Wallpaper for a small hallway: what to choose?

Wallpapers are the perfect solution for wall decoration. They can be purchased for any layout and style of the interior. Today we will talk about how to choose the right fabric for a small hallway.


Currently, there are a great variety of materials for wall decoration for every taste and color. However, the most popular and common options are good old wallpaper. Fortunately, the modern consumer can choose from a very wide range. Each type of wallpaper has its advantages and disadvantages, which should be discussed in detail.


These wallpapers are the most affordable, which makes them very popular and common.In addition to low cost, these canvases boast other positive qualities. They can be attributed to their environmental friendliness, because the wallpaper consists of pure pulp.

It is worth noting that modern consumers face a wide range of paper wallpapers of various colors. In the shops you can find a lot of beautiful and diverse paintings, which can also be decorated with spectacular prints or patterns.

Also, many owners opt for these options because of their breathability. Due to this characteristic on paper wallpaper does not appear fungus or mold.

However, these available and popular finishing materials have their disadvantages. These include the following parameters:

  • paper sheets are afraid of moisture and cannot be washed;
  • they can be easily damaged and spoil the attractive appearance;
  • over time, they lose their color saturation.

Because of such drawbacks, paper wallpapers are not recommended to be glued in a small hallway, as in such conditions they can get dirty quickly, and you cannot wash them, as you know. Besides,Often in such premises there is a large number of objects with sharp corners that can damage paper sheets that are not resistant to mechanical damage.


Vinyl wallpapers today are very popular and common, as they have many positive characteristics. There are several types of such canvases:

  • flat vinyl. This finishing material has a simple and smooth surface;
  • thick vinyl. Such wallpapers are very dense and strong;
  • foamed vinyl. Similar options have a characteristic volumetric structure.

Many buyers today choose the original vinyl canvas imitating wood, stone, brick or plaster. The main advantages of such finishing options are their wear resistance, durability, heat resistance, low cost and resistance to moisture and moisture.

The disadvantages of vinyl are that they are not breathable, which can lead to the formation of fungi and mold on their surface. It is also worth noting that these wallpapers are not environmentally friendly.

Vinyl wallpaper fits well into the situation of a compact hallway, as they can be washed and they are not subject to mechanical damage.


Non-woven wallpaper - this is another kind of finishing materials, popular among modern consumers. Such canvases can have very different and intricate patterns, with the help of which the interior will become extremely attractive and unique. However, these canvases are expensive.

Non-woven wallpaper can boast a number of significant advantages, which include:

  • wear resistance;
  • eco-friendly composition;
  • resistance to temperature extremes;
  • moisture resistance.

The disadvantage of such finishing materials can be attributed to their high cost, not the widest range and transparency.

Non-woven wallpaper can be used to finish a small hallway. Moreover, their appearance is permissible to change at their discretion, as they are easily painted.


Beautiful, expensive and original in the interior look textile wallpaper. Such finishing materials are environmentally friendly and excellent insulating properties. Their appearance is also unique, and not only because of the woven texture, but also the lack of seams.

However, to treat such paintings should be more careful.They are branded and accumulate dust on its surface. In addition, for their application on the wall must have the appropriate skills. Many consumers call a lack and too high a price of such wallpaper. Woven cloths are not recommended for decoration of the hallway, as they quickly become dirty.


Such types of wallpaper appeared on the market recently. In appearance they look like plaster and come in powder form. Before applying to the wall diluted with water. The advantages of these finishing materials include:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • ease of use;
  • seamless structure;
  • preservation of bright color for many years;
  • soundproofing;
  • ease of repairing any damage and defects.

The disadvantage of liquid wallpaper is that they can be washed off with water. In addition, in shops you can rarely find a large assortment of colors such materials.

How to glue?

Different types of wallpaper are applied to the walls in different ways. For example:

  • Paper canvases need to be overlapped, and it doesn’t matter how thick they are.In the hallway, this wallpaper should be glued from the front door, then move "in a circle" and finally return to it again.
  • Non-woven wallpaper need to glue end to end and you can start from any place in the hallway. Similarly applied to walls and vinyl materials.
  • Textile wallpaper is not recommended for use in finishing the hallway, however, if you have firmly decided to turn to these canvases, it is better to entrust their installation to specialists. This is due to the complexity of working with such finishing materials.
  • Liquid wallpaper applied to the walls on the principle of plaster. Experts also do not recommend to finish the surface in the hallway with similar material, since it is better not to wash it with water, and in such a room the walls can quickly get dirty and require cleaning.

Color variations

Modern manufacturers produce wallpaper of various shades. In the conditions of a small hallway many options of finishing will successfully look.

Bright and saturated cloths are not so often used in the decoration of hallways, however in a small room such a color solution would be appropriate. This is because with the help of rich colors you can visually align the layout, especially if you stick such wallpapers on the far wall or on the surface opposite each other.

Most often, the owners choose lighter shades of wallpaper for finishing compact corridors. The most popular and attractive are canvases of white, beige, pale pink, cream, light caramel or sky blue. Such soft and discreet wallpaper can finish the entire perimeter of the hallway.

Many owners are afraid to decorate the hallways wallpaper, having a dark tone, considering it too gloomy and depressive. Indeed, for a small corridor, such a color scheme is unlikely to work. Black, dark blue or dark gray wallpaper is better to use in more spacious rooms.


Today in the shops you can find many beautiful and original wallpapers, decorated with a variety of patterns and interesting prints. These canvases look very original and fresh, but for a small hallway they should be chosen carefully so as not to spoil the layout and not make it even closer. The selection of such wallpaper should take into account the following nuances:

  • canvas with large drawings and patterns can visually reduce the space andmake it overloaded;
  • horizontal patterns are a good solution for the visual expansion of the hallway. However, such finishing materials can visually make ceilings lower;
  • vertical patterns and classic stripes raise the ceiling, but make the room more narrow;
  • It is not recommended to design a small hallway wallpaper with small prints, with many details. Such wallpapers will not only hamper an already small space, but also make it very uncomfortable;
  • Today, wallpapers with abstract patterns and prints are very popular. Such cloths can be used in a small hallway, but it is worth giving preference to options of quiet and neutral shades. Some types with a 3D effect can visually enlarge a room.

What are suitable?

Small hallways today have ceased to be a sentence, and they can be arranged in such a way that visually the space will seem more spacious, cozy and, of course, stylish. For example, a miniature corridor in the "Khrushchev" can be transformed, if you choose the right light or pastel color scheme or wallpaper that does not make heavier.

It is recommended to use the canvas, visually increasing space. For this ideal light canvases with minimalist drawings. You can also visually change the layout using striped wallpaper, but here it all depends on the specific case. For example, for very narrow rooms it is worth choosing a horizontal strip, and for hallways with low ceilings - vertical.

Also for the decoration of a small hallway in the apartment fit the combined wallpaper. For example, it can be an original monophonic tandem and canvases with patterns. Often, this design appeal owners "Khrushchev".

In the selection of wallpaper for the hallway, do not forget that such a room is subject to contamination, so it is not necessary to glue brand and non-wear-resistant cloths in it, since in these conditions they will quickly lose their beautiful appearance. Moreover, materials that cannot be washed will have to be completely re-glued.

Beautiful interiors

In the narrow hallway, not only plain light wallpaper will look great, but also coatings imitating a light stone. Particularly interesting and organically, these canvases look opposite each other (on opposite walls).The doors of brown color and mirrors with a similar edging will stand out perfectly against their background.

If you want to arrange a small hallway in the style loftthen you should turn to the snow-white decoration of the walls, one of them adding a white decorative brick. Place in such an environment a light wooden bench and a large mirror with a wooden frame. Dilute such “refreshing” paints with decorative pillows of natural colors and wrought black hangers on the wall.

Lovers of simple but harmonious solutions will like the design of the hallway, in which the walls are decorated with light gray wallpaper and the floor and ceiling are covered with beige materials. Against such a background, brown panel doors, a snow-white banquette with a cream seat and the same light wall hanger will stand out spectacularly. To complete such a simple, but organic ensemble can be a floor mat of coffee color.

In addition to light wallpaper, in a small hallway, you can use large mirrors, which will also have a beneficial effect on the visual expansion of the available space. It is advisable to select furniture, door, hangers and mirror frame, made in one color or shade.

Bright wallpapers with prints of unobtrusive shades will look attractive in the corridor, but they are recommended to glue a little further from the front door. For example, in snow-white space with a beige floor decorated with chocolate patterns, organic gold wallpapers with unobtrusive prints located at the end of the hallway will look.

Boldly in the interior of a small hallway will look a contrasting combination of black and white colors. With such decisions should be cautious. For example, in a very small room, you can stick white walls to the walls, and finish the ceiling with the same light plaster. Contrasting black tiles with diamond patterns will dilute this finish. Complete the ensemble with a small wrought-iron chandelier and a dark antique wooden bench.

How to choose a wallpaper for a small hallway, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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