Original chest and drawers in the hallway

 Original chest and drawers in the hallway

The hall meets and escorts the household and guests daily. The set of the hallway is no less important than the furniture in the bedroom or living room. The original cabinet or chest of drawers in the hallway will allow not only to organize the space, keep it clean, give comfort, but also give the house or apartment individuality.

Special features

When planning a house or apartment in the hallway area they try to save money without paying enough attention to the functionality of the room. It is in the hallway that a large amount of things is stored in a limited area: shoes that are used daily, outerwear, small items that must not be forgotten when leaving the house (gloves, keys, a purse, an umbrella in rainy weather, a bag, etc.).

Properly selected furniture with a large number of storage compartments will help organize the hallway space and restore order in it.

Furniture options for the corridor are varied and depending on the area and the nuances of the room have their own characteristics. Comfortable and ergonomic furniture options are cabinet for the hallway or chest of drawers. These pieces of furniture most often decorate the hallway due to its functionality:

  • Placing a large amount of shoes: shelves in the cabinet and dresser for the hallway are designed in such a way that it is easy to place both high boots and sports sneakers in them. Even the most compact models with inclined shelves allow you to place up to 10 pairs of shoes in individual compartments;
  • Self-ventilation storage compartments: After daily wear, shoes must be ventilated. To do this, air vents, comfortable open shelves, the ability to open shelves for ventilation, sometimes the cabinets are provided with forced ventilation;
  • Comfort when putting on and taking off shoes: the cabinet can be equipped with a special place for sitting, you can lean on a high chest of drawers for stability when wearing shoes;
  • Aesthetic look: furniture for the hallway is made of various materials of various colors with decorative elements or inserts;
  • Multifunctionality: in addition to storing shoes, shelves and drawers are provided in the cabinet and chest of drawers for storing the necessary things (keys, umbrellas, hats, jewelry, indoor slippers, children's toys for the street and the like). The set often includes hangers for coats and mirrors. On the surface of the cabinet or dresser there is enough space for decor items, souvenirs, an open shelf of a tall cabinet or dresser is convenient to use as a landline phone;
  • Long service life: materials for the production of furniture in the hallway are selected taking into account ease of maintenance and safety during operation, therefore durability is guaranteed;
  • Compact size: even for the hallway of the smallest apartment or narrow corridor at home, designers have developed versions of bedside tables and chest of drawers that are not inferior in functionality and roominess to large-sized models.

Original and unusual models of pedestals for shoes and dressers give the room individuality, they are easy to choose for a corridor or hallway of any size and style, while preserving useful space and functionality.


Furniture sets for hallways are equipped with either a cabinet for shoes, or a cabinet for a chest of drawers, or a chest of drawers and a cabinet. In cases of buying furniture for the hallway or corridor separately, it is necessary to choose the models of the drawer and chest of drawers in order to preserve as much useful space as possible and functionally organize the hallway.

Furniture models for the corridor or hallway are diverse in size, materials, color solutions, style. The shape and type of placement in the room cabinets and dressers can be very different:

  • Straight lines: installed along the wall, well suited for long narrow corridors;
  • Corner: sufficiently roomy options to save hallway space;
  • Original forms: semicircular, in the form of a polyhedron, triangular with rounded edges, and so on. Such models are very original and functional, but their choice may be limited by the area of ​​the room;
  • Curbstones or dressers as part of a set furniture for a hall: the integral set will allow to furnish the room at once with all necessary components in one style.

On the furniture market and in hardware stores, the following options for stand models are presented:

  • With closed or open shelves: models with open shelves provide good ventilation of shoes, as well as durable to use, as there is no additional fittings that can wear out from constant opening and closing. The lack of open shelves is that dust accumulates on the shoe. Curbstones with closed shelves look aesthetically pleasing, prevent dust from entering the stored shoes;
  • With hinged, hinged or sliding doors: sliding doors move along guides along the product. Sliding doors can be left open as an additional source of shoe ventilation. Flap doors lower and raise;
  • With forced and natural ventilation. More expensive stand models are equipped with an electric hood for better aeration of shoes. Natural ventilation is carried out with the help of holes and a special lath design of the shelves in the cabinet;
  • Thumbs-slim: the most compact and at the same time capacious model in which the shoes are kept upright and the doors open at an angle of 45 degrees;
  • With extra storage spaceth: with drawers, open shelves in the butt products for decorative ornaments.

Separately, the cabinet of the shoebox is rarely made, more often it is combined with additional elements for greater functionality: the cabinet of the chest of drawers or the cabinet of the furniture set for the hallway. The top of a low pedestal is equipped with soft upholstery, so you get a pedestal bench, a pedestal stand, which significantly saves space in the hallway and corridor.

For spacious hallways with a cabinet for shoes, you can choose a chest of drawers of the following models:

  • With sliding or hinged doors;
  • With drawers or stationary shelves;
  • Traditional rectangular shape or chest of drawers.

According to the method of mounting and installation of these models distinguish:

  • Suspended: pedestal or chest of drawers attached to the wall, creating the effect of floating above the floor. Interesting suspension models with backlight;
  • Floor: on open legs or with the support closed by the decorative panel.

For convenience, cabinets and dressers can be equipped with additional furniture for sitting: soft poufs, a couch, a bench with drawers or legs.Curbstones and dressers can also be combined with the necessary elements for the hallway: an open hanger, hanging shelves for decor items or storage of hats, a mirror with a built-in lamp. For the convenience and aesthetic appearance of the cabinet and chest of drawers can be supplemented by various types of shelves, drawers, doors, type of opening.

The largest amount of furniture can accommodate shelves located at an angle, and for drying and airing casual shoes, it would not be superfluous to have several open shelves in a closed model of a dresser.


Long service life, ease of care for the product and aesthetically-decorative type of furniture for the corridor and the hallway provide the materials from which the cabinets and dressers are made. The main materials for the production of pedestals and dressers for hallways are listed below:

  • Tree: natural material, durable and durable, environmentally friendly. Solid wood can be sanded and have a matte surface, and wood varnish and protective impregnations give the surface a glossy shine. Used to produce expensive models;
  • Plastic: fragile material from which most often open models of thumbs for shoe storage are made. Furniture made of plastic is wobbly and will not last long.Artificial material does not accumulate dust and does not absorb unpleasant odors;
  • Metal: heavy, wear-resistant material for the production of furniture. Often combined with other materials. Metal grilles as shelves are easy to maintain, provide additional ventilation;
  • Types of wood-based panels (particle board, fiberboard, MDF): pressed wood sawdust with various types of coatings make it possible to produce furniture with beautiful facades imitating an array of natural wood. Furniture made of chipboard and MDF is more affordable at the price than from wooden solid wood. The disadvantages of wood-based panels include a short lifespan, odor absorption, instability to moisture, and an unpleasant chemical smell in the first weeks of use.

Modern trends in furniture design dictate the fashion for combining materials for the production of furniture in the hallway and corridor. Metal, glass, plastic, leather inserts serve as beautiful decorative elements.

The mirror inserts on the facades of the cupboard and chest of drawers not only decorate the product, give it lightness, but also make it possible to take a good look at shoes in the mirror.

As a material for shelves, metal mesh, wooden lath bases of shelves, monolithic plastic are well established. Metal mesh and wooden slats provide extra ventilation of the sole, easy to maintain. Plastic is also an easy-to-clean material, but fragile and short-lived.


Depending on the size of the room and select the dimensions of furniture for the hallway. In mass production, the width, depth and height of pedestals and dressers in the hallway vary within the following limits: 40-160 cm, 20-60 cm, 60-150 cm, respectively.

For narrow and long corridors, models with the smallest depth of 20-25 cm are suitable, but the height of the original models of pedestals can be more than one and a half meters. Such dimensions will allow you to place the largest amount of shoes and keep free space in the hallway.

Chests deeper than 30 cm will fit perfectly into the spacious square hallways. Deep models are comfortable with hinged doors and drawers. A high and deep nightstand complete with a hanging coat hanger and a large mirror will make a complete set for the hallway with enough space to store all the necessary things.Deep models make it possible to experiment with the shape of the dresser, which allows you to create exclusive options.

The optimal width for a cabinet or dresser is 70 cm. Such a model will not tightly close the wall and leave free space for additional furniture (a wardrobe for overclothes, a pouf).

And the smallest bollards in size, and shallow chest of drawers with a large height will be roomy, provided the sound design of shelves and drawers, so you should not overload the limited in size hallway with overall furniture. But in the spacious square hallways even chests of 160 × 60 × 150 cm will stand up. Bulky and massive furniture options will look airy and easy due to the glossy mirror surface of the door fronts. Individual orders can produce original models of dressers of non-standard sizes, for example, a depth of 24 cm or a height of more than 1.5 m, which will cover the entire wall from floor to ceiling.

Color solutions

The color palette of furniture for hallways and corridors is presented from white to black colors in various shades and textures.

Furniture of natural wood flowers looks noble and expensive:

  • Oak;
  • Ash;
  • Nut;
  • Pine;
  • Larch;
  • Red wood

Patinated solid wood, artificial aging of the surface, the use of metal and glass decorative elements gives the design refinement and elegance. Curbstones and dressers from the massif of a tree are always actual in an interior and are in demand from buyers and designers.

Hallways and corridors are often dark rooms without windows. Therefore, it is preferable to choose white furniture or in bright colors. Original and modern look thumbs and chest of drawers blue, pink, milky, ivory on a matte or glossy surface. Light and color cabinets can be easily fitted to furniture sets, maintaining the integrity of the set.

Popular furniture for the hallways in dark colors, which is matched to the color of the flooring, baseboard or door. Dark wenge, combined with light inserts, the colors and texture of mahogany rocks organically looks in massive models for spacious rooms. Miniature models of wenge look aesthetically and elegantly.

Styles and design

The design of the hallway and the corridor is carried out according to the general style of the house or is selected individually:

  • For decoration of hallways and corridors often used classic in the interior. Small corridors will save usable space with roomy corner models or compact chest of drawers and curbstones with rounded corners. The design of classic models is restrained; the materials used are solid wood or wood-based panels. The color palette of classic curbstones and chest of drawers to natural shades while preserving or imitating the texture of natural wood;
  • Thumbnails and dressers in style look easy and weightless Country, Provence. These styles are characterized by the use of natural materials. Patination and aging of the surface add originality to the model of chest of drawers and pedestals;
  • For modern interior designers offer original cabinets and dressers of interesting shapes and colors. A semicircular chest of drawers fits perfectly along the wall of the spacious hallway, and triangular cabinets are compact and indispensable for miniature corridors. Modern models are made in the most daring colors, which are matched to the color of the walls, wall panels, floor, plinth;
  • Minimalistic style and high-tech style complement the cabinets of metal and plastic saturated colors.Thumbstops made of pure metal without coating look original;
  • Manufacturers offer models in vintage styledecorated with original patterns. In the furniture markets, in the premium price segment, there are chests with decorative vintage handles of rich muted colors or painted with snow white paint.

Overview of the best manufacturers

The main manufacturers of curbstones and chest of drawers for hallways in the Russian furniture market are represented by firms from Russia, China, Malaysia, Belarus, Ukraine. Russian manufacturers offer the greatest variety of models in various price categories.

The most popular and well-established manufacturers of cabinet furniture from Russia are Soyuz Mebel (Tula), GC Meridian (Moscow), Furniture Technologies (Chelyabinsk), MuroM (Murom), EKO Style (Perm ), “Marimbo” (Krasnoyarsk), “Northern Architecture” (Arkhangelsk), “Leader” (Kazan). Each factory has a longstanding reputation in the manufacture of furniture, in particular furniture for the hallways. The assortment of Russian manufacturing factories presents the whole variety of models: from classic and exclusive to original and unusual.Large factories are introducing into the production bold design projects, following the innovations at world furniture exhibitions.

Today, the products of Russian manufacturing factories are highly competitive with European goods. Domestic manufacturers offer models of dressers and pedestals of both mass production and rather original, exclusive products that do not lose in quality and appearance to the famous Italian factories with a long history.

The furniture for halls from China is presented by the big range. Curbstones and dressers of high quality Chinese production are not cheap. The appearance of high-quality Chinese products is pompous, with an abundance of decorative elements, and wooden models are covered with brilliant varnish for wood.

Italian cabinets and drawers for hallways are in demand. On the Russian furniture market are such Italian manufacturers as Angelo Cappellini, Arspa, Arte Brotto, Move, RES, Sellaro Arredamenti, Zanotta and many others. Italian manufacturers present design models of cabinet furniture for the hallway of original shapes and colors, classic options from an array of expensive woods. Italian furniture has a high price.

Furniture from the Ikea group of companies has been in demand for more than 10 years from Russian buyers. The range of furniture for hallways from Ikea does not differ a variety of styles and forms. Curbstones and dressers Ikea quite functional in its modestly minimalist design, made in bright colors that are relevant in modern interiors. Ikea cabinets and chest of drawers will be a good addition to modern corridors and hallways in a minimalist or modern style.

Beautiful examples in the interior

A beautiful and functional entrance hall is the face of an apartment or house. The stylish design of this room guarantees the formation of a good opinion about the owner of the dwelling. We offer several interesting options for pedestals and dressers, which, of course, will be the highlight of any hallway:

  • The contrasting combination of dresser and nightstand materials visually expands the hallway space and makes it more spacious. Such a design move is combined in interesting models shown in the photo below;
  • Curbstones with mirrored panels or photographs transferred to the doors look like an exclusive and self-sufficient art object in the hallway;
  • A chest of drawers and a cabinet for shoes made of natural wood are complemented by a wardrobe for outerwear. Against the background of walls in bright colors, the kit looks expensive and noble;
  • A bold design experiment is presented in a modern interior in bright, pastel colors with bright decorative elements (vases, a box for storing small things);
  • An original and unusual look of a narrow cabinet-hill of the reserved color of natural wood in the hallway, smoothly flowing into the living room;
  • The stylish and concise laminated red chest of drawers is an elegant addition to the hallway in a minimalist style.

You will find a detailed master class on making the table in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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