White hallway: the advantages of light colors in the interior

The entrance hall, decorated in white, has always been considered a sign of originality and style. White color is a classic. It emphasizes purity and tenderness. White shades are especially relevant for the design of small hallways. Light tones visually increase the space, make it more "airy" and gentle. However, in order not to spoil the overall picture, in the hallway it is important to choose the right furniture, flooring and take into account a number of other nuances.

Special features

The use of white in the interior is the best way to visually expand the space. Another advantage of this color - versatility. Applying light colors, it is possible to arrange the room in a classic style and in modern.

In the design of the corridor in bright colors use the following basic colors:

  • antique white;
  • shades of almond;
  • snow;
  • Ivory.

However, property owners or designers often prefer to choose not one shade, but a combination of colors. This approach to the design of the corridor is very advantageous.

Thus, it will be possible to create a color contrast and make the space more original and interesting.


Psychologists have shown that white color has a positive effect on the human psyche. It helps to calm, relax and relieve nervous tension. The corridor, which greets guests and owners of the dwelling with light tones, gives comfort and a warm atmosphere. White color has the following advantages:

  • makes the room more bright and spacious;
  • normalizes the emotional background of tenants.

The choice of color for the design of the hallway should be approached with great responsibility. Incorrectly chosen shades often cause lack of comfort in the house or in the apartment.

Some property owners refuse to arrange a corridor in white colors, despite the beauty and elegance of the light palette.They are confused by the march and impracticality. A beautiful white entrance hall quickly gets dirty, collects dirt and because of this quickly loses its aesthetics. However, such conclusions are misleading.

Hallways decorated in other colors will have to be looked after exactly the same way as snow white ones. Cleanliness of the room does not depend on the color scheme used in the interior, but on how correctly and efficiently the cleaning will be carried out. therefore Do not think that white is not practical.

Floor and wall materials

When choosing finishing materials, first of all, you should give preference to practical products that do not require specialized care. For the floor the best solution would be linoleum or laminate.

For the corridor, you can pick up materials for flooring, imitating wood or natural stone. When making a floor is not necessary to choose white colors.

Play on the contrast: make the cover black, red or brown.

For walls, it is better to choose a durable and durable material so that later you don’t have to do repairs every year. The fact is that the walls are the most "vulnerable" parts of the hallway.They often get dirt from shoes, water drops from an umbrella. Such adverse effects can be many. The result is one - the loss of aesthetics.

The best materials for wall decoration in the hallway:

  • Paint. The cheapest and economical option. The following types of compositions will suit: latex, silicone, acrylic. Their advantages are fast drying, ease of application, the possibility of washing.
  • Wallpaper. For finishing the hallway, it is advisable to abandon paper products. Prefer glass wallpaper, liquid and washable wallpaper. Due to the richness of textures and colors it should not be difficult to choose this material.
  • Plastic or MDF panels. Such products are easy to clean. They are also able to hide the irregularities of the wall.

Ceiling finish

You can choose paint, decorative plaster or mirror tiles to finish the ceiling. Not the best option - polystyrene plates or lime whitewash. This is outdated materials for decoration. However, some use them precisely in order to save manpower and money on repairs.

Modern solutions used in the decoration of the ceiling surface - drywall and PVC film to create a tension structure. Their main disadvantages are high cost and reduced room height. The advantages include durability, the ability to hide the wires behind the structures, quick installation, moisture resistance. Such ceiling surfaces are easy to keep clean.

We select furniture

For a small white hallway, it is advisable to pick up the furnishings of light shades. Furniture with dark tones can overload the space, create a gloomy atmosphere. Placed furniture in a narrow corridor will visually reduce the area, which is undesirable for a small room.

Arranging the hallway is important to choose the right patina cabinet, designs for shoes and storage of small items, shelves, benches and other paraphernalia. The presence of such furniture will make the corridor functional, and stay in it comfortable. Furniture can be modular or built-in, made of solid wood, chipboard, MDF or other materials.

An important rule is Do not purchase too massive furniture. It will steal the square and make the space cluttered. White furniture looks elegant and luxurious.However, it is very noticeable scratches, scuffs and other signs of mechanical stress.

In order to preserve its attractiveness for as long as possible, it is important to carefully handle the furniture and properly care for it.

Gloss or matte finish?

This question was asked by everyone who ever made out the hall. It would seem that this is a trifle. However, it is she who can bring a zest to the simple and uncommon interior. When choosing the first thing is to rely on personal tastes and preferences. It is also important to know the advantages and disadvantages of a particular type of surface. So:

  • Glossy. Brilliant hallways - a combination of elegance and subtle taste. When you make a room, it’s better to do something on one thing: pick up glossy furniture in the corridor, a ceiling or a floor covering. So the interior will retain its lightness and will not seem overloaded. Glossy surfaces are easy to maintain, aesthetic. However, they have some drawbacks. So, on the shiny surface there are traces of stains and hands, splashing water, so it will require special care.
  • Matte. Furniture or a ceiling with such a texture is more suitable for rooms decorated in a strict classical style.The matte surface is able to “absorb” the light and make the atmosphere of the hallway softer and more comfortable. The disadvantages include rough texture. It absorbs dirt and moisture. To care for this surface will take a lot of time and effort, as well as specialized detergents. There is no unequivocal answer to the question which hall is better - matte or glossy.

Assess the advantages and disadvantages of each of the surface and make an unmistakable choice for yourself.

Color combinations

The harmoniously selected color scheme of the walls, ceiling, furniture and doors in the hallway determines the external appearance of the space. The right colors contribute to a visual increase in space and create coziness. Harmonious shades can affect the light, as well as tell about the high artistic taste of the owner of the apartment.

Fans of the white tones of the hallways will most likely enjoy the combination of snow-white and gray. This is a win-win. However, such a color situation may soon become boring and boring. To prevent this from happening, designers advise dilute the white gamut with other paints.

When you make a room, give preference to light ceilings and walls.Discard the idea to create a dark ceiling surface, and the wall - light.

In this situation, the hosts and guests will feel that the ceiling is about to fall on their heads.

White hallway can be diluted with contrasting color furnishings. The bright colors of the walls and ceiling will be perfectly combined with the following colors:

  • blue;
  • gold;
  • mocha;
  • red;
  • orange;
  • purple;
  • black.

When making a corridor, use beige and pastel colors: soft coral, peach, dairy, ivory color. Also, designers recommend to look at the new fashion trend, which is in creating white ceilings and walls and black floors. When decorating the space, fantasize, play with flowers.

So you can create your own unique and fascinating interior.

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Ideas for interior design

The interior of the white hallway can be decorated in a variety of styles. To do this, it is worth to focus attention on some trifles. So:

  • If you like classic, decorate ceilings, walls and floors in bright colors. The choice of furniture made of natural wood will be a win-win option.Suitable as modern options and furnishings antiques. Classical style has simple forms, harmonious combinations and nothing superfluous.
  • Fans modern It is recommended to pick up furniture with soft, smoothly flowing lines. Use furniture attributes from natural wood. Discard coarse shapes and straight lines.
  • Lovers pop art can make the walls and ceiling light, and the design for floors and furniture to choose bright. Play on the contrast - use colorful furniture, neon lights, glossy surfaces.
  • If you like free space, clear straight lines, stop your choice on minimalism. He has a strict design. Discard the brightness and non-standard. Decorate the hallway in white and gray shades. When choosing furniture, give preference to models-transformers. They will help save space and relieve space.
  • To create a corridor in style provence Give preference to natural materials, a large number of colors (white should remain the leading shade). Use openwork inserts, frames on the walls, vintage furniture, flower ornaments.
  • Lovers of rudeness in the interior, designers are advised to look at the style loft. It is characterized by non-plastered walls, roughly treated wood, open engineering communications. Refuse the pretentiousness: instead of a closet for outerwear, you can use hooks, and shoe boxes can be replaced with a regular bench.
  • Fans of the northern nature can arrange the hall Scandinavian style. White shades, bleached furniture, ethnic tile finish, patchwork, carpets on the floor. All this will help to emphasize the freshness of the interior.

The option of a hallway in white is always stylishly. Classics will never go out of fashion, it will always remain out of competition.

More information about how to create a snow-white hallway, you will learn from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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