible to all guests.
  • The need for care. Some models need to periodically tighten loose connections. Solid hangers are deprived of this minus, and they are not afraid to be knocked over, but they are physically very heavy.

As you can see, the advantages still outweigh the minor shortcomings of floor hangers.

Features and materials

A competent approach to the selection of a suitable hanger in the hallway involves consideration of the following criteria:

  • material;
  • construction features;
  • dimensions;
  • creativity.

Currently, for the manufacture of interior uses a wide range of materials: wood, metal, plastic.

Hangers made of natural materials are considered stylish, reliable and durable.

The tree never goes out of fashion, you can choose a shade in accordance with the general design of the room, plus environmental safety. Models, carved from an array of premium class emphasize the status of the owner of the home and its individual taste.More affordable, however, not too different in terms of external characteristics, prefabricated products. Attention to detail will help to choose a durable coat hanger: joints in prefabricated models should not be very noticeable, the product itself is smoothly polished, coated with varnish or oil that protects from harmful external influences.

It is also possible to choose a metal coat hanger: the variety of options on sale will satisfy the most demanding taste. It is possible to choose an exclusive author's forged model, which can be the subject of admiration, if you are willing to spend a decent amount on it. The durability and strength of the metal can not be surpassed - another reason in favor of choosing this option.

But even with a modest budget, it will not be difficult to find a suitable functional option.

To save space, you can combine a metal hanger with a shelf for hats in the upper part of the product.

If you also provide such a structure with a bench under which to place a travel bag for shoes, you will get a pretty specimen.

The most inexpensive hangers are made of plastic, however, they will not withstand the severity of a large number of outerwear.Such models can be used for a small number of children's things, or, if plastic is not the supporting structure itself, but only some of the details of the product.


Properly chosen floor hangers guarantee aesthetic pleasure when used. Consider some options:

Hanger rack

Implied model in the form of the letter "p" with a crossbar at the top. On it the clothes on hangers will conveniently be placed, it will not be rumpled and not deformed. Putting the design on wheels, you can easily add the functionality of this model. For small hallways, this hanger is not suitable because of its rather large size, but for dressing rooms it is a great find.


Some intermediate option between a hanger and a chair with a high back is ideal for people of solid age or toddlers, because it is convenient to sit on it in order to take off the shoes (or put on shoes). A row of hooks can be placed in the upper part of the construction, and shelves for shoes under the seat. Convenient and practical.

Suit hanger

Stylish products from solid wood will not only help preserve the immaculate appearance of a business suit of an employee of a solid company, but also complement the interior of the office. Similar models are suitable for schoolchildren.Suit hangers usually involve storing one suit, but there are also more expensive options designed for several items.

Tripod Hanger

The classic model with several hooks in the upper part can be supplemented with separate places for bags or umbrellas. In the basis the tripod or a steady flat form is used.

Important details

Having decided on a suitable material, look at the details:

  • The ends of the hooks should not be decorated with too voluminous details - this will not allow hanging the clothes behind the loop.
  • Elements of jewelry hangers must be securely fastened, so as not to lead to injury, if suddenly the hanger inadvertently falls on the tenants or visitors.
  • Additional tier hooks approximately in the middle of the height of the hanger will allow you to place baby clothes, stimulates the independence of your children.
  • If there are not too even floors in the room, this feature should be taken into account: models with a tripod base are more stable than their four-legged “brothers”.
  • It is advisable to treat the structures with moisture-protective substances before the start of the operation, becausethat on a hanger will be wet clothes.

Convenient floor hangers are widely used in public places and offices. Successful versions that can accommodate a large amount of clothing, often heavy, so the priority is the use of metal structures.

If you are looking for a suitable hanger for the bathroom, stop your choice on stainless steel versions.

With constant exposure to condensate, high humidity, direct water, it will remain unchanged its appearance and is not deformed. Also, this metal is not sensitive to temperature changes. Wooden models in this case do not meet the required characteristics, and plastic products, in principle, are not durable.

Styles and interesting solutions

Traditional colors of wooden hangers will harmoniously fit into both the pompous palace interior and the laconic classic design. Varnishing will emphasize the natural beauty and texture of wood.

Creative individuals seeking to express their individuality through the use of exclusive decorative elements, you can look at models that change height, having an unusual geometric shape.

The desire to merge with nature will contribute to the use of hangers in the form of wood or animal horns, which will fit into the corridor in the style of country or eco.

Interesting models in the style of minimalism from Ikea are unpretentious in care, do an excellent job with their functions and are not expensive.

It will amaze with originality (not at the expense of functionality, by the way) using a window frame as a hanger: place it on the floor, paint it in a suitable color and carefully place your things on it.

An industrial-style entrance hall will be complemented by a multi-level height design-rack made of metal pipes, complemented from the end with wooden shelves for shoes or other accessories.

You will learn how to make a pipe hanger with your own hands from the video:

Lovers of vintage style will conquer designer hangers made of wood, decorated with carvings.

In the interior, a high-tech simple hanger is useless; you need a fantasy here: a non-standard arrangement of hooks, an intricate shape of the base, a non-dull color.

Modern original models, presented in a huge variety in retail outlets, will become a convenient and beautiful participant in the design of your hallway.They can refresh the atmosphere, organize the storage of things without cluttering the space. Trust your taste, do not be afraid to experiment, creating a cozy and exclusive design of your home.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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