Features of the selection of wallpaper in the corridor

There are many options for finishing the corridor in the apartments. But the best of them are those that allow you to achieve a visual expansion of space. This effect will be achieved if you apply the wallpaper.


The entrance hall before all other rooms in the house is rated by guests and occasional visitors. Only having issued it properly, it will turn out to create a pleasant impression. The big problem is that the standard wallpaper, regardless of color, does not allow to demonstrate the aesthetic taste of the owners and designers.

Wall murals in the hallway can eliminate this difficulty, because they can contain a lot of attractive, original images and are performed in a variety of colors.However, it should be immediately clarified: the selection process only seems simple and easy, just strict adherence to certain rules will allow you not to regret your decision.

Fundamental rules

The most radical experiments, the most original approaches are possible. But if you want to not only show your ingenuity and originality, but also get a reliable result, you should not ignore the general principles.

And they are:

  • In the hallway of a small area, large figures and a three-dimensional effect are undesirable (both of them externally compress space).
  • Bright shades are good only as long as they do not strain your eyesight too much.
  • It is more correct to use inconspicuous or inexpressive colors not on their own, but to alternate between them spatially or in some other way combined.
  • For visual expansion of the room, cold or dark shades are best suited.
  • External raising of the ceiling is achieved by using photo wallpaper decorated with vertical stripes or similar patterns.
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If in the hallway (which is very rare, but it happens) you want to create a feeling of a lower ceiling and walls, it is more correct to apply horizontal wallpaper.There is no natural light in this room, and the light that comes from adjacent rooms is extremely weak. Because it is undesirable to choose options with detailed drawings, with bends. They either will not be able to appreciate or perceive badly, trying to examine and straining at the same time.

The above applies to all types of photo wallpaper, which can be used in the apartment type "Khrushchev". But in addition to design, you need to take into account practical requirements.

Since we are talking about the corridor and the hallway, immediately find out whether the product you like will not look too branded. Learn how it will endure friction, dirt, moisture, and even tobacco smoke. No matter how carefully guests and hosts change (change their shoes), pollution will not be avoided at all.

The overall conclusion is quite simple - the denser the material, the better.

It is also appropriate to purchase the photo wallpaper, which is coated with a protective film or varnish. Then you will be able to clean them less often and still keep the hall clean. There is another option: in places that will be contaminated first of all, use decorative panels with a solid surface.

How to use?

Possible errors and misses dismantled. But it is equally useful to know exactly how to apply the wallpaper in the interior. Not in all cases you can use a large canvas, because the walls are often already occupied with mirrors, a number of shelves, a wardrobe or other furniture. An effective alternative is the sticker of the wallpaper on the sliding doors of cabinets or adjacent rooms (the choice for this task, of course, more difficult than just on the wall).

Often, designers in such a situation form prefabricated paintings (murals) that occupy all the free space. When there is a lot of space, you can use photo wallpaper for visual zoning. Some of them, if drawing permits, also look beautiful on the ceiling. The choice of application of photo wallpapers is related to the purpose for which they were acquired.

In addition to pasting the entire perimeter of the room, it is often practiced and focusing on a certain part of it. There is always one requirement: harmonious entry into the interior, stylistic uniformity with the set and other decorative elements, coatings. The decision must be made at the very beginning, if only because its style and material depend on it.


On the wall, you can glue a variety of wallpapers, but those are preferred that are decorated with creating a cozy and favorable impression patterns. The owners of modern living rooms are not obliged to choose any one color at all, use whatever you like, as long as they are combined with the chosen style of the room.

Depending on it, it is advisable to focus on such subjects:

  • For ecological style - animalistic and with plants.
  • For classic - with a strict ornament, without bright tones, all lines are clearly traced.
  • In the modernist environment, abstract motifs and three-dimensional effects dominate.
  • Exotic lovers will enjoy the jungle and other primeval forests, unusual animals, sunset or sunrise in the coastal strip and the like.
  • If the design of the hallway is made in retro style, you can decorate it with photo wallpapers with images of your creative idols, generally well-known personalities, old cities and old things.

But these general considerations are few, we must also take into account the fact that too luxurious “canvases” or paintings with a complex plot are undesirable. It is unlikely that someone will be long in the corridor to study it in detail, and therefore the investment will be in vain and will not improve your reputation.Visiting a regular store or going to the catalog on the site, choose what will be perceived at a glance and will not require the intense mental work of the viewer.


The intention to expand the space is quite reasonable, but even if you have already chosen a common style and places where the wallpaper will be pasted, you will need to understand what exactly it is to glue. So, if the doors are of light tones, then the wallpaper should be light-colored.

In that case, if the door is too dark (painted under wenge and other similar keys), then bright solutions will look better anyway! By the principle of contrast, aesthetic compatibility is achieved, and the original plinth or decorative element should reproduce the original color of the door.

Why it is impossible to use dark wallpapers, it is clear: they harmoniously enter only into spacious rooms where there is no lack of light.

Extending visually corridor photowall-paper will more effectively fulfill its role if in the middle part of the wall to use a strip of a different color than in the rest. Large mirrors or mirrored doors of cabinets can also serve as good amplifiers.

If you want to use wallpaper with stripes, preference should be given to a wide strip (narrow is perceived as too motley). With high ceilings, the strips should go horizontally, and if they are too low, they should go vertically. You can’t definitely recommend mixing wallpaper from different collections without special knowledge or consultation with designers.

There is such an option: about a third of the wall at the top or at the bottom is covered with wallpaper of a different type. If the strip starts up from above, it is made darker than the main part, and if from the bottom it is made lighter.

Additional recommendations

When deciding which to paste wallpapers, any person is free to act in accordance with personal tastes and preferences.

But it is worth considering, in addition to the above, a few more nuances:

  • The best, according to experts, is a combination of bright and calm colors. Look good images with pronounced symmetry. Even the most boring interiors will revive and refresh, if you enter into them floral motifs.
  • Forest landscapes should be chosen with caution, since they no longer correspond to the latest fashion, it is more correct to use them only in the thematic environment.Those who dream of traveling to an exotic country at the end of the world can at least visually embody their vision, if this fits into the overall concept.
  • Famous monuments of architecture harmoniously enter the room, designed in the Scandinavian style. Images of tall and very tall buildings, mountain peaks will look good only against the background of the space adjusted to the last detail.

A popular motif of recent years - scenes with powerful and technologically advanced buildings.

As you can see, choose the wallpaper and properly use them quite simple. It is only necessary to take into account a number of practical aspects and think about the stylistic compatibility of interior elements.

For information on the types of photo wallpapers, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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