Shelves with a seat in the hallway: modern ideas

The theater begins with a hanger, and the hall with a shoemaker. She is the first thing that guests see when they enter the apartment. If the furniture is badly arranged, the shoes on it look careless. Roomy, properly designed shoemaker will help organize and hide all the shoes in the house.

For small hallways, the best solution would be to combine functional shelves with a comfortable seat. Change the shoes is easy, and there is where to put the shoes.

Advantages and disadvantages

Bench-obuvnitsa - convenient and compact design. It is good for both small and large hallways. Light open shelves with a soft foam coating can be placed in a narrow corridor. For a large hall stand cabinet with a seat, turning into a closet.

This furniture has many advantages:

  • It is functional.The shoes are placed on the shelves and do not create a mess in the hallway;
  • Compact, combines two types of furniture at once;
  • Convenient, allows you to wear shoes in comfortable conditions;
  • Durable and reliable;
  • Large selection of such furniture will satisfy any buyer.

As for the flaws, the shoe in this design fits a bit. Additional storage will be required. But if you consider that they put it at the door, and it serves for seasonal shoes, it completely fulfills its functions.


Obuvnitsu with a seat is not always considered as a separate piece of furniture. She is good in the complex: with a mirror, a hanger, a chest of drawers, shelves or with a wardrobe. Sometimes it is part of the finished headset. It is easy to choose for yourself a suitable option; there is a wide variety of these structures on the furniture market.

Types of shoe storage systems are divided by size, color, design, material, model range.

Today the market is represented by different configurations of similar furniture:

  • closed - options with a door;
  • open - in the form of shelves or racks;
  • racks with rotating shelves;
  • Slim - narrow, with vertical storage of shoes, for close hallways;
  • cabinet-bona - closed storage system, filled with lattice shelves and drawers, which improves ventilation;
  • shoes with seats;
  • corner storage systems.

There are views with a mirror, a small table, shelves for trifles and differing in other design solutions.

The most common ones are:

  • Open - the most popular. This storage system has no doors, the shoes are ventilated, the smell does not linger. But it looks good in the open version only new shoes. The old one, however neatly arranged, gives the hallway an untidy look.
  • Closed shoemakers presented bedside tables, cabinets, comfortable benches in the form of pedestals with soft seats. Large wardrobes accommodate storage systems for shoes, clothing, hats, scarves, gloves. In the closed furniture shoes do not collect dust. The corridor looks more organized and tidy. The benefit of closed shoes can be appreciated by families with pets.

The disadvantage of such models is the lack of ventilation and the need for constant care of shoes, it must be clean and dried before getting into the closet.

  • Shelves with seats come in the form of pedestals with doors and drawers for small items, in the form of benches with a hard top (storage system under the seats of the open type), in the form of chests equipped with a special place. These can be upholstered benches. The whole structure is strong enough, designed for a lot of weight. It is convenient for small hallways, in which even an ottoman will be superfluous.
  • Slim created for very modest hallways, when you have to take into account every centimeter. Where a cabinet with shelves in shoe size seems large, a slim design with sloping storage areas will do. Shoes in it are stored on drawers, almost upright, at an angle of 30-90 degrees. Slim is only twenty-thirty centimeters wide, so he wins in space, but loses stability;
  • Racks Suitable for a lot of shoes. These are high (sometimes up to the ceiling), rotating structures. They are open and closed. Spacious, but with stability they also have a problem. Low models of this type of shoeboxes also meet. Often in the hallway, they perform the role of the padded stool.


A large number of types of shoeboxes concerns not only themdesigns, but also sizes. When choosing a storage system for shoes, you must proceed from the capabilities of your corridor.

Obuvnitsa with seats appropriate in the hallways with any territory. It’s usual to see them in standard sizes with a sitting place for two people. But they are single and long, all along the corridor. They can be seen bundled with other storage systems or as part of a headset.

As for the small hallways, the furniture in them must be functional, elegant and light, otherwise there will be a pressing space in which even one person will be cramped. For such rooms it is enough slim, shoemaking benches, equipped with a panel with a hanger.

Slims can hold a large amount of shoes, it all depends on the height of the system. They are 18 centimeters wide and can please owners of narrow corridors. But there is a nuance: you can’t put boots on them. In this situation, a shoe bench bench with a high section can help out; it can also be narrow, 20-30 centimeters deep. You need to choose an open version without hinged doors, this will increase the usable area.

For a small front, an obuvnitsa in the form of a metal frame is suitable, it is durable and stable, but at the same time it maintains lightness and spaciousness.The height of the structure can vary from several shelves to several meters (if it is a shelf).

Much more features in the spacious halls. You can hide the entire storage system in spacious wardrobes, disguised as walls. Or use both open and closed types of furniture. There is no need to use multifunctional structures in the form of a shoebox and a bench at the same time. The place allows you to set even a sofa. But is it really necessary in the hallway, where the seat is only used for changing shoes.

In a large room fit a long soft couch with backrest and storage system under the seat.

Also suitable are wide cabinets with many shelves and drawers. Their width (from 60 to 120 centimeters) allows the shoe to be positioned freely, without deforming it. The upper part of such cabinets can be used in the form of countertops.

In the corridors with reasonable dimensions fit traditional furniture. The standard rack of 40 centimeters will look natural. This depth is sufficient for a shoe shop, 40-60 centimeters high. Under the soft seat hides two or three shelves.

Furniture is selected taking into account the average height of the person.


In the manufacture of Obuvnitsa use different types of materials, but for models with seats not all are suitable, only strong, calculated on the weight of a person. These include structures made of metal, wood, MDF, wicker, rattan.

Consider them:

  • Metal Shoe Sheets Seats with closed and open type, chrome, forged, combined with wood. Models that do not have doors look more compact, light, and refined, and their shoes are well ventilated. Metal is strong, durable, easy to clean. Forged products look like works of art, however, they are expensive. Of the shortcomings - collect dust. Dirt from the upper shelves falls on the shoes of the lower row.
  • Natural wood good for classic corridors. The products use such tree species as apple, oak, birch, cedar, alder, pine, cherry and many others. Obuvnitsa from a tree are eco-friendly and beautiful. They can be decorated with carvings. Curbstones with closed doors complement the seats, getting beautiful multifunctional furniture. They can put not only shoes, but also find a place for her care products (creams, brushes).

It should be remembered that the tree is afraid of moisture, shoes in such a cabinet should get clean and dried.

  • MDF Today the most budget material.It is widely used in the furniture industry. Obuvnitsy-shops from MDF in appearance inferior to wood, but they are also quite good and perform their working function. Such products are afraid of moisture and dirt. Shoes will have to take care;
  • Concerning vines and rattan, they should not be mixed with wood. If the bench bench is made of wicker, the rest of the furniture in the hallway should support this theme. Care for them should be the same as for products made of wood and MDF.


Choosing a shoebox with a seat, you should get into the tone of the rest of the furniture. Ideal - if the texture also matches. The color scheme is widely represented in the furniture market, especially when it comes to wood or MDF. A wide palette of shades from light to black allows you to satisfy every taste.

Often, the entrance hall is the darkest room in the house. If it is filled with furniture of gloomy tones, it will seem cramped and uncomfortable. The white entrance hall looks great, a feeling of light and space is created in it even without windows. It should be remembered: white color requires constant care.

Choose furniture shades of a favorite color for each force. The main thing is not to make a colorful "cocktail".

If you want "different", you can pay attention to the combined furniture. Looks very nice, for example, cherry with alder or any other option, beaten on the contrast of dark and light colors.


Furniture production has evolved over the millennia. Changed fashion, ideas about beauty, style. Modern designers to create furniture took the best of the past, connected with the present and got a lot of interesting directions. Even such a simple piece of furniture as a shoebox should support the interior of the hall as a whole.

Hall can be made in the style of modern, high-tech, Provence, fusion, classic, or modern.

Natural wood is suitable for the classic style: maple, cedar, oak, cherry - any option.

Baroque also loves wood, in extreme cases - MDF. For example, the shoe module from alder in modern style looks good. It consists of a closed case and a cabinet for shoes connected to it with a hard seat.

For a shoebox in the style of loft, hi-tech, gothic, more suitable metal. Made from a sturdy grid with chaotically scattered shelves and a single seat cushion, it can be combined with a loft-style hallway.

Fusion loves glass, country - wicker or wooden furniture, Provence - a combination with textiles.

How to choose?

The choice depends on the characteristics of the room and family composition. For small rooms, slim and frame shoes with a seat are suitable, no more than 30 centimeters deep. In a large corridor, you can put modular furniture, for example, a wardrobe connected to a bench and a mirror, or a wardrobe.

For one person, a small stylish wardrobe and shoebox are enough. A large family with children, you can choose a storage system in the form of racks, under the ceiling. And if the place allows, each family member is an individual shoemaker. For a large number of shoes stand suitable.

There are many options, but ultimately everyone makes the choice himself.

Beautiful interiors

Beautiful interior assumes high-quality furniture, sustained style and no more than three colors. For everyday life, you can still add - functionality and comfort.

Furniture must contain all things systematically and correctly, so that they do not have to look for them for a long time.

Upon entering the apartment, you can hang the outerwear on the coat rack, which is right there, sit on the shoebox, put on slippers, put a bag on the shelf, look in the mirror, find a comb in the drawer and not leave your seat.So a comfortable hallway should be equipped.

Beautiful interior is not an exhibition of stylish furniture, but a comfortable and properly organized complex.

Obuvnitsu with a seat can also be made by hand. And how to do this, see the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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