Hallway design for repairs

 Hallway design for repairs

It is extremely important to make the hallway in the house functional and cozy. The design of this room should be in harmony with the style in which the entire apartment is decorated. However, this is non-residential premises, so you can allow it to use more saturated colors and bold combinations. It is important to proceed from the layout and size of the hall: it should be comfortable from a practical point of view, the situation should be thought out to the smallest detail.

Types of hallways

The apartment hall usually takes up a minimum of space, has passages to all other rooms. The decor of a small hallway is significantly different from the design project of a large hall. It also matters which house you live in.For example, in a panel house, you should additionally warm the floor. In a private house, the hallway is often combined with a vestibule, so here it is better to put two doors to provide heat and eliminate drafts. Consider the main types of hallways and the best ways of their furnishings, as well as finishes.


To repair in a small hall of Khrushchev should be approached especially carefully. In a small room you can not overload the space with unnecessary details. First, think about how it was convenient for you to drop in, take off your shoes, put things together. The mirror should be located at a maximum distance from the opposite wall in order to be able to step back and look at oneself in full growth in a small space. In the hallway, we often store a lot of things, a high wardrobe and mezzanines will allow us to competently manage the available space of a small hallway.


Halls in Brezhnevka usually have medium size and a convenient rectangular shape. In such a hallway it is worth placing cabinets and shelves along one of the walls, so that nothing would interfere with the passage. Finishing should be done monotonous or combining two or three close colors.Too contrast and motley options may look inappropriate. In a similar hallway you can fit a lot of items. To further save space, it is worth considering a bench-storage chest and a comfortable corner cabinet.


In the spacious hallway you can think not only about the functionality, but also about the interesting and stylish design elements. If it has a lot of free space, it is important that it looks cozy and habitable. Small bright accessories, beautiful ottomans, unusual shelves and carpets will help you with this. Now it is fashionable to leave one wall unfurnished. It is worth to place large abstract paintings, favorite photos or interestingly designed mirrors on it.


The usual square hallway can be designed comfortably and beautifully, regardless of the area of ​​the room. It is easy to make a rectangular square square by placing cabinets along two opposite walls. This arrangement is considered the most successful from a visual and practical points of view. In the space you can add bright accents, located asymmetrically: this will harmoniously decorate the space.


Usually there are difficulties with the arrangement of a narrow long hallway. If you want to visually make the space wider, the elongated walls can be trimmed with wallpaper with vertical stripes or divided into several vertical zones using staining. You will suit a square floor tile. As for the arrangement of furniture, it is worth looking at the corner cabinets, round and square ottomans, hanging shelves. Place the main pieces of furniture better diagonally.


The layout of the hallway should be thought out in accordance with your needs, the characteristics of the room and the latest trends in interior design. Often, in finished apartments there are not so many opportunities to do redevelopment, so attention should be paid to individual details. With the help of lighting, color finishes and various textures you can always interestingly zone a room without resorting to a drastic change in layout. Much will depend on the arrangement of large furniture in the hall space.

If it is a spacious entrance hall in a private house, you should separate the space with a small vestibule. This will make the living space warmer, provide a separate place for storing things and household items. The platform should be issued in the same style as the hallway. This separation will make the house more comfortable. If the hallway is quite small, it is worth refraining from such redevelopment.

Usually from the hallway several doors lead to different rooms. It is important that these doors are made in the same style. For traditional interiors, doors with glass inserts will be an interesting solution. This may be corrugated glass, stained glass, which will become an unusual design element of the decor. Now the most open spaces are popular. Therefore, often from the doors between the rooms and the hallway, many refuse at all.

An excellent option can be a variety of arches made of plaster, wood or metal. They can stand out or be almost invisible. In a small room, such a solution will make the space visually more spacious and harmonious. If you have a large hallway, it can be divided into zones.

More often in the hall there are two zones:

  • space with a mirror and ottoman to put on shoes and dress;
  • space with a small closet, shelves and a table for storing various necessary things in everyday life.

It is easier to separate the functional areas through a two-color finish of the walls and floor. For example, the area at the entrance can be darker or brighter, and the area with shelves and cabinets can be decorated in light shades. You can use two sources of lighting. Sometimes the hallway without interior doors is visually divided into zones depending on which rooms are nearby. The design of this space looks like elements of different styles.

In modern apartments, hallways are often combined with the living room. In the spacious halls, many prefer to allocate space for a small office or sports simulators.

In this case, the space can be divided in more visible ways:

  • put an additional arch;
  • install beam, column;
  • place a stylish screen.

Such options will help to use a wide hall space as functionally as possible. Disadvantages layout can be hidden by using the correct placement of furniture. The required set of furniture items will depend on the size of your hallway.In any hall you need a closet, you can not do without a shelf for shoes, clothes hooks, ottoman or bench. In a large room you can place a coffee table, wall shelves and a chest of drawers. The most harmonious form for the hallway is wide and rectangular. If you have a square or unnecessarily narrow hallway, try using furniture to reduce it to a convenient rectangular shape.


Modern materials for repair can effortlessly bring to life any design idea. It’s worthwhile to pick up everything that is required for finishing, in order to make sure that the color and texture of all materials are combined with each other. In large hypermarkets for repair or online stores you can find everything you need for finishing. A rich assortment is designed for any budget buyer.


For the decoration of the walls of your hallway can fit a variety of types of wallpaper. Wallpapers can be smooth or textured, made from paper, vinyl or textile. A variety of shades, prints and textures will allow you to create a unique interior with your own hands: wallpaper can be glued on your own. In the hallway, modern wall-paper may look interesting if you have a free wall under them.


Oil paint is suitable for painting walls after plaster or can be used on top of wallpaper for painting. You can put it in a thin layer, add additional texture to the walls, spraying the painting composition with small sprays, large drops, and applying strokes. Painted walls look stylish. You can combine several colors at will.

MDF and plastic

Sometimes for the decoration of walls using plastic and MDF panels, which allow you to make the design interesting and unusual. With similar panels, you can lay the walls below, make decorative vertical and horizontal inserts. This finishing option will allow you to hide small flaws that were made in the rough finish (if there are cracks or irregularities on the walls, you can hide them behind fashionable and beautiful panels). Plastic products are suitable for classic and modern interiors. With the help of MDF-panels, imitating wood, you can decorate the room in the style of country or modern.


Tiles are perfect for walls or floors. Now you can find interesting options for this facing materials, imitating brick or masonry, painted tiles and kits for making mosaics of tiles of different shapes and sizes.The only disadvantage of this option is the fact that the tile is quite cold as a floor covering. However, for the hallway it does not matter, you can combine tile with other materials of floor decoration.


Wall moldings are a popular solution for classic interiors and many others: the modern molding options are varied. These interior details are purely decorative, in small-sized hallways with a simple design they should not be used. If you have a spacious empty room, these design elements will help significantly diversify and refresh the interior.


This is a fairly expensive flooring, but it is the most durable, eco-friendly and pleasant-looking. You can count the boards of different colors or lay out the entire floor of solid products. It should be borne in mind that parquet requires special care: it should be protected from prolonged exposure to moisture and scratches. Laying options parquet varied and allow you to radically change the perception of the hallway space.


Often as a flooring using laminate.It can be made in the form of wooden boards or be colored, decorated with an interesting print. This coating combines a relatively low price, good quality and interesting appearance.


Linoleum will be the most economical flooring for your hallway. In appearance, it is inferior to parquet, laminate or tile. It is worth considering that linoleum has its own classification, the budget varieties of which cannot be called durable. Within a few years, they can be deformed and require replacement.

Stretch ceiling

These designs are performed on the frame and without it, using film or textiles in the work. Not every home owner can afford such a ceiling, especially if the product is made on the basis of sateen and decorated with a pattern of a certain size and theme. The width of the film is usually about 3.5 m - this is enough to finish the ceiling of small hallways. Textile varieties have a large thickness, which reaches 5 m. Photo printing is applied to the material using a special technology. The picture can be absolutely anything.

Ceiling tiles

This finish is suitable for the hallway ceiling.It can be called a budget, although if used in the work of a variety of tiles made of wood or metal with mirror inserts, facing will cost more. The material is classic or seamless, having a wavy edge. An interesting nuance of this finishing material is the fact that in some varieties it provides for painting.

DIY decoration

Stylishly repair the hall in the house, you can own. If you do not plan large-scale redevelopment and installation of complex design structures, renovation and cosmetic repairs can be done with your own hands. It is good if your apartment has a high-quality rough finish. You just need to choose floor coverings, walls and ceiling, arrange it all in the same style and decorate the room with interesting accessories.


It is necessary to begin repair with finishing of walls as they in a greater degree are evident. It is under the wallpaper or paint is to select the appropriate options for finishing the floor and ceiling. To successfully decorate the walls, it is worth determining which materials you want to use, which colors you prefer for the hallway, what effect you want to achieve in the room.

For a small hallway, beige and light gray tones of the palette should be used for decoration. It is important to pay attention to the size of the print: it should not be large or too colorful. This approach will give the room a sense of confusion. You should not overload a small hallway with bright colors: blue, wine and black create a negative perception of space, which is completely unacceptable.

It is undesirable to overload with a complex pattern and a spacious room: we will force this technique to minimize the number of furniture and accessories in the hallway. Much more interesting is a simple textured drawing or a pattern with embossed look on the walls of the hallway. This gives space aesthetics and premium, indicating the sense of taste of the owners of the house. Do not decorate the walls with liquid wallpaper: they are unstable to moisture. For practical purposes, it is worthwhile to decorate the surfaces with fiberglass or other varieties for painting.

Painting walls is worth considering for small premises., in which it is better to avoid the abundance of small parts. Monochrome staining in pastel or dark shades looks great in any hallway.Similar finishing options are recommended for most modern interiors, in which simplicity and conciseness are valued. You can make the finish more interesting by creating an texture on the walls: this can be done with your own hands using special nozzles for spraying paint or by means of a textured roller.

Later on the walls can be placed pots with flowers, paintings, photographs, shelves, wall clocks or molding.

Interestingly in the hallway looks trim with tiles. Most often for this purpose choose the tile imitating a wild stone. Similar options can be found in a wide variety of colors. It is not recommended to use tiles on all walls in your room. It is possible to trim a part of a wall with this facing or alternate individual elements from a tile with monochromatic painting of walls.

It looks interesting combination of walls with plinth of plastic and MDF-panels. In this case, monochromatic materials of white or light gray are used for decoration. In this case, these panels soften the contrasting pattern of the wallpaper. In this case, more often they are placed vertically, masking the place of the joint with the wallpaper by means of molding.


Finishing the floor in the hallway is important from a practical point of view: you enter the house in shoes from the street, so the surface will inevitably get dirty every day. To clean the floor easily, you should look at the glossy surfaces: tile or parquet, varnished. In the hallway, you can use all possible materials, except for carpet. In this case, the material is selected in such a way that its class is designed for greater throughput.

Tile for the hall - the most practical option. Such a floor can be really beautiful: the laying can be done directly, diagonally (diamond), in a checkerboard pattern, using the “well” technique or the mosaic method. The complexity of the drawing depends on the skills of the handler. If desired, you can pick up a material of different sizes with numbers, which will make the coating bright and memorable. Of the popular shades, you can use the dark and light tone of oak wenge: today they are the focus of the design of the hallways.

You can, of course, use parquet, if the budget allows. With proper care, the floor will remain in its original form for decades.You can choose a monochromatic light or dark parquet, combine boards of different wood species and even lay out interesting patterns from them. Such solutions will look particularly good in the spacious hallways. If you choose parquet for the hallway, it is necessary to place a mat near the door to avoid frequent moisture ingress from an umbrella or shoes on the parquet. Categorically it is impossible to move furniture on a parquet in order not to scratch it.

If you want to lay a laminate, you can pay attention to the coating with anti-skid and texture of wood of noble varieties. Choose a matte version of the material. However, to use the coating is practical, it is necessary to beat the finish by combining laminate and tile with anti-slip. Finishes may vary, but they must be of a similar gamut. It is impossible to combine warm and cold tone: it will visually introduce an imbalance in the interior of the hallway.

Grayish and whitish shades are popular: they will look stylish, especially in modern types of interiors. In addition, you can choose a bright, multi-colored laminate or even options with different prints.Beautiful looks simple pattern in the form of plant elements on a beige and brownish background. Do not choose the color to match the doorways: it’s better if the shade is slightly different.

The easiest way to lay on the floor hallway linoleum. In this case, select the coating with protection against abrasion and anti-slip. Such a surface is rough. Pay attention to the top layer in the cut: the greater the thickness of the protection, the more weight linoleum will withstand. Do not take a household option for the floor of the hallway: such coverage is impractical. It makes sense to buy a semi-commercial variety.


Finishing the ceiling is almost not immediately evident, but it is important. Successful design of the ceiling will give the interior a complete look. Colored ceilings or versions with images, ornaments for most interiors are too extravagant, so it’s worth considering mainly the usual white version. However, if the layout of the dwelling is open, the ceiling may obey the overall design concept.

The easiest finish option is to cover the ceiling with whitewash. This is a cheap and simple way that you can implement yourself.Often, these ceilings look the most stylish. It is important that the rough finish in the house was really high quality.

If your ceilings are initially uneven, you should consider other finishes.

Stretch options are suitable for owners of high ceilings. They can hide the defects of the rough finish, will allow you to successfully arrange the lighting around the perimeter of the hallway. It should be noted that their installation is mainly trusted by specialists. You can install them yourself using the instructions, but it takes a lot of time and effort. Through partial inserts, you can make the hallway space special by giving it an unobtrusive organization.

If it is not easy to install the stretch ceiling with your own hands, anyone can glue the surface with plastic panels. The panels are mainly pastel or white, they can be completely smooth or with a simple relief pattern. Such products have a low price, they are easy to handle, even if you have never done repairs. In addition, they can be used to hide any defects.

Molding decorate ceilings mainly in classic interiors. Usually these are plastic decorative elements in the form of frames, which can contain embossed ornaments or imitation of stucco molding. With the help of such options, you can select a chandelier, divide the hall into zones or just interesting to diversify the situation. Sometimes they are used to embed ribbon LED lights around the perimeter of the ceiling.

The beams are perfect for country style. Light falshbalki, specially created for the decor, can be mounted on the ceiling yourself. They can be suitable for spacious halls, spaces combined with a kitchen, living room or office. You can visually divide the room into zones using one fake or place them over the entire area.

Design Ideas

To correctly choose the options for finishing the hall, you should consider the style of the whole apartment and decide what suits you. If you plan to make rooms that will differ in style, the hallway should be their connecting link: you need to combine different elements together. Consider successful real-world design options.

In the hallway of a classic style shades of decoration should be bright and solemn. It is better not to make the walls white, but choose another version of one-color paint (for example, olive tones are now in fashion). When choosing furniture, one should prefer white: a similar solution will look appropriate, stylish and elegant everywhere.

For a stylish hallway in country style is to prefer furniture made of natural wood. If the room is spacious, you can combine several types of wood of different shades. If the hall is small, try to buy furniture in one set. At the same time it is better to choose parquet or laminate for the flooring, for the walls you can prefer textured paintwork. Flower pots, dried branches in vases and patchwork textiles will create a special atmosphere indoors.

If you are going to furnish a high-tech apartment, the hallway should have a corresponding design. For decoration, dark colors are often chosen: for example, in modern interiors, warm shades of gray are now actively used. Finishing should be as simple as possible, and the furniture - concise and almost invisible. It is impossible to do without bright accents, their number will depend on the area of ​​the room.A small color locker will do, a picture in rich colors is appropriate, a bright vase and carpet will look good.

You can find more hallway design tips in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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