How to choose a hanger and a shoebox in the hallway?

 How to choose a hanger and a shoebox in the hallway?

The hallway space would plunge into chaos and lose all organization, if the right furniture attributes were not invented, letting us forget about the mountains of shoes and outerwear. Today, many manufacturers produce very comfortable and high-quality hangers and shoes.


The main advantage of wall hangers is their practicality, because they save corridor space which is especially valuable for small hallways. Even in the absence of a full-fledged closet, a wall hanger can accommodate a sufficient amount of outdoor clothing, which in conditions of natural ventilation will be better ventilated and dry faster.

Such products are durable. They withstand relatively heavy things, such as a fur coat or coat.

As for obuvnits, they allow not only to save free space in the hallway, but also leave the room cleanbecause we often bring dirt and dust from the street on our shoes and boots. In itself, the shoebox is a special cabinet designed specifically for storing shoes.

Complete set of hangers

Wall construction may include additional elements necessary for everyday use:

  • with bedside table. The models of hangers with sideboards allow you to place not only shoes, but also umbrellas, bags, shoe "cosmetics" and various useful accessories. And the top of the cabinet is an additional shelf on which, at the entrance, you can put keys, gloves, hats, put bags or shopping bags. For storage inside the product there are shelves and niches;
  • with drawers. some models have drawers for storing small items. Sliding or hinged doors are more often located on the side, which protects things from dust. The case of a curbstone can be presented in two variations: on the legs and in a suspended state. Model without legs looks airy and more modern;
  • with open shelves. Open shelves are designed for storing accessories: hats, scarves, neckerchiefs, which are convenient to try on, if the design also includes a mirror. An additional row of shelves can also be found at the bottom of a shoe hanger. This is especially valuable for a large family;
  • with mirror. In any hallway mirror - an indispensable attribute. It is convenient to look into it before leaving the house to make sure that the appearance is perfect or to correct makeup and hair. Acquiring wall hangers with a mirror is a practical option; you don’t have to spend money on these two items separately;
  • with a barbell. Objects with a bar in terms of functionality can replace a small furniture set. This wall console allows you to hang coats and fur coats on hanger, so outerwear longer retains an attractive look.

Bars can be located along the wall or across it - it all depends on the designer's idea. The most durable models are made of metal.

Floor models

Floor hangers are indispensable in small hallways, when it is not possible to use wall construction. Their main advantage is mobility.Floor product can be easily moved, freeing up space. This hanger is self-sufficient, does not require installation and is not tied to the wall. It can be located in any part of the apartment. It all depends on the wishes of the owners.

Floor models are many-sided. For their production using different materials. The most elegant look forged products. They give the room a bohemian and French charm. Such a console speaks of the aristocratic taste of the owners of the house.

Types of shoes

There are several varieties of shoes:

  • with an open system. Such models are the most popular. Their main advantage is constant ventilation of the air, shoe products are well ventilated and dry faster, which minimizes the likelihood of an unpleasant smell. The reverse side of the coin is a periodic accumulation of dust on the shelves and the shoe itself. The most relevant such system for couples that are used in everyday wear;
  • with closed system. Closed system is a locker or bedside table. Very relevant closed model with a seat that allows you to replace the ottoman.Shoes in such consoles are protected from dust and dirt, but dries poorly due to insufficient air ventilation. That is why some products are equipped with additional holes for this purpose.
  • slim - the ideal solution for a narrow hallway. This is a special type of shoebox, which instead of the usual shelves - folding. They open from top to bottom at a certain angle. The only drawback of the product is that the shoes are forced to be stored in an upright position, and this may adversely affect its factory appearance.

Forms of hangers

Depending on the size of the room, its stylistic decision and personal preferences of the consumer, You can choose a variety of shape and size of the wall hanger:

  • horizontal design allows you to visually expand the space, if you hang it on a narrow wall. It perfectly fits clothes, hats, umbrellas, bags and other accessories;
  • vertical models are often equipped with a mirror that is so comfortable in the hallway. They visually pull the room up, and this gives the ceiling height. Such products often have a back wall,therefore wet clothes do not adjoin to a partition and do not spoil finishing;
  • designer hangers are often chosen as a decorative element, rather than in terms of the main function.


The choice of the hanger can be made on the basis of the material of the product:

  • Solid wood. Wooden wall models in the hall prestigious and expensive. Consumers appreciate their environmental friendliness and solid appearance. Hanger from an array can be made in a minimalist style without unnecessary decorations, and decorated with carving, decoupage, patina. The options for the shape of the product are many: the hanger is manufactured as a vertical or horizontal panel or combines several lamellae. It can also have a classic look or an intricate design.

The color of the wood is chosen for the overall design of the room. Hangers from an array of dark rocks with a touch of wenge are distinguished by aristocracy and look nobly in even the most expensive interior. The bleached texture of the boards gives the product elegance. The colors of milk oak are optimal for any room. They give warmth and comfort to the interior.

  • Metallic. Metal frames are the most durable, and can withstand heavy loads. The metal product can be given any shape and fit into any style of the room. Elements of the design can be elegant flower motifs or animals of the wild nature - it depends on the designer's idea. Such hangers are laconic and look easy in the interior;
  • Leather. Complexes with hangers in the hallway can be decorated with expensive components, such as a carriage fastener. Made of leather, this console looks elegant and expensive, and also emphasizes the status and financial position of its owner.

As for shoemakers, the following materials are used in their production:

  • MDF consoles - most demanded by the average consumer due to the optimal ratio of price and quality;
  • plastic models - lightweight and practical in terms of cleaning, but more relevant to the garden or a country house;
  • Shod obuvnitsa - more often open type. They are stylish and modern, but for a house with small children and animals it is better to choose another option;
  • natural wood is ideal for a classic interior. Products from the array are refined and solid, but do not differ in practicality due to the instability to moisture. Shoes before installation in the shoemaker must be well dried;
  • rattan models are ideal in all respects: they provide good ventilation of shoes, are easy to clean, and are resistant to moisture.

Tips for choosing

When choosing such useful accessories for the hallway you need to follow some recommendations:

  • decide on a complete set and type of a design. A model with a built-in shoebox will be most welcome if there is no place to store shoes;
  • the massiveness of outerwear requires that the hanger is strong;
  • Assess the appearance of the console: the quality design fasteners are hidden and do not cling to clothes, there are no chips and cracks, and wooden models are polished and coated with varnish;
  • product design must comply with the general style of the room;
  • when buying hangers you need to take into account the growth of all people living in the house;
  • The number of hooks should be optimal so that all family members can hang the clothes.

How to make a hanger with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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