Stylish furniture for the hallway

The entrance hall is the first place to meet our guests. If we want to make a good impression, you need to take care of its attractiveness and the presence of comfortable furniture in it. The hallway should not only look good, but also be functional, therefore special attention should be paid to the selection of furniture.


The choice of furniture depends on the size of the hall and your preferences. Quite a typical option is to install in the hallway wardrobe. It will be convenient for your guests to leave clothes, shoes and hats in it.

Additional features of such a cabinet may include the ability to store off-season clothes and shoes. Some necessary equipment, such as an alarm panel or counter, can also be hidden inside the cabinet.

If you have a small hallway, choose a narrow cabinet (pencil case) with additional drawers for storage below. If there is no room for the cabinet, you can simply put a pier glass, a bookcase and a pouf or a chair next to them.

The pierum will help to visually enlarge the space, and at the same time provide a free surface on which you can place the necessary things: keys, mobile phone, notebook. A chair or ottoman allows you to change shoes comfortably and neatly.

Furniture for the hallway can be made to order.

The advantages of this option:

  • There are no restrictions on the size and design;
  • The choice of materials and accessories occurs in advance. The buyer himself determines the final quality of the product with the help of professionals;
  • The ability to create an exclusive interior.

If you have a not very small hallway, then if you wish, you can harmoniously place a couch and chairs in it. Their upholstery should be easily cleaned from dirt, the artificial leather that can be simply washed with warm soapy water is optimally suited.


Most often used for the manufacture of furniture wood. This is a common material that is easily amenable to various types of processing, for example, coloring. The heated tree can be bent, and after cooling it will retain the desired shape.

The texture of the wood itself provides a natural decorative surface. Wood colors range from white, yellow, red to brown and black. If wooden furniture is stored in favorable conditions, then it is durable. Finally, most types of wood have a pleasant aroma.

If you are a lover of classic design, then you are probably a fan of oak furniture, and you are not alone. Oak is one of the most popular types of wood used to create virtually all types of furniture - from beds to bookcases. The incredible popularity of oak furniture is due to the fact that it is made of durable, heavy wood with a beautiful pattern.

If you are looking for furniture that can be trimmed to your liking, choose pine furniture. She easily perceives paint, it can be repainted many times if your tastes change. In addition, pine is ideal for varnishing. The natural design of the raw pine tree makes the furniture look truly unique.

Developments in the field of furniture production over the past 200 years have made it cheaper and easier to manufacture.New methods of wood processing include grinding, heating and gluing to produce such semi-finished products as veneer, plywood, laminated board or MDF. The cost of such furniture is lower than solid wood furniture. It is not subject to expansion and contraction due to high temperature and humidity, like solid wood.

However, this furniture has drawbacks. It can release a small amount of formaldehyde, although this does not pose a great health hazard. Furniture made of MDF must be maintained very carefully. If it is damaged, it will not be as easy to repair as in the case of solid wood.

Combined methods are widely used in the manufacture of furniture, including the combined use of solid wood and semi-finished products. Most often, this is done using veneer, which sheathes a wooden frame. Veneer is a very thin layer of high-quality wood, which is obtained by sawing, machine cutting and grinding.

Wicker rattan furniture is another hallway design option. This is a grape variety that grows in the jungle of the Southeast region.Rattan vine is one of the strongest vines and has the ability to grow up to 30 m in height. It is very durable, so it is difficult to break. To stalks of rattan can be used for weaving, they are usually treated with steam.


A well-equipped hallway sets the tone for the whole apartment and helps guests feel at home. It may be small, but this does not mean that it should be like a dump for shoes, mail, keys and clothing.

Use multifunctional furniture that will help organize storage of things without taking up too much space.

If space permits, try placing narrow cabinets — canisters or wall cabinets that hide the mess. In the corridor, you can install a chest-transformer or a bench with soft seats, which will be comfortable to take off or put on shoes. Such a bench can be especially useful if there is a place for storing shoes under it.

No living space will be too cramped if you have furniture that falls from the ceiling, is pulled out of the walls, or even hangs in a closet folded like clothes.These smart transformers allow you to live comfortably even in the studio or in the attic. These can be ottomans that turn into chairs, coffee tables that turn into large tables and much more.


The most obvious advantage of purchasing a kit is convenience. Buying furniture in parts, you will spend much more time choosing each individual item than buying a ready-made set. You can easily furnish a room for a day or even an hour if you shop online, while you spend days and weeks on individual purchases. In this case, all the items in the set will be made in the same style.

As for the design, when buying a set, your options are much more limited. Buying hotel pieces of furniture, you will end up with a really stylish hall, if only you have enough patience and endurance for its selection. In addition, the purchase of individual pieces of furniture allows you to decorate your room with furniture that is usually difficult to find in commercial networks, for example, with an elegant wardrobe with unusual quality fittings.

Lightweight kits also have their pros and cons.

The most common reason people buy this type of furniture comes down to their lower cost. Such furniture is easily dismantled, which makes its transportation less complicated. In addition, many of us often change their place of residence, so the presence of easily transportable furniture is very convenient.

Lightweight sets take up less space due to their compact design and the presence of sliding elements (for example, doors).

The obvious disadvantage of such kits, according to most consumers, is the difficulty in assembling. Most often, people complain about tangled instructions and "extra" screws. When all the parts are assembled, finally, together, then it may appear that the drawers do not close properly or the cabinet doors are unstable. In this case, you have to start all over again.

Thus, there is no definitive answer to the question of whether headsets or individual items are better. Choose what matters most to you. One of the excellent options, which is both convenient and economical, is to purchase a basic set of furniture from 2-4 items, which can then be added to your taste.

Radius furniture is now considered a novelty in the furniture industry and an amazing design solution for almost any interior.

Curved surfaces can soften the hard lines of cabinet furniture, and for families with small children, the absence of sharp corners means eliminating the risk of injury. Beautiful, functional and high-quality radius furniture will fit in almost any design, regardless of whether you prefer traditional style or modern.


The color of the furniture depends on the size of your hallway. Dark polished wooden surfaces or deep red terracotta shades will make a small room even smaller, while light or neutral colors expand the space.

For the decoration of white or light cabinet is better to use dark fittings, and for darker furniture - light. Black glossy furniture in combination with lamps that mimic the flame of candles, will bring a touch of glamor to the traditional hallway.


Most of the furniture is made in standard sizes. Knowing these dimensions and dimensions of the hallway, it is possible to develop the layout of the room in order to have a clear idea of ​​what kind of furniture and in what quantity can fit there.

Standard wardrobes have a depth of 60 cm, but cabinets designed for storing winter coats can be up to 72 cm deep. The depth of the cabinet can vary from 30 to 80 cm. Here the decisive factor is ergonomics. Too flat models (depth less than 30 cm) provide little storage space, too deep (more than 80 cm) are inconvenient because the arm length is not enough to reach the far contents of the shelf.

The width is usually 100-150 cm. The maximum width of the cabinet is determined by the width of the door and the width of the shelf. The recommended size of the swing door is 75 cm. This is a technical limit related to the weight of the door that the hinges can withstand. A wider door will require wider space in front to open fully. In practice, the door width is from 35 to 55 cm.

The height is usually between 200 and 220 cm. The space between the upper part and the ceiling is best used as a storage place for items that are not often needed. In this case, in terms of design, this place will be considered as part of the wardrobe.

For a small hallway, you can order compact mini-furniture according to individual drawings.However, it is necessary to take into account that before the furniture there should be a distance for free passage with a width of at least 70-75 cm. It is best to use built-in furniture.

Placement options

Proper arrangement of furniture makes your home comfortable, cozy and welcoming. However, properly arrange the furniture - the second most difficult task after its installation.

One of the most difficult problems when arranging furniture in long narrow rooms is that you need to find a way that people can walk without running across objects. If possible, place the furniture on one side, and leave the other side free for passage. Do not group all large pieces of furniture nearby. This will create a feeling of uneven space. Also try to vary the shape of the furniture. If you have rectangular benches or couches, complete them with a round coffee table, or vice versa.

Arranging furniture in a square room can be difficult, as the square rooms themselves are balanced and symmetrical. The goal is that when placing furniture the room does not look heavy or one-sided.When solving this problem, it is necessary to take into account the area of ​​the room and the location of doorways and windows.

Objects that hang on the wall, be it paintings, mirrors or decorations, should be in harmony with furniture. Do not hang a miniature photograph above large furniture. Use either a large photo that is about two-thirds the length of the furniture, or group small photos together.

If your hallway is very long and narrow, try to put a piece of furniture at an angle, so as to divide the space.


In order to make the hallway a cozy and pleasant place, a combination of functionality with decorativeness is required. Think about what design style you would like to reflect, consider original and unusual interior ideas.

If your interior is glamorous, perhaps a mirror console in the hallway will help you to complement this area. Such a console may have a lower shelf for additional placement of things, but it may not have one. Under the console, you can put a couple of chairs, so that if necessary you can sit on them, taking off your shoes.In any case, placing a chair under the console is a great option.

If what you need is comfort, a beautiful upholstered bench and stylish wicker baskets will be more suitable. The catchy pillows will add a bit of festivity to the interior.

If you are close to the modern style, hang on the wall a few pieces of modern art, turn on the bright wall lamps and put a bronze sculpture. Modern style usually involves clean, clear lines and a simple color palette. This style uses a sense of simplicity in every element, including furniture.

The refusal of the classical forms inherent in the hi-tech style is liked by young energetic people who keep up with the times and follow the scientific progress. But more mature people also appreciate its comfort and ergonomics. High-tech accommodation can be compared to a spaceship from a sci-fi film: an abundance of the most modern equipment and futuristic furniture.

There are also quite a few accessories: it can be an exotic-looking plant, ceramic designer vases or sculptures.Nevertheless, this will not correspond to the high-tech style in the interior for all, because such a design may seem strict, straight lines and corners partially give it aggressiveness.

Here you will not find bright decorations, many small details and decorative elements. Minimalism, brevity and focus on functionality - these are the main points that characterize this interesting style.


“Made in Italy” - this term means exciting design, excellent quality and advanced technology. The chic style and workmanship of luxury Italian furniture are a true reflection of its close connection with the history and heritage of Italy.

The advantages of modern German furniture are that it is truly unique and stylish, combining the durability required for most types of furniture with amazing beauty. When it comes to luxury goods, furniture made in Germany is unmatched. Each item looks great on its own, but it can also be added to almost any contemporary decorated interior.

China today is the largest exporter of furniture in the world.This was made possible thanks to the success of Chinese manufacturers in the field of new technologies, the training of skilled workers and the development and maintenance of infrastructure. All this made it possible to manufacture high-quality products that are designed to avoid the use of nails, screws and glue. Such furniture can serve for centuries.

In Romania, furniture production is a traditional sector of the economy. According to the Romanian Furniture Manufacturers Association, Romania provides about 60% of furniture production in foreign markets, with Europe being the main market. The main characteristics of Romanian furniture are excellent materials, originality, comfort, modularity and safety.

In Belarus, furniture production accounts for 1.2% of the total industrial production. The level and quality of the Belarusian furniture in recent years have increased, despite the fact that prices remained democratic. About 45-60% of furniture produced in Belarus is exported annually. The main markets are Russia (76%) and Kazakhstan (11%).

Below you can familiarize yourself with the many ideas of modern furniture for the hallway.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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