Combined wallpaper in the corridor of the apartment

Getting into a house for the first time, the first thing we pay attention to is the entrance hall. Of course, everyone wants to make a positive impression on their guests, but often they put too little effort into the design of the hallway. However, an intelligent and far-sighted owner will focus on the details: the type of decoration and its combination with the surrounding furnishings, colors, style orientation.

Planning to repair the corridor and the hallway in the apartment, the owners want to get the original, modern and stylish result. This goal is easily achieved by combining different types of wallpaper, decoration, as well as the choice of furniture and lighting distribution.

Design advantages

Each owner has his own idea of ​​comfort. Some see the corridor dark, others - light; someone likes bright colors, and someone like muffled. These preferences are already visible from the threshold.Detailed design of the hallway is a rarity. Everyone understands that the corridor is an easily polluted area, therefore, its design should be practical.

The hallway is a special room in which morning gatherings for work are completed, guests are welcomed. This is the place where the stroller or bicycle is left, where the pet is equipped, where outerwear, bags and hats are hung, so the choice of wallpaper should be in favor of practical, durable and washable options.

Practicality does not always mean simplicity. Wallpapers can be completely different in composition and properties (flizilinovye, bamboo, liquid, vinyl, and so on): from fashionable, exclusive, with the original pattern to monochromatic light or dark variations.

Today, combinations of materials of different textures and colors in the design of the corridor are popular.

This design method has a lot of advantages. Not everyone can be proud of the hallway of a large area, but it's nice to feel the size of the apartment. Even in the Khrushchev can be equipped with a decent hallway by competently gluing wallpaper. The first advantage of combining two types of wallpaper is the ability to change the shape and visual size of the hallway under the condition of "smart" combination.

For example, a vertical strip will visually raise the ceiling, and a horizontal strip, in turn, will expand the walls. Wall mural depicting the beauty of nature with a distant horizon line will make the atmosphere of the room more spacious, and the image of large images, on the contrary, will narrow the space.

The next advantage of combining different wallpapers is the ability to select one of the walls. This is achieved by using a large pattern, a contrasting color or a different texture of wallpaper. It is also important that this approach helps to set the overall style of the whole apartment, because You can make a smooth transition of some elements of decoration from one room to another.

The flip side of the medal is that you have to spend more time and energy on the selection of the best combination of shades and textures, and then - on the design work themselves. However, any quality work involves the cost of mental and physical strength.

Choosing a wallpaper

The first thing that begins the work on creating a luxurious and unusual design of the hallway is the selection of wallpaper. It is the color, texture and wallpaper combinations that create the final result.

Below are the main points that should be taken into account when choosing wallpaper.

  • The quality of the wallpaper is of great importance. It is worth acquiring only brands held on the market;
  • Practicality is paramount. Wallpapers should be easily cleaned from dirt and dust. It is not necessary to glue up the entire corridor with moisture-proof wallpaper, you can glue them only on places that are most exposed to contamination;
  • High strength;
  • Remember that it is better to choose light shades in a limited room.

The thickness of the wallpaper must be identical, otherwise ugly joints are waiting for you. However, they can be leveled with moldings, stickers or wallpaper tapes. Choosing a combination of wallpaper companions, you need to understand the following rules.

  • In the house where children and animals live, it is recommended to place the bottom in dark colors, and the top - in light.
  • In the conventional sense, bright colors put pressure on the eyes and reflect badly on the state of the nervous system, therefore, if more than one person lives in an apartment, it is better to refuse screaming colors;
  • If the hallway is quite compact, cold colors will be salvation: light blue or gray-blue.
  • Black and purple are good in combination with warm hues, as they visually narrow the space.
  • Bright accents will add originality to the design of the corridor.
  • Do not forget to stick to the basic style.

What are the wallpapers?

Today, the building materials market is replete with a variety of assortment, so there is no problem with the availability of materials. But a wide choice will definitely make confused those who do not have a clear idea of ​​what he wants. The most worthy and proven types of wallpaper to date are listed below.

  • Vinyl wallpapers very easy to operate, not prone to fading, abrasion, easy to clean. These wallpapers easily mask the irregularities of the walls. Easy to combine. There are both thick and thin;
  • Acrylic Wallpaper slightly less wear-resistant, but impervious to moisture. They are pleasant to the touch, have a velvety texture and perfectly combined with wallpaper of other species. When cleaning this type of wallpaper you should not overlap with washing liquids and hard brushes;
  • Non-woven wallpaper very durable and resistant to external influences.They are not environmentally friendly, but they easily tolerate repainting several times when you want change;
  • Glass fiber - This is a natural version of washable wallpaper. In addition, they contain components that prevent the formation of mold. Glass fiber is also easily tolerate repainting;
  • Liquid wallpaper are a special plaster, which is great for the corridor. Well combined, are environmentally friendly. Allow you to create unusual patterns and transitions.
  • Metallic wallpaper - a relatively new phenomenon in the world of building materials. They have a thin foil coating. Their cost is very high due to spraying or applying hand-painted. As a rule, they are made in dark colors.
  • Cork wallpaper are natural and environmentally friendly option. They have a thin wax coating, moisture-proof, have the function of sound insulation, but their color palette is not very rich.

How to combine?

After the choice of wallpaper is carried out, their sticking begins. But first you should familiarize yourself with all the nuances of creating a unique design of the hall area.There are several basic principles of combining.

  • You can stick the wallpaper of two kinds, which have a different relief pattern;
  • The combination of smooth wallpaper with wallpaper with a pronounced texture;
  • Play with contrasting shades;
  • Use wallpaper in two colors in combination with moldings and frames.

Take into account not only the texture, but also the general properties of the surface of a particular model. If for a small corridor were selected wallpaper with a glossy surface, then you need to be prepared for what When you turn on the lighting, there will be highlights and reflections that will distort the overall background the premises. Before wallpapering the corridor, apply auxiliary marking, so that the result will not be overshadowed by inaccuracies and inconsistencies. The markings provide a perfectly smooth pasting of the walls. Designers have three approaches to combining wallpaper.

  • Horizontal;
  • Vertical;
  • Patchwork.

If the ceilings in your apartment are high enough, a horizontal approach will suit you. It is recommended to glue the bottom zone with dark moisture-proof wallpaper. Classic requires a light band.

Combining more than three colors is not recommended to avoid frivolousness.Vertical wallpaper blending is an option for narrow corridors. This approach is also good for rooms with irregularities on the walls.

Popular Combination Options 2017

As it turned out, there are many variations of the combination, the main thing is to follow uncomplicated principles and not to forget that wallpapers should be combined with furniture and interior items. Special specific skills to work with the creation of combinations are not needed, the whole process is available to a newbie to repair. The scope for experimentation is huge, so that any idea has a chance to become a reality. You can combine the wallpaper in any adequate way, as long as the result looks beautiful and harmonious.

There is no unequivocal answer to the question of what is the most fashionable in 2017. Still timeless classics along with trendy design. However, among the trends of the outgoing year, some are still of paramount importance.

Your attention is given to the receptions of designers who are most fond of in 2017.

  • The first method is to divide the wall into two horizontal lines. The essence of the method is that light and openwork tones will smoothly flow from top to bottom into a darker and more uniform. This method involves decorating borders or moldings.
  • The second method is the alternation of vertical bands of contrasting colors. Such a room always looks stylish and elegant.
  • The third fashionable method is the application of the background image and its further decor. Thus, one section of the wall is emphasized.
  • The design of the protrusions and niches is also one of the favorite currents of recent times. The method is implemented by creating a bright background, the original texture and thereby changing the shape of the hallway.

Real ideas of the combination of wallpaper in the interior

We draw your attention to the combination of multifaceted and deep shades of blue: indigo, ultramarine, aqua and other cold colors.

Gray is neutral and versatile. It will be equally relevant in the bedroom and in the living room, hallway and even the nursery.

Geometry is now in fashion in all its manifestations. A small geometric pattern will complement the hallway well.

Vegetable print is always in trend. The main thing - do not overdo it. Several generations ago it was fashionable to glue all the space with lush roses, but now the main thing is to skillfully dispense bright accents.

Fashion for black and white will not soon leave our homes. This is an immortal classic.It is difficult to spoil the hallway with high-quality graphics in any style.

"Metal" trends do not give up their positions for several seasons. Often, these wallpapers are ornate embossed gold or silver. This finish looks incredibly expensive and luxurious.

High quality print image can immerse us in the lush spring forest, lavender field or on the sea coast. The image of bookshelves looks very warm and cozy. If we are talking about the nursery, then here you can roam with the use of fabulous landscapes and their inhabitants. Recently, designers have often turned to the inclusion of geographical maps in the modern design, be it a map of the world or a map of their native city. When referring to a similar hallway design, it is important to remember that the basic tone must be monochrome, otherwise even the most outstanding image may be lost.

However, there is no better way to accent a certain zone than using photo printing.

For how to combine wallpaper in the hallway, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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