Drywall ceiling design in the hallway

 Drywall ceiling design in the hallway

The design of the ceiling of drywall in the hallway is a new direction of finishing work and is very popular. Installation of such a design is a fascinating process that requires imagination and creativity. Thanks to the unique properties of drywall, designers have opened up enormous possibilities for the original design of the ceiling, and a chic selection of texture and material colors allows everyone to turn a simple hall into a “dream room”.

Advantages and disadvantages

As you know, the final touch in the interior of the rooms is considered the ceiling, and the corridor is no exception.Modern drywall compositions will help to decorate its upper space with an unusual look.

Such suspended structures are not only famous for their attractiveness, but are also widely used in housing design, as they have following advantages:

  • The ability to create the perfect surface for work. Even sheets of drywall well hide all the roughness and unevenness of the bases, which is important when repairing in a panel house;
  • Do not need preliminary preparation of the ceiling. Installation work can be done on the old whitewash. This reduces the time and simplifies the installation process itself;
  • All communications are well hidden, so if there is electrical wiring in the corridor, climate systems and a ventilation box, they will become imperceptible;
  • Allow you to choose any kind of lighting. As a rule, point, multi-level and open fixtures look beautiful in the hallways;
  • Plastic. Thanks to this characteristic, plasterboard ceilings acquire unusual shapes. Especially look a two-level view of the design with light. It visually enlarges the space;
  • Quick installation and removal;
  • Affordable cost.

Like any other material, drywall also has its drawbacks:

  • Not suitable for rooms with high humidity;
  • Reduces the height of rooms by 10-15 cm, so it is not recommended for low hallways;
  • In newly built buildings, it may crack or deform during shrinkage;
  • When used sometimes changes color.

All suspended ceilings are mounted on a special frame, which by its design can be closed or open. If the design uses an open installation method, then drywall sheets are an excellent basis for additional decor. Various patterns are applied to their surface or they make a partition with a film, which ultimately looks original. The combination of these elements allows you to apply unusual textures and colors, so the design of the hallway turns out to be unique and spectacular.

Ceiling options

Individuality should be in everything, especially for housing. For each person, the house represents a unique world where you can enjoy comfort and warmth, so for its design you need to select a special style.

The hallway is considered to be the face of any house - the room that comes first to the guests' eyes.Not only will the general impression of the owners of the “family nest” depend on the proper organization of its space and planning, but also the idea of ​​their tastes for beauty will be formed.

Arrangement of furniture, wall decoration and flooring in the hallway will only serve as the beginning for the decor. For the image of this room to be completed, it is also important to consider the options for installing the ceiling.

The installation of the plasterboard construction begins with a preliminary design choice, which should harmoniously emphasize the entire interior of the room.

Often the main problem of the hallway is its small size, in these situations, designers recommend using a single-level type of ceiling. Thanks to modern methods of finishing, an unusual surface can be made from such a simple and even composition.

Separate attention also deserve the author's multi-level suspensions of plasterboard. When installing them, it is important to correctly apply the geometric shapes and steps, otherwise the space will visually decrease and the general appearance of the hallway will be damaged.

Of course, a plasterboard decorative ceiling can be installed in hallways of any size,but its form and method of decoration will depend on the area of ​​these rooms, so for small corridors it is best to choose light colors of the ceiling.

Applying design secrets and skill, the space of the room really change and expand.

If the owners of the house got a miniature hallway, do not be upset, you just follow the following tips:

  • Use installation of multi-level systems with clear graphic lines. This is a great option for narrow spaces. For example, squares or rectangles "recessed" in the overall composition will visually enlarge the room. This is especially suitable for elongated corridors;
  • In the design of the design to give preference to light colors in warm, pastel colors;
  • Pay special attention to the arrangement of lighting. The maximum number of luminaires should be used on the ceiling surface. Thus, the room creates a feeling of lightness and airiness.

Great luck is considered to have in the layout of the house a huge hallway. With such gorgeous sizes, both original fantasies and extraordinary decisions can be realized.The volume of large rooms allows you to mount single-level and multi-level systems, their choice depends on personal tastes and design style.

At first glance, the step scenery from plasterboard may seem heavy, but thanks to the correctly chosen colors they will harmoniously fit into the hallway look and become almost weightless.

For spacious rooms, as a rule, ceilings with smooth transitions and lines are chosen. Thanks to them, strict boundaries are smoothed out on the canvases and an impression of unusual freedom is created. In addition, in these hallways, you can use different colors. In this case, the scenery is made to match the tone of the general style, as well as contrasting, highlighting separate zones.

As for the texture of the ceiling, it can be either matte, glossy or combined in an unusual combination of materials. For example, glossy compositions with a matte edging look impressive. If there is a desire to give the hallway a modern touch, then you should use more original ways of decorating and decorate the surface with a painting or photo printing.

It is also important to take into account one important point: no more than three shades can be used on the ceiling.

To highlight the corridor in a special way in the design of the house, it is recommended to decorate its ceiling with a mirror surface. It is also worth noting that with proper selection of lighting and paint any hall can be transformed into a cozy and modern room.

How to change the size of the hallway

The traditional entrance hall is a narrow and long room. In this regard, when arranging this room there is no possibility to place many pieces of furniture, and in order to increase it a little, they use the game of lighting and paint the ceiling with light colors or paste it with pastel shades.

In addition to all design tricks, the important point is the correct design of mounted structures.

If the multilevel system is painted white, then the decoration of the upper surface will turn into a weightless space, and at first glance, all its heavy massive details will smooth out smoothly, making the room visually high.

An excellent option in the design of ceilings is also considered the use of smooth lines that have no boundaries. In order for such ceilings to fill the hall with harmony, it is also important to worry about choosing sophisticated furniture models that will be reflected in the mirror canvas and beautifully complement the overall interior.

A great idea for a visual increase in space is considered to be a combination of black and white colors in the decoration of the ceiling, while the light tones should prevail, and the dark shades will only help to create a contrast accent.

Ceiling and lighting

Lighting plays a huge role in the hallway. As you know, ordinary chandeliers have long been out of fashion, in addition, modern constructions made of drywall with them "do not look." Therefore, in most cases, when making a ceiling in the hallway, they prefer beautiful spotlights. If you choose the right model and quantity, the arrangement of the premises can be considered complete.

These lighting devices help create stunning lighting effects, while increasing the height of the room, making it original and aesthetically appealing.

It is worth noting that the spotlights are presented in a chic selection and can illuminate the hallway at the same time in several colors, performing a comprehensive backlight at once or in turn. Especially they look good against the background of multi-level systems.

The same applies to two-level ceilings, choosing different lighting options, you can not only increase the height of the room, but give the room an atmosphere of weightlessness.

Often, LED backlights are also installed in the corridors, they are mounted along the entire perimeter of the room. This design technique allows you to expand the area of ​​the room and visually elevates the ceilings. It is well suited for mini hallways, where every square centimeter is important. In addition, the backlight creates an unusual play of colors, so that all the details of the interior merge into one harmonious image.

You can find out how to make a two-level plasterboard ceiling with lighting in the hallway by watching the video below:

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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