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The first thing we see at the entrance to the house is the entrance hall, and the general impression of the owners depends on how it is decorated. It is very important to choose the right finishing materials, including wallpaper. Photo wallpaper acquired a great popularity, the choice of which in the modern market is quite large.

Of course, there are many options for finishing the walls in the hallway, but it is not always possible to find a good option that will suit you at the price, quality, and at the same time will be something new. Therefore, it is worthwhile to study the rules for choosing photo wallpapers before proceeding with their purchase.

Main selection criteria

Due to the fact that the wallpaper is very popular, today you can find a lot of decent options in various hardware stores.There are companies that are engaged in the production of wallpaper to order, which greatly simplifies the task. All types of wall coverings differ not only in design, but also in texture indicators, dimensions and shapes. They can be smooth, rough, glossy, matte, with a vertical or horizontal pattern.

It is important to note the growth of product quality among well-known manufacturers. And if earlier the wallpapers had a limited design, average quality and high cost, now these figures have changed significantly for the better. Now, among the variety of models, you can find high-resolution wallpaper images that will look as natural as possible.

To choose the right wallpaper for the interior, you need to rely on certain principles.

They will help to make the hall presentable and memorable:

  • To visually increase the corridor space, you need to select products with large images. As for color design, it is appropriate to use cold shades of blue, gray and lilac. But do not use these colors too much, otherwise a very dark place will turn out.
  • To visually expand the hallway, you need to choose a wallpaper with a horizontal image, and for the visual raising of the ceiling fit the vertical stripes. And if the space is very narrow, then you should not raise the ceilings by photo wallpaper - you get a very compressed zone.
  • It is possible to use bright and motley colors only in moderate doses as an additional element.
  • Panoramic wallpaper on the entire wall is relevant only when their overall tone is made in light bed shades. And if you need to complement the image, you can resort to various decorative elements.
  • For the corridor it is best to choose canvases of size 100x270. And to glue the wallpaper on the arches, you need to use monochromatic or small abstract drawings, for which you do not need a combination.
  • If, in addition to the walls, the owners of the apartment want to paste over the wallpaper and the doors adjacent to the corridor, then they must first remove the locks and handles. This will help get the perfect picture.

Another important tip for arranging a small hallway is to use large mirrors. Mirrors or any reflective surface can create the illusion of a large space.

Interesting ideas

A wide range of wall coverings allows you to find a suitable option for all parameters, but there are coatings that look most impressive and original. Wall murals have a different design, so it is worth to say a few words about the bulk and LED models.

3D wallpaper

3D wallpapers are needed to create a volumetric room. As the picture can be any image, whether it be flowers, trees, snowflakes, etc.

In the apartment with a small hallway will look original cover, imitating raindrops. The reality of the picture will fascinate guests and residents of the house, from which there will be a desire to touch the painted drops.

It is interesting enough to stick the wallpaper with the image of the forest trail, which in combination and spot lighting will create the illusion of reality.

But it is worth remembering that wallpapers with a three-dimensional image are quite expensive, and their installation requires an absolutely smooth wall. In addition, 3D wallpaper eliminates the possibility to decorate the walls of the corridor with additional elements of decor.

LED light

As for the LED wallpaper, they represent a whole system consisting of microprocesses, a control panel and LEDs.With the help of the remote control, the residents, if they wish, will be able to turn the lights on or off or change the illumination of the panel.

But there is a lot of such pleasure, moreover, if there are pets in the apartment, then it does not always make sense to use it.

The advantage of LED photo wallpapers is that with them even a not very bright hallway gets the opportunity to become an illuminated area. But their installation is quite complicated for a beginner, so you need to seek help from a specialist.

The choice of styling

For the design of the corridor you need to select the wallpaper, which has a beneficial effect on the emotional state of the person. You should not stop the choice on options that have full color match with other elements of the interior. The main thing is that they look favorably against each other.

In the hallway is best to use the following styles:

  • Eco style embodies the harmony between man and nature. With it, you can create a calm and vibrant interior that will emphasize the love of the owners for nature and animals. For example, in this style it will be interesting to look wallpaper with the image of a crocodile, flower meadow, clear sky.The main thing that they were attended by light colors and natural motifs.
  • Classic differs in severity and love for all natural. Very often, this style is chosen for the visual increase of ceilings. Therefore, it would be appropriate for him to use coatings with vertical stripes, the color of which will differ by several shades from the main background.
  • Modern implies a modern trend. He welcomes non-standard shapes and curved lines. For the design of the walls in the hallway in the Art Nouveau style, you can use different wallpaper, combined with any detail.
  • Exotic uses the most unusual ideas to create a unique interior. It is characterized by images of strange animals and exotic paintings.
  • Retro allows you to use a variety of shades and design solutions. It is appropriate to use coatings with abstract patterns and bright colors in combination with light colors.

Additional tips

The corridor is the darkest room in the whole apartment, and therefore needs additional lighting. Lack of sunlight can be repaired by using artificial light sources.The picture on the wallpaper will look different under different angles of illumination. Therefore, before repairing the hallway, you should pay special attention to this issue and find a compromise solution.

If residents want to decorate the walls with bright details, then you need to know when it is possible. For example, if the wallpapers mimic natural stone or brick, then they can be supplemented with several small paintings or photographs. But at the same time the color of the frame should be close to the color of the main tone of the walls.

Eco-style can be decorated with flower pots with indoor plants. Waving flowers will look very extraordinary with a similar risk on the wallpaper. But the use of these elements is possible only in a well-lit area and preferably in a rather long corridor.

Colorful wallpapers can be framed in the frame of any suitable color. The main thing is that they advantageously complement the interior.

But for the hallway, which has a wall covering with the image of megacities, it is reasonable to use lamps or LED strips installed on the ceiling plinths.

Whatever the choice of photo wallpaper for the corridor, you need to remember that this part of the house is most susceptible to pollution.Therefore, you should opt for non-woven or vinyl materials. Paper wallpaper is too susceptible to external factors and does not tolerate moisture. In addition, they have low strength.

On how to properly glue wallpapers, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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