Features of photo wallpaper on the door

 Features of photo wallpaper on the door

Wallpapers - the most common version of the walls and ceiling. This material has an affordable price and a wide variety of colors and patterns. At the beginning of the XXI century, wallpapers were very popular. Large paintings decorated almost all the rooms of the house. Today, their popularity is back. It is worth noting that at the present time, the active distribution of typing wallpaper on the door. Narrow vertical images adorn interior doors, complementing and transforming the interior.


Despite the fact that the wallpaper - this is not new,option of this finishing material for doors is a modern trend. Today it is used in the interiors of apartments and country houses. Shops offer a huge selection of products with colorful drawings of various subjects: landscapes, abstractions, flowers, birds, animals and so on. Very popular are the wallpaper murals.

Wallpaper used for decoration, differ from those that are glued to the wall. First of all, it is worth noting the main purpose of door decorations - this is an addition to the interior and a visual change of space.

Interior doors, decorated with photo wallpaper, as if opening the door to another reality, depicting tropical jungles, blue sea or endless outer space.

Door wallpapers are available in the format of a single canvas, which is glued to the surface entirely. Also, the finishing material of this type is more durable and dense compared with wallpaper for walls and ceiling. For the convenience of buyers in the sale you can find self-adhesive options.


On sale there are wallpapers for doors of standard dimensions. The most common are models of such sizes: 73-86-97x202; 73-86x220; 97x330 centimeters. It is worth noting that these are standard positions.Modern manufacturers offer buyers a more detailed dimensional grid, given the huge selection of various door panels. You can also make goods to order.


It is necessary to choose the image of photo wallpapers especially carefully. This is the same main indicator as the level of quality and size of the product. Given the rich choice, pick the perfect option will be easy. The main thing is that the picture harmoniously fit into the interior style.

For modern stylistics, wallpapers with abstract images or black-and-white compositions with clear lines are ideal. In classical directions landscapes will look great in bright and soft colors.

Wallpaper with the image of flowers - the best choice for the French Provence. Images of palm trees, tropical plants and wild animals will harmoniously fit into the tropical style.

As for the eastern decor, for an apartment in the Japanese style, you can choose wallpaper with bamboo, sakura, fans and other thematic pictures.

How to choose?

When choosing photo wallpapers for the door leaf, it is necessary to take into account that this design is in motion every day.

In this connection, the photo canvas must meet the following requirements:

  • The density of the material. High damage rate.
  • Easy to clean, especially if you select an option for the doors in the kitchen.
  • Materials

In the process of making photo wallpapers for interior doors, a variety of materials are used:

  • Paper. This is the most common and budget option. Paper is an environmentally friendly material. In order for the product to retain its appearance longer and serve longer, it is covered with a special protective film.
  • Textile. Fabrics with various textures are also used in the production process. The image applied to the textile material looks colorful and attractive. Such an element instantly transform the interior.
  • Flizelin. The main advantage of non-woven options - scratch resistance. In addition, it easily allows air flows, and it is very easy to clean it with detergents.
  • Vinyl. Vinyl wallpaper is perfect for the door to the bathroom. Such products are not afraid of increased moisture. As a rule, this product version has a self-adhesive base. Very impressive look model with the effect of three-dimensional image - 3D.In addition, the product is suitable for registration of entrance doors.


Some options for photo wallpapers:

  • Self-adhesive. Most buyers opt for self-adhesive products through a simple gluing process. To place the product on the door leaf, it is enough just to remove the film and gently attach the wallpaper, pressing it to the surface. In the end it is necessary to smooth the wallpaper with soft and smooth movements, firmly fixing and leveling them.

Photowall-paper on a self-adhesive basis impress with stylish and bright appearance. On high-quality products, the image looks as realistic as possible. In addition, this option is practical and reliable.

If necessary, the wallpaper can be transferred from one surface to another, if you carefully detach them from the door.

  • Murals In the distant past, the fresco personified luxury and wealth. She decorated the homes of wealthy people, the walls of the pompous palaces and temples. This type of decoration has earned great fame thanks to its high durability. The drawing retains the beauty and fullness of colors for centuries.

Only a master artist with sufficient experience and talent could create a mural.Not everyone owned the art of painting the surface on wet plaster. Creative works that have reached our time are works of art and are striking in their beauty.

Modern clients have the opportunity to decorate their premises with high-quality copy of the murals. You do not have to pay a lot of money. Photowall-paper under a fresco - a stylish and expressive element which will create the special, bewitching atmosphere in the apartment. Shops finishing materials offers a wide range of images of various subjects.

Using the “product to order” service, a client can order a reproduction of a famous fresco or any other work stylized as a fresco. Just imagine the work of famous Florentine fresco writers in your home. When choosing a product, pay attention not only to its appearance, but also to strength, stability, and reliability.

Use in the interior

Door photo wallpapers are appropriate in different purpose rooms.


Experts from the field of repair and decoration of premises declare that the wallpaper for kitchen doors should be, first of all, practical and resistant to damage.Stop the choice on the washing options covered with a transparent glossy or opaque film. With its help, wallpaper is easy to clean from food particles, dust and other contaminants. Try to get rid of the stain as quickly as possible, until it is stuck in the wallpaper.

In order to decorate the kitchen, fit all sorts of scenes. Especially organically look: flowers, fruits and landscapes, which depict flowering fields and meadows. When choosing the subject of the picture, consider the color scheme in which the room is decorated, as well as the orientation of the style.

If the kitchen is fitted with furniture in brown color, you can place an image of coffee and coffee beans on the door, and for a country-style room, a picture of a rustic theme will do.

Living room

Manufacturing companies have developed a huge range of photo wallpapers that can decorate the doors of the living room. As mentioned above, the plot must be chosen based not only on personal preferences, but also on the decor of the room, the palette of colors and shades used in the design of the room. Also consider the size of the room. Light shades are better suited for compact apartments, visually expanding the space.

In the living room is often found wallpaper like "the door to another reality." On the wallpaper depict ajar doors that overlook the garden, on the lawn or another colorful location. In that case, if the living room is a passage, with a stylish image you can disguise the door.

If you want to add a style of originality, you can choose a model with a picture of furniture, for example, a bookcase with books. It can also be a fireplace with burning logs or an old bookcase. Pictures for every taste and color. Standard options are landscapes and plant images.


When choosing a plot for the bedroom, you need to consider that this is a place for rest, sleep and relaxation. In this regard, you should choose a suitable motive. The best solution is an image in soft, calm and delicate tones: beige, light pink, blue, lilac, peach color and so on.

Most often, in this part of the house on the door are placed wallpaper on which flowers flaunt.

Children's room

Bright wall-paper on doors - the fine choice for the room of the child or the teenager. For young children, you can choose the option with the image of the characters from your favorite cartoons, TV series or games.It is advisable to opt for the wallpaper with a special protective film that will help if the child soils the canvas with paint or food.

Video review on vinyl wallpaper with a 3D effect can be viewed below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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