Rules and recommendations for choosing brown wallpaper

Many people are not satisfied with the constant stylistic experiments and delights. In an effort to simplify the preparation for the repair, they try to choose plain finishing materials. But only knowing the basic principles and requirements, you can do it right. Today we will discuss the choice of wallpaper shades of brown.


Wall-paper of brown color can have the most different appearance. Some of them are completely smooth, the rest differ in relief of various sizes and severities. Always ask, washable wallpaper or not: in some situations this property is very valuable, while in others it is not worth overpaying for it.

The material of wallpaper for the walls is also chosen according to their own requirements and financial capabilities. Blank paper is very cheap, but such a canvas will not last long.Flizelin is much stronger and does not absorb smells, it is quite easy to glue wallpapers made from it. Vinyl coating is very durable and in some embodiments even allows painting, but does not breathe.


The width of the roll of wallpaper is most often either 53 or 106 centimeters. It is advisable to use the second option, because it allows you to glue the walls faster and at the same time make at least joints. And any connection not only causes difficulties, but is also a weak point in the interior, since most often at the joints the wallpaper is destroyed.

Rolls of wallpaper supplied from European countries can be from 60 to 140 centimeters wide. Small firms and those companies that work on individual orders, often offer to choose the size at your discretion. GOST prescribes to make the length of all canvases equal to 10.05 meters (plus or minus the permissible error). Dimensions of the wallpaper do not depend on the material. When calculating the required amount of finishing material, it is necessary to take into account the height of the ceiling in a particular room or other room.


Brown wallpaper, regardless of the specific type of color is dark and gloomy, and therefore require specific enhanced lighting.To make the atmosphere more dynamic and fun, it is useful to dilute the basic tone with more vivid and expressive shades. It is important that dark brown wallpaper is poorly suited for the design of rooms of small size. They will only reduce visually the already scanty territory. These are general recommendations, but one must take into account that each house and even each room is strictly individual, it is impossible to think through the color scheme in general.

By combining wall coverings in brown tones with brighter or lighter tonalities, such as sand and cocoa, it is possible to correctly select areas in a large room. For bedrooms, rich and thick shades are too emotionally heavy, there is more correct to combine golden brown and beige wallpaper. This will help to expand the area of ​​the room and make the atmosphere more comfortable.

If the bedroom is made in a modern style, it can be trimmed and darker, adding a bit of mystery and romance. Brown is well combined with almost any color, and white-brown, beige-brown, yellow-brown, red-brown combinations look very stylish.Some designers believe that, ideally, three colors should be used at once, that this would be more harmonious than anything else.

Experts recommend using, if possible, a combination of brown and chocolate colors, creating a sequence of light and relatively dark stripes.


Monochrome wallpaper can be used in a very different style, varying their texture and overall design. So, the best element of the ecological style is wood imitation. If you want the walls to be Provencal or classic, glue wallpaper with deep and rich colors. Light shades of brown and beige are ideal for the embodiment of modern, hi-tech or minimalism. But Art Deco adherents need to choose the coverage of any background color with the addition of thematic patterns brown.


The decorative possibilities of brown wallpapers are great. But it is not recommended to cover the entire perimeter of the room with large patterns. Flowers should be applied only on any one wall to form a clear accent. Gold brings noble and refined notes even in the most simple situation.For children's rooms, it is advisable to pick up brown wallpaper with butterflies, with pink flowers.

Great are the design possibilities that open when using vintage patterns, geometric motifs of various kinds (such as circles). Children's prints and floral monograms, other ancillary decorations will make the appearance of the wall less uniform, more alive and direct.

High-quality light brown wallpaper with a pattern will help to externally push the space, and if you prefer pastel colors, the atmosphere of the home will become warmer and more relaxed. Romantic look walls with yellow flowers in conjunction with green cabinets, headsets; The second option also helps to make the situation more natural, closer to nature.

If you do not like the beige color of the furniture, you want to dilute it, then you should try a brighter and more cheerful orange. This will create a spring and cheerful feeling, make the room more energetic. The combination of chocolate and milk shades of the decor elements is a fresh and unbroken alternative to the traditional combination of white and black. Autumn leaves and imitation of natural wood texture are also quite original, be sure to think whether it is impossible to use such decoration in your room.For your information: no matter what experiments are carried out, unnecessary diversity is undesirable.

Orange coloring of furniture is well combined with brown wallpaper, if the room is large enough, and when there is not enough space, you need to make a choice in favor of green interior items.


Brown shade wallpapers are becoming more in demand, because they help to make the perception of the room better and are compatible with any existing style of design, with any other color. Under brown furniture, it is better to choose wall coverings of other colors, so as not to create the feeling of being too heavy.

The role of this paint in the design can be varied:

  • Powerful accent;

  • Lightening;

  • Blackout;

  • Contrast;

  • Transformation of the appearance of space.

What to choose?

The service life of the wall covering is determined both by the structure and its appearance; in any case, resistant stained materials are preferred. This is especially important for kitchens, hallways, where you regularly have to deal with pollution. In kitchens, resistance to moisture ingress is an important additional requirement.So in the work area is to buy only the coating on the basis of dense vinyl or non-woven.

Pure brown color can be safely used in the hallway, as well as chocolate, coffee with milk, cocoa.

Advantages and disadvantages

The undoubted advantage of brown wallpaper is that they are less visible dirt and dust. In addition, the widespread opinion that this color will be too gloomy is not quite true - a lot depends on the ability to use specific shades and harmoniously combine them with each other. In very small rooms it is undesirable to use brown tones.

Useful stuff

Significantly win the design of the room, where not only stylish dark wallpapers, but also carefully selected accessories are used. So, brown carpet and white furniture elegantly combined with the same brown walls. One of the colors brings solidity and consistency, and the other helps to get rid of gloom and oppressive sensations. In addition to furniture and carpets, white accent can be done and curtains. No less original move - the use of objects of the most bright tones; the most common table lamp, a bedside rug of thick blue or green colors will dispel boredom.

Famous manufacturers and reviews

The best wallpapers are made in Italian and German factories, there has long been established production that meets all international standards. Firms Rasch and AS Creation they produce immaculately high-quality products that meet the most stringent requirements, which all consumers note in the reviews.

Among the Russian manufacturers can recommend the factory "Palette": at quite affordable prices, it offers a very high quality product.

Beautiful examples and options

It is possible to emphasize the saturation of the wall coloring if the curtains or curtains will have a similar or slightly different shade. But when using brown in the interior of the room, it is better to use a curtain that matches the color of the furniture. The ancient living room looks elegant and elegant, in which dark wallpapers are decorated with moldings or frames. In such a situation, the idea of ​​a gilded pattern, which helps to convey the chosen theme more clearly, will be quite good.

In the apartments, the combination of brown wallpaper with contrastingly painted ceilings and floors is original and attractive. For hallways, it is recommended to glue the walls in strips in a carefully thought-out sequence (helping to form a visual transition to other rooms).A look that is subconsciously attuned to the perception of more and more light tones will not be confronted with a strange and meaningless discord.

Brown color in the interior of the bedroom.


There is such a recommendation: wallpaper can be selected under the tree and glue the bottom of the walls, combining with other finishing materials in the upper part. You can hang a powerful chandelier, this will make the interior in a brown room more beautiful, even in the dark. Always be interested in not only the saturation and durability of the paint, but also its safety. Some manufacturers, for the sake of economy, use components hazardous to health - formaldehydes and other substances.

It is not recommended to combine brown and dark green wallpaper. If you chose a chocolate shade, refuse to add black, gray, burgundy, plum to the interior. Take care of all the tonalities of blue, otherwise the situation in the house will become disturbing and uncomfortable, it will constantly strain emotionally.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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