Pier in the hall: design options for mirrors, features of placement

One of the most desirable pieces of furniture for women is a mirror dressing table, because for many ladies it is simply indispensable. To date, the pierum is not only a great place to store cosmetics and various small things, but also an opportunity to admire yourself at any time of the day or night. The modern domestic market offers a lot of various options for furniture of this type, which will perfectly fit into various interiors of bedrooms and hallways. About what features placement of women's tables and dressing tables should pay attention, and what to take into account, you will learn in this article.

What is

The dresser with a mirror is a small and often low table with drawers and shelves for storing various inventory.Mostly this piece of furniture is feminine, because ladies can make up at such a table and make hairstyles. However, the dressing table is often placed not only in the bedrooms, but also in the hallways, considering this furniture more versatile. Long since the pierum was considered a luxury in which noble ladies admired.

Today, many brands offer a huge variety of the most unusual models of such tables with mirrors. They can be made both classic and folding.

Many buyers, hearing the name "trellis" and "pierum", are confused. But to distinguish them quite easily. A trellis is a low table or a cabinet with three mirrors, often with drawers and shelves. The large central mirror on the trellis is fixed so that in the future it cannot be moved, but the side mirrors, on the contrary, can be adjusted to your liking. Trellis today can be found in many furniture brands. Designs will please many customers, because you can choose this type of furniture for both classical and modern interiors of hallways and bedrooms.

Mirrors can also be of different shapes and heights.

The pierglass is often represented solely by one mirror. However, with a great desire on the tabletop itself, you can easily place additional mirrors.

Features of selection and placement

For the hallways of the rooms you can choose a variety of tables with mirrors: trellis, dressing table, dressing tables. When choosing a particular type of decorative piece of furniture, consider the parameters of the room and its area. So, for example, for very small hallways one should not choose large and massive trellises with several mirrors. In this case, it is better to give preference to a compact dressing table. In addition, the future piece of furniture should stylistically coincide with the design of the entire room and be its mandatory complement.

If you want to slightly expand the hallway and add volume to it, it is best to choose a mirror larger than the cabinet itself or the table on which it will be located.

Try to choose such models of the dresser, which has a lot of shelves for storage, because they will be more functional and convenient for you.

In the hallway you can place classic rectangular models. pierum or corner, if the place is very small. The most advantageous solution would be to purchase a table with a high mirror, since the hallway often does not always have enough free space to accommodate a ottoman for seating or a chair.

Since in the hallway of the room most often there are no windows, especially when it comes to the apartment, take care of good lighting in advance so that the dresser does not stand in the shade and you are pleased to look at it.

We select a style

Among the wide range of different dressing tables and dressing tables with mirrors from domestic and foreign manufacturers, you can easily find various options for both modern and classical styles of interior design.

If your hallway room is decorated in the Empire style, art-deco or glamor, then it is best to get into it a luxurious and elegant wooden dresser with carved details. It is possible to add a table-top and a mirror with a beautiful vase with flowers or a decorative lamp. The furniture itself does not have to be massive, classic miniature tables can easily become an excellent addition to the room’s smallest hallway.

As for the modern styles, such as contemporary, techno, hi-tech and minimalism, they are best complemented with a dresser with a minimum of decor. Be sure to pay attention to the mirror with glass or mirror countertops.

If you want to diversify the hallway with something unusual, then a good and even effective solution would be to purchase a dressing table made to the style of the make-up room. Most often, a mirror in such a pier glass is made with the help of special large light bulbs.

Very elegant look with a narrow mirror, stylized antique and supplemented with decorative lighting. They, for sure, can easily complement Provence or Country styles.

You can place the pierogram at your discretion., the main thing is that it does not block the passage in the hallway and does not stand very close to the front door. Very often it is placed next to the closet - compartment.


Most often, the most different models of the mirror can be found from fiberboard and particleboard. Such products are considered less expensive than, for example, from natural wood. Variants of the pierum made of plastic are extremely rare, although such material is today considered safe for humans and the environment.

Fully glass dressing table models It is also a great rarity, however, you can purchase a dressing table made of glass and add it to your chosen mirror. It will turn out not worse than the finished dressing table.

Often the rim of the mirrors is made of the same material as the decorative table itself.

Expert advice

Use a dressing table as a decor for the hallway of the room is a very good idea, as many experts and designers believe. However, much attention should be paid not only to the choice of the furniture itself, but also to the selection of a mirror. After all, it is not at all necessary for you to purchase a ready-made mirror, especially if you cannot find a suitable model. If you do not have the mirror you need, then simply purchase a decorative table and, separately, find or order a mirror that can be hung over the table top. Such a solution is very practical.

The same applies to the ottomans to the dressing table. You do not need to look for a ready-made kit, as manufacturers often simply do not manufacture them, as a result of which everything has to be assembled separately.

If you are not sure that you can independently choose and place the pier in the hallway of the room, it is best to use the services of specialists who will certainly help you to solve this problem.In addition, try to choose furniture of this type only in proven furniture stores, where you will be able to inspect it personally. Online purchases are highly undesirable because you may not get exactly what is shown in the picture.

How to make a dressing table with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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