Wall hangers in the hallway - an important detail in the interior

 Wall hangers in the hallway - an important detail in the interior

The entrance to the apartment or country house should be comfortable and functionally equipped. An important detail in the interior of each hallway is a wall hanger.

Features and advantages of hinged products

Placing a wardrobe in the hallway is not always possible. In this case, wall hangers are used that can partially fulfill the functions of this piece of furniture. The design does not take up much space, which is especially important for the design of small corridors. These hangers fit perfectly in any interior. They do not clutter up spaceallowing you to hang a sufficient amount of outerwear.

This hanger is also useful for those who have a wardrobe. She will help out in case of the arrival of a large group of guests. Also, it will allow to dry the outerwear after accidentally falling into the rain or snow.

Having picked up a shoebox or a stool with a soft seat, made in the same style, you can make the hallway not only as comfortable as possible, but also stylish. And if you get a designer version of the hanger of an unusual shape, you can surprise your friends with the unique interior and creative approach.

A wide range of hangers allows you to choose the option of any size, color and design. Modern manufacturers use a variety of materials and technologies, creating a compact and functional products that can decorate and classic premises, and ultra-modern corridor.


There are several varieties of wall hangers for clothes.


The traditional design of the wall hanger is a strap with hooks attached to it. The most popular option is a vertical layout.Such designs visually increase the height of the ceilings and protect the wall from moisture and possible contamination. The number of hooks can be different (from three or more). They can be located on the same line, and at different levels.

As for the case itself, it can be made of different materials and have a different design. This may be a solid canvas of chipboard or wood.

Very popular and options upholstered in artificial or natural leather.

No less common form - a panel of several narrow wooden slats. This model is also called the "hanger-fence" because of the external similarity with the named fence. The shape of such hangers can be rectangular, rounded and even wavy. The color scheme usually includes natural wood shades (from beige to dark brown).

Some manufacturers offer all-metal hangers. In the vertical version, this model is a decorative grille with hooks. Forged products can be painted in any color, but usually these are neutral colors (black, brown, white).


Models with a horizontal arrangement are more compact.As a rule, it is a narrow panel with hooks. Depending on the design, it can be a wooden lath, plastic or metal construction.


For those who are not accustomed to the standard versions, original products of unusual shape are on sale. Such models perform not only practical, but also decorative function. For example, you can choose the original version in the form of a tree, deer horns or hands, as if offering to hold your coat.

If you want to please the child, you can get a children's hanger. This may be a model with an image of animals and birds, a variant in the form of a piano with bright keys or something else.

Such a product can be used not only in the hallway, but also in the nursery.

Another interesting option - a transformer with curved hooks. It is interesting in that you can bend only as many hooks as you need. The rest remain pressed to the wall, making a single composition with the body. Models with retractable hooks can also be of any design, and the number of folded parts can reach hundreds.

With additions

Many models of wall hangers are available with useful additions. The most common options are with the top shelf.It is convenient to place hats, scarves and gloves on it. Many hangers with a mezzanine are complemented by a mirror, which is also very convenient. Before going out on the street, you will be able to evaluate your appearance, fix your hairstyle or headdress.

Vertical models with soft pouf allow you to comfortably take off and wear shoes. You can put a bag on it. So, having come home, you will be able to free your hands and freely remove outer clothing.

A modern range offers hangers for the hallway for every taste and budget - from the simplest models with one shelf to elite complexes, including all useful additions.


An alternative to hangers mounted on the wall, are swivel racks. These include options that are located on a rotating circle and include a panel with hooks on one side and shelves for shoes on the other.

Also in this category are standing structures on a small leg. To ensure stability, they should also be fixed to the wall, but they do not closely adhere to it. On one side of this model is a canvas with hooks or a bar for hangers. On the other hand is a large mirror.With a flick of the wrist, you can turn the product with the side you want, and then, if necessary, return it to its original position.

Both options are suitable for square hallways. They save free space in length, but occupy more space in the volume than conventional models adjacent to the wall.

Additional elements

Some hangers may have additional elements, made in the same style, but located autonomously. But more often it is a single structure consisting of modules combined with each other. In addition to the compact models with the upper shelf, as well as the cabinet or ottoman, there are also larger complexes. It can be a construction with a bench, with bedside tables, a mirror, drawers, side shelves and even a closed cabinet.

Such options are suitable for spacious hallways and allow you to keep clothes, shoes and various accessories in perfect order.

The form

Depending on the size and layout of the hallway, you can choose a wall hanger of any shape. In addition to vertical and horizontal models of linear arrangement, as well as round rotary hangers, manufacturers offer angular options.Such models use the space at the junction of the walls.

The sizes, materials and design of such hangers can be any (from small corner panels with hooks to complexes with padded stools, shelves and other elements).


Usually open hangers are used to place outerwear, but if desired, and if there are free hooks, they can be used for umbrellas and bags. Some miniature options can be used to store keys, and on the shelves you can place hats and other accessories.


Dimensions of wall hangers are different. Mini version can be 40 cm in length. Medium models can be 60, 70 cm or more. Large hangers with mirrors and other additions can reach up to 2 m. Compact models are designed for small corridors, large - for spacious halls.

Materials and accessories

In the production of wall hangers used several types of materials.

  • Hooks always run from metal, as it is the most durable and reliable material. It is able to withstand heavy weight, which is especially important for placing heavy sheepskin coats and fur coats on the hanger.
  • As for the hull, it can be wooden, metal or made of chipboard. Also there are options with leather upholstery (genuine leather or leatherette).
  • Dear models are performed solid wood. They are distinguished by environmental cleanliness, reliability, solid appearance. Pine, oak and other species are used as raw materials. Depending on the design, such hangers easily fit into the interior of many styles.
  • Models from chipboard belong to the economy class, however, modern processing and a variety of design embodiments give these models a very attractive look.
  • Metallic models are also varied. These are both rough bronze products in the loft style, and romantic snow-white models in the style of shebby-chic, and laconic modern options. Such a hanger can be a highlight of the hallway, a kind of work of art. Of the drawbacks, it is worth noting only the large weight of such products.
  • Hangers upholstered in natural or eco-leather look just gorgeous. A variety of color options and finishes allow manufacturers to create models that can become an ornament to any interior.
  • Plastic Hangers are a budget option. They are easy, unpretentious in the care and a variety of colors. Usually it is wide strips with hooks, made in a concise design.

Trendy colors

White hangers fit in almost any interior. They are easily in harmony with other shades, and due to the reflection of light, they visually make the room brighter and more spacious.

Please note that when buying such a product it is worth remembering about the margins of this color.

Neutral shades (beige, walnut, sand, brown) are ideal for a hallway. They unobtrusively complement the decor, bring comfort and warmth to the room. For the hallways, decorated in a classic style, usually choose warm colors.

The most fashionable tone for modern interiors is “wenge”.

As for metal hangers, white, black, brown products, and also shades "bronze" and "chrome" are popular.


Currently, you can find products of the following manufacturers.


Renowned Swedish brand offers several options for inexpensive but comfortable hangers for clothes. For example, the “Card file” model is a horizontal wooden plank made of solid pine with five black metal hooks.On each hook there is a label on which you can indicate for whose or for exactly what things it is intended. Lovers of minimalism like the model "Kubbis". Three-and seven-seater horizontal hangers of light gray color will perfectly fit into a concisely decorated hallway.

For those who want to decide for themselves how many hooks and at what distance to attach to the wall, there are some strong hooks.

The developing model Bjornum enjoys special success. In one motion, the aluminum strip is transformed into a reliable clothes holder and is again disguised as a metal plate with the same slight movement.

"Leroy Merlin"

This company from France is world famous for its construction and repair products. There are in its assortment, and various systems for storing clothes, shoes and other things. Wall hangers brand varied. These are both vertical and horizontal models with the number of hooks from two to six. The company presents models of wood, chipboard and metal of various colors. All products are compact and concise design.


This Russian manufacturer offers a series of wall hangers of economy class. These are vertical models consisting of several combined slats, and variants with a single shield on which metal hooks are located. There are in the range and horizontal hangers with a shelf and without it. The color scheme includes three popular shades with wood texture - beige, brown and wenge.


This brand produces very interesting models of hangers. The range includes budget options and luxury models of wood, chipboard, metal and plastic. Models are distinguished by elegance and visual ease. Basically, these are forged wall constructions with coquettish curls, although here you can find hangers of fairly strict execution.


Fantasy designers know no boundaries. In addition to the classic laconic hangers, there are many unusual and even creative options on the market. For example, the Subway hanger, made in the form of a subway map. Or you can pay attention to the model Skyline, reminiscent of the silhouette of the night metropolis, under which clothes hooks are masked.Another original example is the Woodpecker wall hanger, the hooks of which are made in the form of birds.

For those who prefer luxury in everything, refined forged products are created, as well as leather models with a four-sided tie. The choice depends only on the personal taste and style of the room.


Hangers in the style of a classic made of expensive wood. Models are single or divided into several parts of the panel with beautiful metal hooks. The emphasis is on the natural beauty of wood. Hooks can be chrome, “bronze” or even the color of gold. Also in the classic interiors fit models with leather trim.

Products in the style of eco and ethno are hangers in the form of knots or branches of a tree. Fits here and other models, stylized under the theme of wildlife.

Chebbi-chic and Provence suggest romance, lightness and simplicity. Forged hanger, painted white, will perfectly fit into the hallway of this style. An excellent option would be a wooden model and pastel shades. Floral patterns, images of birds and angels are appropriate here.

Loft - rather coarse style. Such products are made of either metal or wood. In this case, ornaments and curly curls are unacceptable. The metal usually has a dark color, sometimes with a rust imitation. Often hangers are made in the form of water pipes. Wood products have the appearance of raw, worn and darkened from time to time.

Products rustic style also do not differ grace. Such hangers usually have the appearance of several boards, hand knotted together. Imitation of peeling paint and uneven edges is possible. Hooks may have the appearance of bent nails.

Hi-tech and minimalism styles welcome chrome metal, conciseness of design and clarity of lines. Acceptable use of wood, painted in white or black.

The most original models include to modern style. It uses metal and plastic, and wood textures. A variety of designs and colors is amazing. Hangers in the form of flowers, musical instruments and even phrases in Russian or English can become the highlight of any hallway.

At what height to hang on the wall in the hallway?

In addressing this issue, it is necessary to take into account the growth of people who will use the coat hanger. Usually, the upper edge of the hanger (shelf for hats) is located at a height of about 170-180 cm. Hooks can be distributed on two levels if necessary. This makes it easy to hang clothes for family members of any height.

The recommended height of the hooks themselves is from 120 to 170 cm.

How to choose?

When choosing a suitable model, first of all, it is necessary to consider exactly where it will be located. Decide how much space you can allocate for a hanger. Its maximum size will depend on it. The number of hooks must be determined based on the number of people living in the house, and if space permits, then taking into account the arrival of guests. It is better that each member of the family had at least 2 hooks.

Pay attention to the location of the hooks. If there are children in the family, choose models with their multi-level arrangement.

Consider whether you need useful additions to the coat hanger. In the small hallway you can buy a compact model with a mirror, a top shelf and a small padded stool.

In the spacious hall you can put a whole furniture complex with an open hanger. Choosing the design and color of the product, keep in mind the style of the room. The hanger should fit harmoniously into the interior.Pay attention to the fasteners. The product should easily withstand a large weight of winter clothing.

Check the quality of the material, make sure there are no defects.

Beautiful and stylish ideas in a modern interior.

The wall hanger of wenge color complete with a small pedestal harmoniously fits into the cold gamut of the interior. A great option for those who prefer low-key combinations and quiet dark tones.

The set of beige color, on the contrary, was created for connoisseurs of warm sunny shades. Such furniture visually expands the room, as if filling it with light. A wardrobe, drawers with drawers, a compartment for shoes, a mirror, a soft pouf and an open hanger are all that is necessary for the practical arrangement of the hallway.

The original forged model with the image of a tree is a real decoration of the corridor. The upper and lower shelves increase the functionality of the product, and hooks located at different levels provide comfort for all family members.

The ultramodern coat rack with mirror and shelf is ideal for rooms decorated in minimalist and high-tech style. The snow-white surface looks particularly impressive against a dark background.

Another option for a modern interior is a narrow panel with folding hooks. Incredibly stylish and convenient option for a hall of any size.

To learn how to make a simple hanger in the hallway with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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