Design with large mirrors in the hallway

A large mirror in the hallway is a necessary attribute of any modern interior, so it is extremely important to make the right choice of the original wall mirror in accordance with the design and style of your room. And as the theater begins with a hanger, the hallway is exactly the place where guests begin their acquaintance with your wonderful home or apartment.

The main purpose

All mirrors placed in the corridor of an apartment or house have certain tasks and functional loads.

Their main functions include the following items:

  • A large mirror, located near the entrance door, will help household members carefully and critically evaluate their appearance before leaving the house.The full-length model is also remarkable in that, despite its impressive dimensions, it does not weigh down the interior, but on the contrary, makes it lighter and more airy;
  • A beautiful mirror in an elegant forged frame or carved baguette will become a stylish design element, giving the room a very respectable appearance;
  • A large mirror on the wall will be able to visually expand the boundaries of a small room, “increasing” the area of ​​a small hallway almost twice;
  • The mirrors built into the wall perfectly mask the defects of the supporting structures, giving the room a pleasant shape to the eye;
  • In the hallway, they help fill the room with bright light, creating an effect of spaciousness and freedom, which is very important for rooms in which there is no natural lighting.

Possible problems

Sometimes choosing a mirror in the hallway is not the easiest task.

Certain difficulties may lie in wait for you when choosing this interior element:

  • Insufficient footage of the hallway. Small and cramped rooms require particularly careful attention to the design;
  • The location of the front door. This parameter, perhaps, plays a dominant role in the formation of the overall design of the entire hallway;
  • The need to fit in a small area a large number of furniture items and household items;
  • The lack of natural sunlight makes it difficult to choose the right mirror for the corridor, and not all models will fit here;
  • The inconvenient layout of the hallway, the presence of protruding parts or uncomfortable niches in the walls sometimes make it difficult to choose the right place to place the mirror.

All these problems can be solved by choosing a suitable model, beating a large mirror with a beautiful decorative frame, as well as with the help of artfully selected lighting from ceiling and wall light sources.

Types and forms

Nowadays, the buyer has the opportunity to choose a model of any size and suitable shape. In modern furniture stores represented a wide range of the most sophisticated samples. It can be luxurious floor patterns in a wenge frame, and exclusive wall mirrors in an elegant forged frame. If necessary, you can even order a huge mirror built into the wall.

To navigate in all the variety of options and choose exactly your model in accordance with the general style in which the hallway is decorated, you need to follow the following rules.

  • If every day in the speed rhythm of your daily life you need to observe a strict dress code or you love to dress up, creating your unique style in clothes, you just can not do without large full-length mirror. It can be both floor and wall, as well as built into the furniture or wall of the hallway. If possible, this model is better placed in front of the entrance door and equip it with additional lighting;
  • Rectangular mirror medium sizes up to one and a half meters or more in length, framed in a beautiful wooden or metal frame, will help to visually expand the boundaries of the room by stretching it vertically, from which the ceiling will seem taller. This effect works particularly well in the hallway, decorated in bright colors.
  • If you need to emphasize the elegance and sophistication of the situation, it is best to choose for the hallway hinged mirror in forged or carved frame. It is better to choose a model of medium size by installing additional light sources next to it. Well, if it will be wall sconces, made in the same style as the frame framing the mirror.In this case, artistic forging will ideally look like a designer jewelry;
  • If the hallway is too small and there is no space for an independent large mirror, then this function can be taken over. wardrobe with large mirror facades.

In addition to size, a lot depends on the shape of the model you choose.

The mirror must be combined with the general style of the room:

  • A large round mirror will perfectly fit into trendy interiors in modern or loft styles;
  • Oval in a stylish wide frame will give the atmosphere of a room elegance and elegance, with a sufficient height of the product, it can visually expand a narrow space, especially if its location is directly opposite the entrance door;
  • Classic rectangular harmoniously fit into almost any style, as long as there is enough free space in the hallway to install them. They will give the room a certain rigor and respectability;
  • Original models in several strips will be appropriate only in spacious corridors, they require good lighting and, as a rule, occupy an entire wall.These models can be from both straight and wavy elements, it is desirable for them to choose the appropriate frame or to mount the wall surface.
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Most often, the entrance hall in the house does not have such natural light sources as windows, so it is very important which light sources will be used here. If your corridor is very dark and you want to make it bright and cozy, then one ceiling light will certainly not be enough to fill a dark room with an analogue of bright daylight. You will have to place additional sources of lighting in the corridor, these can be spotlights, various wall sconces, table lamps and floor lamps. However, one of the best options for solving the problem with lighting would be to purchase a large mirror with built-in lighting. Modern manufacturers offer a large selection of beautiful models of such mirrors. The LEDs built into the mirror will create a mysterious and festive atmosphere in the room, warm and affectionate, like a Christmas holiday. Then all who will come to visit you,right from the doorstep will fall into the charming atmosphere of your hospitable home.

Such models are good both for spacious rooms, and for absolutely small hallways.

In order to bring even more light into the room, you can add small original mirror compositions built into various elements of the decor, reflecting from the main mirror, they will create an additional play of light in the room. The only condition is not to overdo the looking-glass, since too many mirrors can cause some discomfort and disorientation in space.


In order for the mirror to serve you faithfully for a long time, it needs timely and quality care. First of all, it is necessary to protect its surface from direct sunlight, however, in the absence of windows in the corridor, this rule will not be difficult. Unfortunately, the main source of contamination of any mirror surface is our hands, and if you don’t regularly wipe the mirror, it can lose its neat appearance, and thus the atmosphere of comfort and order in the house collapses.

Traditionally, care for mirrors comes down to the following points:

  • First, using a damp cloth from the surface of the mirror, the dust deposited on it is removed;
  • The next step is to spray the alcohol-containing agent over the surface and gently wipe the entire surface;
  • In conclusion, the mirror is carefully polished with a dry cloth or soft paper.

To remove strong contaminants, you will need to prepare a special composition for which you will need:

  • Half a liter of hot water;
  • 50 grams of chalk;
  • 50 grams of vinegar.

All ingredients must be mixed until a homogeneous mass is formed, after which the mixture is allowed to stand for half an hour. Then, very carefully, so that the composition does not fall on the frame, it is necessary to rinse the surface of the mirror with this tool, and then wipe it with a soft cloth moistened with warm water.

At the end of the procedure, wipe the mirror dry with a dry cloth or soft paper.

To give the mirror an original shine, you can wipe it with a soft cloth soaked in warm milk, and to eliminate insect stains you can use the old-fashioned method — wipe the mirror with a cut in half, and then a soft cloth dipped in water with diluted blue.The process ends, as usual, by wiping it dry. By following these simple rules, you will ensure a long and brilliant life for your mirror.

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Learn more about how to create a harmonious design with large mirrors in the hallway, you will learn from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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