How to choose and place a cabinet with a seat in the hallway?

 How to choose and place a cabinet with a seat in the hallway?

Quite often in the furniture market can be found cabinet with a seat for the hallway. This is a convenient and functional attribute of furniture. How to choose this product and where to put it, we will tell in this article.

Special features

The curbstone with a seat for a hallway represents a design at the bottom of which shelves settle down, and the bench is established from above.

This attribute is very popular, and it is not just.

He has many advantages:

  • The appearance of such bollards is quite aesthetic.
  • They allow you to gently fold shoes, she does not roll on the floor.
  • During the shoe you can sit down, taking a comfortable position. This is especially important for older people and ladies wearing high-heeled shoes.
  • The design is rather reliable, and maintains considerable weight, without being deformed.
  • It does not take up much space, so it is suitable even for small apartments.


Modern cabinets with a seat for the corridor equipment can be divided into several types:

  • Open Here, the places where the shoes are stored are not covered by the facades; everything that lies on the shelves is visible. This design makes it possible to ventilate things well, even if they are a little soaked.

The disadvantage of this type of pedestal is that all the shoes that lie on the shelves remain visible and must be folded neatly, selecting the style and color so that the design has a presentable appearance.

  • Closed. Calorie made in the form of a dresser. All shelves are closed, shoes are removed from the eyes. Only well-dried shoes can be put in such a bedside table, otherwise an unpleasant smell may appear.
  • With a soft seat. From above the shoebox has a pad with a filler, which makes sitting on it more comfortable.
  • With a bench. In such models, on top of the shelves for shoes, there is an ordinary plate of the same material as the whole design of the cabinet.
With soft seat
With bench
  • With a bedside table for details. Often a shoebox with a seat is additionally equipped with a small locker on which you can put the phone, put the keys, and fold in shoe care products and other small items.
  • With a coat hanger. This design is complemented by a coat rack that goes along the wall.
With nightstand for details
With hanger
  • Built. Often the cabinet with a seat is mounted in the headset for the hallway, which includes all the necessary pieces of furniture - from the closet to the umbrella.


Curbstones with a seat for a hall are made of various materials.

  • Solid wood - the material is quite durable, which is not afraid of any moisture or temperature drops. It does not deform or swell. In addition, wood is able to endure quite high loads. The curbstone with a seat for a corridor from this material will serve you not one year. But the cost of products from solid wood is quite high.
  • MDF is a substitute for wood. It is made of fine-dispersed sawdust by pressing. Also quite durable material that tolerates moisture drops. You can not be afraid of putting wet shoes or putting an umbrella, that the surface of furniture made of this material will swell up and the pedestal will lose its appearance. MDF products are much cheaper than solid wood.
Solid wood
  • Chipboard - another analogue of natural wood. But it is not recommended to purchase pedestals for the hallway from this material. This is due to the fact that when hit on the surface of chipboard moisture, it deforms and swells. Return to this product the original form will be impossible. And in our weather conditions, it is almost impossible to avoid the effect of water on such products.
  • Forged cabinets are also widely used in the interior hallways. This is due not only to the strength and reliability of such structures - they are not afraid of either water or temperature changes, but also with their appearance. Such products look quite aesthetic. Manual art forging, which is usually decorated with cabinets, gives not only a presentable look to the products, but also makes the visual perception of such pieces of furniture light and airy.

For finishing of seats the following types of materials are used:

  • Leather and its substitutes. Material that resists abrasion well, does not absorb moisture and dirt, and is easy to clean. If you accidentally stain such a seat, you can simply wipe it with a damp cloth.
  • The cloth. For the upholstery of the seat used such matter, which are also poorly absorbed moisture and dirt, while well washed. Here, flock is an indispensable fabric. This is an artificial fabric that looks similar to velor, but more durable. The view of the banquettes, covered with such material, is quite aesthetic.
the cloth


Modern manufacturers produce cabinets with a seat for hallways with completely different dimensions.

Here we can distinguish two types:

  • narrow;
  • deep.

The depth of the narrow fringe is only 30 cm. Most often in them the shoes are placed vertically and held in this position due to the special fittings. This is ideal for narrow corridors, where the usual size shoebox just does not fit.

Deep pedestals allow to mark shoes horizontally. Its depth is 45 cm. Sitting on such an attribute will, of course, be more convenient than on narrow models, but it will also require much more space.

The width of this piece of furniture can be any and depends only on the layout of your hallway. The minimum size here may be only about 50 cm.

The height of the cabinet with a seat should not exceed 50 cm, otherwise it will be inconvenient for you to bend over to put on shoes.

But despite the dimensions of this piece of furniture, it should be noted that there are standard sizes for shelves where shoes will be stored. So, for slippers and models without heels, the height of the compartment should be about 10 cm. For shoes with heels, this parameter is no more than 20 cm, for boots - about 40 cm.

How to choose?

Selection of cabinets with a seat for the hallway depends on several factors.

Room size

If you have a small hallway, then you should give preference to narrow or corner models that will not clutter up the space. This will help not to occupy additional space with a closet or floor coat hanger.

If your hallway is quite spacious, then you can not be limited to small dimensions of such an attribute of furniture.

Necessary functionality and device

Here you can choose several options. Give preference to a simple stool with a galley or supplement it with a coat hanger forouterwear and a shelf for hats, a mirror with a cabinet for trifles, a sun umbrella and other furnishings.

Note that closed shoe boxes have small openings. This will allow air to circulate freely, eliminating unpleasant odor from shoes.

Some models of thumbs for shoes with a seat can be equipped with UV lamps, which are placed in the shoe storage compartments. Such devices will help to disinfect your shoes, what you need to do in hygienic purposes.

Also, some shelves for shoes equipped with electric dryers. This allows you to quickly dry your shoes sparingly, without causing harm to her.

The height of the shelves and their number

Choosing a cabinet with a seat to install it in the hallway, pay attention to the height of the shelves for shoes. It is good, if several departments will allow to place in them boots, without kneeling the top. This will extend the life of the shoe, keep it presentable.

The number of shelves depends on the number of living in the house. For each you need to provide at least one compartment where the most frequently used pair of shoes will be stored.

Style of the room

It is necessary to pick up a shoebox with a seat in one style with other situation of the room. A massive wooden dresser decorated with monograms and gilding in the minimalist interior of the corridor, or a shelf made of wooden boxes in classicism will look ridiculous.


Not only the appearance of the product, but also the material used depends on the amount you plan to spend on this furniture attribute. So, the most expensive product will be a cabinet made of natural wood with artistic carving on an individual project, trimmed with leather. The most cost-effective option is considered to be an ash bag with a seat made of laminated chipboard.

Personal preferences

The cabinet should suit you not only externally, but also in terms of functionality.

If you didn’t manage to choose a cabinet for shoes with a seat, then you can finish it yourself with your own hands. This finish is particularly well lend wooden products. With the help of paints, you can change the color of your furniture attribute, and use decoupage technique to apply interesting ornaments. Another way to change the look of an item is to change the fabric on the seat cushion.Applying these methods, you will receive an exclusive model of cabinets, which will be the highlight of your home.

Where to put?

Bowler with stool should be located as close as possible to the entrance door. This is due to the fact that entering the house, you need to immediately take off your shoes so that as little dirt as possible spreads around the dwelling.

If there is a niche in such a corridor, then it is better to install a banquette with a galley in it, choosing it in the appropriate size or ordering it according to an individual project.

You can also put it along the wall. To do this, choose a straight construction or set in a corner, but for this you need an angular shape of the pedestal.

The second option will help to save space in a small hallway.

Interesting models in the interior

In the shops you can find a fairly wide range of pedestals with a seat for the hallway. Here are some interesting models.

An open shoe-case with a bench of simple geometric shape in dark color will be appropriate both in modern interiors such as minimalism, hi-tech, and in the classics.

Obuvnitsa in the form of the royal throne will allow you to sit down and relax after a hard day’s work and become the highlight of the hallway’s interior, emphasizing the master’s highly artistic taste.

Corner stool, combined with a wardrobe, coat rack and shoe box will be a rather original piece of furniture in the hallway. And the expensive solid wood and leather trim of the facades, the seat and the back wall of the structure will add chic and high prices to the whole atmosphere.

How to make a cabinet with a seat with your own hands, see in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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