Choosing an ottoman in the hallway with a box for shoes

 Choosing an ottoman in the hallway with a box for shoes

Arranging the hallway is not an easy task. This small, often geometrically complex room requires a lot of functionality. There is usually a large wardrobe or a wardrobe with hinged doors where clothes are kept for all seasons, a mirror is sure to hang in which you definitely need to look before going out, fix your hair or make-up. Here we also dress, undress, put on shoes and slip out, here we meet and see off guests. Functional and comfort - these are the main criteria shown by the hallway. And that, and the other can be achieved if you choose the right furniture. In this article we will focus on the ottomans in the hallway with a shoe box.

What are the?

Puffs - this is a lightweight version of the chairs, they do not have a back and armrests, refer to upholstered furniture. This element was very popular in the palace halls at the time of the balls. The ottoman did not allow the ladies and their gentlemen to stretch out, as in a chair, they had to keep their posture and dignity.

In modern interiors, puffs have a number of characteristics - they are neat, compact, have different stylistic affections, are functional, accessible and can be made of various materials.

Padded stools are different in shape - round, cylindrical, square, rectangular, angular. The choice of form depends on where this object will be located in the corridor. In the hallway usually use square or rectangular models, as they fit perfectly along the wall, do not hide the space.

If the ottoman in the hallway is used as a stool at the table-pier or console, it is better to choose a cylindrical or square model. Round, soft chair bags for the hallway - not the best choice.

Modern products are equipped with a functional feature - a box for storing shoes. It may have a different design depending on the model and dimensions.

A narrow poof can have one reclining face. Up to 6 pairs of shoes and care products can be stored in this sector. Only you will know about this secret of your ottoman, since in the closed state everything will be safely hidden.

Another poof can open like a little chest. Hollow inside, it will allow you to store one or more pairs of shoes. Such a place to store can also be considered secret.

Now designers offer to simplify the design, not to hide shoes, making it more accessible. To do this, they simply combined a ottoman and a shelf for shoes. The upper edge of the shelf itself is either draped with a cloth and made soft thanks to foam rubber or synthetic winterizer, or simply put pillows on top.

The last option is very fond of hand-lovers. Such an ottoman, it turns out, is very easy to make. At the heart of the design are construction pallets or wooden boxes from which the shoe rack is assembled, and on top are beautiful cushions that can also be sewn by yourself. In the presence of a furniture stapler, you can even cover the upper part, to make the product full and beautiful.

Instead of shelves inside such a locker you can arrange square baskets that are suitable for height.Of course, the capacity will be lower. You can't put autumn shoes with street dirt on each other, and only 1 pair will fit, but in the summer a lot of sneakers, sandals and shoes can fit in such baskets.

Another joint furniture ensemble is a regular bedside table or an open rack with a stand that has a place to sit. Thus, there is room for storage from the side in the nightstand, as well as under the seat itself.


The padded stool is a soft furniture. The body consists of a solid frame made of solid wood, MDF, chipboard or veneer and woven material.

There are models completely wrapped in cloth. Such products are made mainly from Chipboard. This material is lightweight, durable enough, durable, but cheap.

Ottomans, in which only the seat itself is fitted, can be made of solid wood, MDF or veneer.

Tree - it is always elegant and luxurious. Soft pouf can be made with elements of thread, in different styles, with a variety of drapes.

Veneer happens natural and artificial. These products differ in the mode of production and price.

  1. Natural veneer is thinly cut sheets of wood,glued together with glue.
  2. Artificial veneer is sawn timber that has undergone more sophisticated technological processing.

From the outside, in the finished product, it is very difficult to distinguish the materials between them; it is necessary to clarify with the manufacturer what the desired pouf is made of.

MDF - it is wood dust, glued with a special glue according to a certain technology. Plates are decorated with laminate, laminatilom, veneer, filled with a special polymer. At the moment, MDF is a very popular material, it is strong, reliable, has moisture-proof properties, is resistant to mechanical stress, and is also affordable.

Forged Puffs are presented as a shoe rack with a soft seat at the top. Such products are easy to maintain, do not have deaf shelves, so shoes on such shoes should be put in a dry form so that water and dirt from the street does not drip onto the bottom rows. The frame can be completely black, bronze and with gilded elements. Thin forged bars give the product weightlessness and transparency.

If forged products are a bit fanciful for you, strict lines from ordinary metal will perfectly replace ornate elements.

Homemade puffs from the boards only at first glance it may seem something too simple, but competent processing of wood, an unusual design, combinations of the base color with upholstery can make the product hand-made designer. Do not be afraid to try to make furniture with your own hands, this process is very exciting and creative, and the result will surely please you.

Whatever the framework, the attention is always, above all, attracts the seat upholstery. If your choice is pillows, then the material can be absolutely anything - from thin cotton or flax to leather and leatherette.

Due to the fact that the covers can be removed and washed, or even replaced, the color of the pillows can also be anything from snow white to black. If the seat is upholstered with cloth, then you should take care of the practicality of the material, because replacing it is not as easy as a pillowcase.

All records for durability, ease of maintenance and attractive appearance beats eco-leather. This is a very common material that has gained its popularity due to its properties and a huge selection.

Ecoskin is a synthetic. A special embossed on a natural base (cotton, polyester) is applied microporous film of polyurethane.In the furniture industry, eco-leather with a thick layer of film is used, since the operational properties of the material depend on its thickness.

Thanks to the special application of embossing, it is almost impossible to distinguish it from a genuine leather purely in appearance, since the patterns completely coincide, but looking at the wrong side, everything becomes obvious.

Unfortunately, over time, embossing can "stiffen" and begin to peel off from the base. But before this happens, you will have time to enjoy the product and start thinking about dragging the seat with material of a different color or quality.

Velvety and soft to the touch will be ottoman, covered flock. This material is relatively inexpensive, but its price may vary depending on the thickness of the web. The thicker it is, the higher the wear-resistant qualities of the fabric. Flock is easy to clean, practically does not wipe, long retains a decent appearance and beauty.

Velours - a very popular material in the fashion world, and in interior design. As a rule, it has a monophonic pattern, but their colors are diverse: from very bright to pastel shades. Pleasant fleecy ottoman surface perfectly complements any interior,will create a special chic and comfort.

One of the most expensive and not out of fashion not one century material is jacquard. Thanks to a very complex technique of weaving threads, of which there are more than 24, a unique, very accurate and multifaceted pattern of any complexity is obtained. Basically, jacquard has a relief structure, where the convex pattern is applied on a smooth base.

Furniture draped with jacquard is generally considered to be elite, and the basement is often made of solid wood or natural veneer. The product turns out expensive, but very refined and majestic.

For the interior in eco-style and for those who are planning to create their own poof with a shelf for shoes, attention should be paid to such material as matting. This simple fabric in natural colors looks very natural and natural.

Ideas in the interior

The ottoman with baskets and pillows on top fits perfectly into the hallway in eco-style. Weave vines, forming a square in the form of baskets for shoes, perfectly in harmony with the carpet-mat and cushions of matting natural color

This option can be done not with baskets, but with shelves, pillows replaced with a mattress.

A convenient mechanism with a folding edge will help to hide shoes, create an atmosphere of complete order.

An elegant ottoman with legs also has a cavity for storing shoes. Soft upholstery fabric, solid wood legs and metal rivets add chic and luxury to the product.

Forged ottoman draped with jacquard fabric has a very light appearance.

How to optimize the space in the hallway, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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