Wallpaper purple tones in the interior

In the interior of modern residential and non-residential premises, you can see different color palettes. Purple has been especially popular lately. The abundance of lilac shades in the design indicates the richness of color, its depth and amazing properties. The combination of violet tones has a calming effect on the nervous system of a person, promotes pacification, relaxes at the end of busy working days. That is why the wallpaper of purple tones in the interior can and should be used by all those who appreciate beauty, refinement, tranquility and nobility.

Special features

Color plays one of the important roles in the interior of any room. Affects the emotional state of a person, his psychological well-being, mood, thoughts.Thanks to the correctly chosen color, it is possible not only to decorate the surrounding space, but also to disguise the flaws of the interior, improve the interior, hide the flaws.

Violet is subtle, extravagant and noble. It is pronounced, while giving a feeling of inner peace, causing a feeling of comfort and harmony.

A special feature of color is its ability to visually enlarge rooms that are modest in size. His shades are struggling with depression, help to distance himself from disturbing thoughts.

Violet color appeared by mixing cold and warm shades of other colors. Experts in the field of creating a harmonious environment in a room do not advise using a large number of different purple hues in the decoration of rooms: it is better to decorate with their help only one wall or to create small stained glass windows on ready-made wall coverings.

There should not be a surplus of lilac - too much of one color in the interior can lead to disharmony and imbalance in the situation, being in such a room will not be comfortable and even unpleasant.

When used correctly, lilac wallpapers will look great in any room, even residential, even in production and entertainment.

However, certain rooms with such coverage may seem gloomy, especially if the lighting is not very good. Therefore, in rooms of a darkened size with small dimensions such tones are not suitable.

Conversely, in rooms of irregular shapes, wallpapers of this type can hide the layout flaws: by decorating one wall with purple and leaving the rest white with white, you can visually separate two surfaces from each other, which will create the effect of room lengthening.

Choosing purple wallpaper, you need to think in advance what kind of shade is more suitable and best reveal the idea of ​​the designer. An important role is played by the texture of wall coverings.

With pattern

Modern purple wallpapers can be a decoration and a great addition to a room, if a large creative design can be seen on their background, for example, monograms or rosebuds. Such coatings will certainly become the main highlight of the interior and serve as an excellent background for designer furniture and other original accessories.

There is only one condition: it is better to glue one wall with such wallpaper, which should be accent.

Purple flowers, circles, leaves can be applied to absolutely any background. The overall picture will certainly be memorable. If you want to make the room especially original, you can buy black or white wallpaper with purple flowers. Contrast stripes and eye-catching pattern in combination with purple textiles will achieve a stunning result.

In addition to floral elements, abstract, geometric shapes (triangles, squares) and surrealistic motifs (ornate lines connected at one point) are actively used as a pattern. Such patterns will add to the atmosphere of mystery and straightness.

They are exactly the same as floral patterns, promote relaxation. And if they seem boring, you can pick up the canvas with a matte and glossy surface at the same time.

Modern manufacturers offer many options for decorative patterns on the wallpaper.

The most beautiful and most popular canvases are produced with the following decor:

  • vertical and horizontal stripes;
  • geometric shapes;
  • symbolic patterns;
  • combined pattern of matching colors.

What is combined and how to choose?

Violet color is unique. Its palette is represented by a variety of different shades: purple, lavender, purple, purple, eggplant, etc. Designers often combine these shades, creating a harmonious transition in the interior.

Combinations of purple wallpaper with other shades are possible in such variations:

  • monochrome;
  • contrast;
  • neutral.

To make the purple interior look not very gloomy and frightening, experts recommend using additional colors and shades in the work.

The most spectacular is the design of the room with dark monochromatic walls of purple and elements of white. In such a performance, a white tint will play the role of an additional light source, provide the necessary contrast in the room and allow tired gases to rest.

Beige and gray are also suitable for a purple tone. Such a gamma will make the design neutral, nothing will “press” on the eyes.

Quite often, gold accents are used to create the effect of antiquity in properties dominated by lilac color.Such details can be applied to the paintings themselves in the form of different patterns, edging patterns or decorate furniture, be present in textiles, on furniture.

If you have doubts about the correctness of the chosen palette, you can stop at more simple combinations: violet and delicate lilac, pale lilac and other tones of the same gamma.

Bright interiors can be presented with purple-pink wallpaper. Such bold combinations will emphasize the cheerfulness of the situation, breathe a note of freshness and originality into it.

You can fill the room with a spring atmosphere by combining purple canvases with delicate yellow, lemon, orange and other sunny shades. A light, pastel colors, for example, blue, turquoise and others, emphasize the tenderness and sensuality of design.

The combination of lilac and bright red can create certain difficulties. Overly catchy, causing combinations can be negatively perceived by the eyes. In addition, each of these shades will pull all the attention on themselves, to relax in such an environment will not work. You can solve the problem by using another color (for example, sand color).Thus, there will be soft accents, smoothing all possible design flaws.

For the bedroom

In the design of the bedroom you need to be very attentive to any details, especially if it is a room where children spend most of the time.

Bright purple wall coverings are not suitable for this. Such canvases will distract, interfere with sleep, excite the nervous system.

If you want these colors to be in the bedroom, you need to use them in lighter versions. Bright and saturated suit as minor accents: decorative panels, small bedside rug.

Purple wallpapers are suitable for large and small rooms (only well lit), in modern and classic interiors. Relevant for people of different ages. However, a large amount of violet can bore small children, and put them in a depressed state, so it is important to choose the right colors next to each other.

For kitchen

Lilac, lilac, eggplant - all these tones are good for those who adhere to the system of proper nutrition, constantly diets and watching the figure - all purple shades suppress appetite.In large rooms you can use bright colors. Such a kitchen will find playfulness, girlish refinement. Light shades will visually increase the room, give lightness and airiness.

And in order that the space does not turn out to be “overloaded”, one should buy geometrically correct furniture.

Furniture and all kinds of headsets may have a similar shade, but it is better to opt for lighter things. Warm colors in the decor will provide the kitchen a comfortable atmosphere.

In the hallway

In the hallway it is better not to glue roll coverings with patterns, but to decorate such a room in a bright monophonic version. In combination with white plinths and moldings such decor will be the most successful.

Lilac wallpaper will be a good background for art paintings and photo frames attached to the wall.

Examples in the interior

By choosing a suitable combination of colors and shades, you can begin to design the interior. Lilac wallpapers are suitable for the living room, and for the kitchen, and for the bathroom and the corridor and are relevant to any design style.

For a long time, lilac color was considered the hallmark of the households of European nobility.This shade most often met in royal palaces and noble houses in the Baroque style. That is why, even nowadays, many shades of violet are associated with luxury and nobility, elegance and chic.

Today, lilac tones are considered classic and you can use them when you decorate any room in any style.

Lilac wallpaper is appropriate in large country houses and city apartments. Thanks to them, you can get a stylish interior in the living room, a calming atmosphere in the bedroom, a neutral atmosphere in the hallway or nursery. This color scheme is also suitable for the design of the kitchen, office, workshop.

In offices, using light lilac cloths on the walls is not the best solution.

Only saturated purple tones will help to tune in to the working mood. In addition to such coatings, leather furniture and light carpet near the sofa will be a good solution.

Amazingly looks bedroom in a classic style. Light purple color will visually expand the edges of a small room, and dark color will add contrast. A white wood bed in a room with dark walls will attract the eye, will make the decor complete.Rest in such a bedroom will bring pleasure and a sea of ​​positive.

In the living room it is not necessary to glue the wallpaper of purple on all the walls, it is better to choose one surface, for example, paste a wall with a TV with purple cloths, and arrange the other planes in a different shade.

You can choose contrasting furniture and dilute the room with accessories that express the originality of the owner of the house, for example, a picture created by his hands, a photo collage or any other object that was chosen taking into account the nature of the person and his taste preferences.

See more photos of the interior with purple wallpaper in this video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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