Decorating the hallway panels: design options

Repair is always a troublesome thing, much less interior decoration. A person is met according to his clothes, and an apartment in the hallway. After all, this is the first room of our house, so you need to carefully consider its arrangement.

Often in the family when deciding to start a repair very acutely, the question of the choice of finishing material. Wallpapers, stucco with a decor or other types of coatings require considerable expenses, not only material, but also physical, since the surface under them must be carefully prepared - remove the old coating, repair dents, cracks or resort to wall puttying.

All these efforts will not only increase the final price, but also add dust and dirt to our, and so not perfectly clean, life.Therefore, many residents opt for wall panels. You do not have to level the walls and even remove the previous coverage. Behind such panels it is very advantageous to hide all sorts of communications, and sometimes add insulation that also has a sound insulation function.

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Advantages of wall products

Hallway panels are a great idea for interior renovation. The predominance of low cost in combination with the elegance and practicality of panel materials provide undeniable advantages in the choice of these products.

Their main advantages are:

  • Easy installation. In order to save money, you can finish the whole room without assistance and specially trained staff.
  • There is no need to align the bumps, remove old wallpaper.
  • No special tools needed. We only need bars, nails, panels. And if you do not build a crate, then only glue.
  • Wall panels are easy to clean by simply wiping with a damp cloth.
  • If a small area of ​​the coating is damaged, you can easily replace it with a new one.
  • A huge selection of materials from which the panels for the walls are made will not leave you indifferent to the chosen method of finishing.Color, texture, additional accessories and many other "chips" will delight buyers.
  • And finally, this material is not only practical and environmentally friendly, but simply looks beautiful in the hallway.

Another of the advantages of the panels are fastening methods:

  • Directly to the wall, using special glue or decorative nails (bolts). But for this it is necessary to prepare a wall - to level, prime.
  • Using a construction stapler is mounted on the crates of wood.
  • On the iron or wooden frame with screws.
  • On the plastic crate clamps for installation.


The market of building materials in today's market is so diverse that "the eyes diverge." It is difficult to choose something suitable, but still it is possible. Be sure to pay attention to the decorative panels. They come in several varieties:

  • Rack type. Panels in the form of long planks up to 30 cm wide, up to 370 cm long, and up to 1.2 cm thick. Installation can be done both in the horizontal and in the vertical direction. Adding built-in LED lighting fixtures only decorate the front door and add light to the room.
  • Tiled type. These are square or rectangular panels.Fixation is performed using a tongue-and-groove connection. Drawing and texture can be very diverse. Suitable for making colorful and unique panels of your interior.
  • Sheet type. Such panels, as a rule, have large sizes, unlike previous ones. Reach 1.2 x 2.4 m with a thickness of 0.3 cm. The size minimizes the number of seams.


Wall panels of the hallway should not only fit into the interior, but also meet the necessary properties (light, humidity, air temperature) of this room. Externally, they are also chosen taking into account the characteristics of the hallway, so that the result of the finish pleases the owners, and not vice versa.

There is an opinion that wall paneling is a sign of minimalism and low cost repairs, but this is a delusion. The market offers us a huge number of colors and materials for their manufacture:

  • Plastic. PVC panels are considered a relatively inexpensive finishing material. But they are simple to clean, are not subject to water, but also have a variety of decor - from wood imitation to tile.
  • MDF. These are plates from the pressed wood shavings. They are much lighter than wood.This material is a good sound insulator, and if you buy special impregnated MDF panels, they will not be afraid of moisture. They are textured or even more beautiful thanks to the milling on the front side.
  • Wood. This material is environmentally friendly, always gives the interior solidity, but at the same time requires a balance with other parts of the finish. The panels are made of multilayer and are highly resistant to heat, humidity, mechanical stress, ultraviolet. You can often find wood walnut, oak, birch and other valuable species. There are models with thread, interspersed with other materials.

Color options

Whether your wall panels are purple or light green in a black star, under a tree or under a stone - depends on you and your choice. Only your fiction can tell you or the household, who will most likely be against the black walls with hearts. You can always agree and find a common color solution that everyone will like. Of course, the color greatly affects the external perception of the room. Everyone knows that in small or narrow rooms it is advantageous to use the bright colors of the panels, then immediately from the threshold the hall will seem a little more.

In the corridor, it is customary to use more restrained tones, but bright and saturated colors are becoming increasingly popular. Often you can find panels with pictures that can be made according to your sketch. Images are applied using modern printing technology using full-color digital printing.

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In urban apartments, the old layout is usually under the corridor or hallway there is very little space, but another thing - private houses, which often provide an opportunity to show imagination in their spaces. It is possible to decorate the walls with panels with voluminous moldings, cornices or stucco, thus obtaining an excellent interior in the style of classicism.

Embossed wall panels (or else they are called 3D panels) will help to recreate an interesting design with an emphasis on the wall. Such surfaces do not need additional decoration in the form of paintings or mirrors, they are already themselves a matter of close attention. Those who prefer originality and rigor at the same time with a minimum amount of jewelry will like this option. Imitation of masonry or brick wall,wooden plates or ceramic tiles, mosaics or frescoes - all these modifications are limited only by your financial capabilities.

It is necessary to clearly represent all the criteria for covering the walls before you go shopping. Do not forget about practicality. It can be very difficult to remove stickers that children placed in the interior, traces of glue or paints without demand. And the wall panels just help you forget about such small troubles.

What is better to sheathe the walls?

No one can answer clearly this question, only the owners of the dwelling themselves. And of course, the choice depends on the overall concept of the interior, your financial capabilities, the characteristics of the hall.

The main advantages of MDF in the decoration of the hallway are:

  • Simple installation that does not require excessive time-consuming.
  • A small amount of debris during installation.
  • Depending on the class, there are several options for mounting on the wall.
  • For cutting panels there is no need to use special tools, just a hacksaw or a jigsaw.
  • The part of the panel that has become unusable can always be replaced with a new one.
  • Sound and heat insulation.
  • Decent quality, durability, resistance to external influences, as well as a decorative effect.
  • In addition, a smooth and even surface is well laminated and painted.
  • And last but not least, quality is an acceptable price-quality ratio.

But without the drawbacks can not do. These are changes in appearance with a high degree of moisture and the inability to use abrasives during cleaning. However, the hallway is not a room where daily cleaning with detergents with abrasive particles is required.

The use of PVC panels has no less positive qualities, including:

  • Harmlessness It is known that there is nothing ideal, but plastic can be considered as approximate to the ideal in this sense. Thanks to modern technologies and components, it is safe to assert that modern panels are harmless to humans, they do not emit any odor or chemical compounds, in addition, they are almost non-combustible.
  • Easy installation. You do not have to look for specialists to install the panels.
  • Tightness, which is the smallest distance between the panels, which will not accumulate hateful dirt.
  • Care will not burden any hostess.
  • Durability, which will still depend on the lifestyle and accuracy of the household.
  • In case of damage to the finish, you can always update it with a certain decor, stickers, stickers.

Lining the walls with wood is rightfully considered to be one of the quality and quite popular types of decoration, although it is expensive. The tree has been and will always be popular with homeowners.

All this thanks to the following characteristics:

  • In the case of timely and regular care, such panels will long delight you with their quality and appearance. There is also a specialized impregnation (antibacterial, antifungal, water-repellent) or varnishing of wood, which reduces all the risks of material damage.
  • Separately, you need to add a periodic update of this type of finish - with the help of special tools, you can emphasize the texture of the wood or even change the color.

A significant disadvantage of wood panels can be considered an increased cost.

Interesting design ideas in the interior

Most often, homeowners do the repair of the hallway in the last place, but this approach is erroneous.The hallway is visible from all rooms of the apartment, and neighbors can by chance see it from the landing, for example.

The most common way to use panels is to position it at the bottom of the wall. Do not forget about the total height of the ceiling. For example, the height of the wall is 3 m, then more than 120 cm of the wall should not be occupied, otherwise when dividing the wall visually in half - your ceiling will appear lower. A proportion of approximately 1 to 3 will look more advantageous, in which case the walls will increase optically.

Upholstery of the entire wall is possible when you intend to emphasize your position. In this case, for the decoration of ceilings and walls resort to coffered models from solid wood. Of course, such a reception of the classics is considered rather heavy for contemplation, especially in small and low rooms, but for the classical styling of the design - that’s what it is.

The use of wall panels only for decorating a certain part of the wall provides many advantages. There is no need to measure the height of the ceilings and choose furniture or interior items according to certain sizes. Decorated area does not pile up the space of your room.

The combination of air white and cream color gives winged lightness and elegance to space. Decorative elements bring to the interior a qualitatively new sophistication and highlight the excellent taste of the owners.

The use of panels on the bottom of the wall is practical and aesthetic. The monochromatic solution with an entrance door adds to the simplicity of execution a note of solidity and wealth.

In a private house, we often come across spacious hallways and corridors that are well lit. Sometimes they have a staircase to the second floor, which gives even more room for creativity. The wealth and restraint of this room attracts with its brevity and distinct lines.

Do not forget to choose the appropriate design, specify the dimensions, think over the placement without unnecessary joints and seams, so that the appearance is neat and concise, and only then go to the store and proceed with the installation.

Summing up, it remains only to add the well-known saying “measure seven times, cut once” - having thought through the interior decoration of the hallway to the smallest detail, you will never be upset by the result. Good luck with the repair!

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Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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