Features stretch ceilings in the hallway

The first thing we get to know when entering a house or apartment is a corridor. Therefore, it is very important to organize and arrange this space so that it makes a positive impression on people who come to visit. You can do this by filling out the ceiling with a stretch ceiling. On sale there are several varieties of this product.

Special features

Stretch ceilings appeared in Russia relatively recently, but at the same time immediately gained high popularity, and all thanks to their features.

  • The first of these is in the very method of their attachment, such a ceiling, is installed slightly below normal. As a result, between the old ceiling and tension there is a small air space.
  • Such ceilings can be made of both special film and fabric, while both fabric and film are used special. Therefore, the material of manufacture is also a feature.
  • Such a ceiling does not suffer from either low temperatures or fire, which is particularly relevant.
  • The third feature is a large assortment of such ceilings. They can be different not only in color, texture and size, but also in the number of levels.
  • The final feature lies in their installation. To carry it out, you will need both special tools and a certain skill for doing work.

But, despite the presence of such features, all types of stretch ceilings, installed in the corridor and other rooms, are quite popular today.


All commercially available stretch ceilings are divided into several types according to various criteria.

By the number of levels

Many people are accustomed to the fact that the ceiling always has one level, but now you can make it a two-level one. Using modern technologies and materials, this design of the ceiling space allows you to make it visually and higher,and wider. At the same time two-level models can be one-color or multi-color.

By production material

According to this criterion, suspended ceilings can be as follows:

  • Film, that is, made of a special polyurethane film.
  • Fabric, created from non-woven material.
  • Calico.

Each of their materials has its pros and cons, as well as design features.

Experts recommend installing film models in the hallway and hallway. In addition, there is another division. Highlight matte, glossy or ceiling with photo printing.

By type of lighting

This criterion divides the tension ceiling structures into two groups. The first includes all models with different lighting options, and the second group includes only those that are capable of creating a soaring ceiling. The soaring ceiling got its name precisely because of well-designed lighting. Lamps highlight certain areas, and it seems that some parts of the structure are actually floating in the air.


According to this criterion, such stretch ceiling structures are divided into three groups:

  • Monochrome.
  • Two-color.
  • With an image.

It should be understood that there are also combined ceilings, for example, single-color models with a pattern.

The palette of tones is quite extensive, and each manufacturer of such a product has its own. Conventionally, it can be divided into two groups.

  • Warm shadeswhich it is preferable to choose to create a ceiling tension structure in a low corridor. These include beige, white, lilac, pink, lemon, light brown, pastel blue, pale green, light gray, the color of milk chocolate, turquoise, lime and other colors.
  • Cool shades It is better to use to create a high and narrow stretch ceiling. This group includes saturated, rather bright, but at the same time cold colors, such as black, dark gray, blue, green, khaki, violet, burgundy, the color of bitter coffee, dark brown, blue-black and others.
  • The ceiling of any color can be further decorated. photo printing. It is this variety of types and colors of such ceiling tension structures that made them very popular and popular.

Which is better to do?

There is no single answer to the question.It all depends on the size of the corridor or hallway, its color range, as well as on the wishes of the customers themselves. When making a choice, it should be understood that if you want to have a glossy ceiling, you will have to give up fabric products, since they can only be dull. Fabric tension product has greater strength, durability and higher price. If we talk about film models, they can also withstand loads up to 100 kg. Their cost is much lower, and the range is higher.

Choose a specific material manufacturing future of the ceiling should be based on the overall situation of the hallway and the style of its interior. For example, the film stretch ceiling will look out of place in a chic and spacious hallway in the Baroque style.

The area and width of the room are also the main factors when choosing. For example, in a long hallway it is better to install glossy or mirrored ceilings. They can visually expand the room. It is better if they are either monophonic, or with a beautiful photo printing.

In the same hallway will be very appropriate and floating models.

For a hallway or a corridor of small length, models of light tones are perfect, as they allow you to visually increase both the length of the room and its width.

A good option would be the ceiling with a pattern of darker tones in the middle or two-color version of it.

Ceiling height also plays an important role in the selection. The higher they are, the darker their stretch substitutes may be, and vice versa. Pearl models are suitable in cases where the ceiling is the main decoration of the hallway itself.

It is worth knowing that the dull ceilings of even the brightest swellings visually always reduce the area of ​​the room, while the glossy ones, on the contrary, increase.

Do not forget that the colors and design of the ceiling should be selected on the basis of whether the ceiling itself will complement the overall interior of the hallway or become its main highlight. In the first case, it is better to pay attention to simple, monochrome models, while in the second one can give free rein to fantasy and arrange a two-level, soaring or decorated with an unusual photo printing stretch ceiling. So, it is important to consider the length, width and height of the hallway, the overall style of the interior and the functions of the future tension structure. Only by relying on these basic factors and listening to these recommendations can one make the right choice.

You will learn more about how to choose the right stretch ceiling in the corridor in the next video.


The lighting of such a tension ceiling structure, however, as well as its range itself, is very diverse. Choosing a particular method, you can not just light up the hallway, but create an indescribable and unusual atmosphere in it. All models of stretch ceilings can be illuminated in the following ways :.

  • Spot lightsis the most used. Special lamps are installed only in those places where the light will be more necessary. Often there is an opportunity to include only a part of such devices. They can be installed in the ceiling above the mirror, wardrobe or a place where they take off their shoes. With their help, you can save electricity and create the necessary twilight.
  • Chandeliers. This lighting option is very popular, especially among fans of the classics. A wide variety of models of these lighting fixtures allows you to choose a chandelier for every taste and in any interior. Usually their size is selected taking into account the area of ​​the room and the power of the lamps, but the installation of chandeliers on the stretch ceiling should be done only by a professional and withusing special tools. In addition, you can install as one chandelier, and several at once.
  • Soffits. The tension structure with soffits is quite difficult to find in ordinary hallways. They require special support, competent installation, and at home, this lighting option will look too bright and inappropriate.
  • LED strip - it is rather a decorative element of lighting. They are installed both inside the ceiling itself and outside, and the intensity of such lighting is rather low, often such tapes are used as a variant of decorative lighting.

When the background light is off, such tapes create beautiful and romantic lighting.

  • Optical fiber - This is another option for additional and unusual lighting in the hallway. The light intensity is not too high, but it is very beautiful, and for most hallways a suspended ceiling with optical fiber will become a real find. Twilight will allow you to hide all the flaws in the interior, and the beauty of the ceiling will fascinate any person. Fiber with the selected pattern with a special glue is attached to the tension structure itself and is connected to the generator.

The light sources themselves are either fluorescent or LED lamps. They have a long service life, economical use of energy and are highly secure.

It should be remembered that it is necessary to select a specific lighting option depending on the type of ceiling chosen. For example, if the design has a beautiful pattern, then you should use spotlights or LED strips to highlight it in general. Monochrome ceilings can be decorated either with fiber optics or with several compact chandeliers.

Here you need to understand that not only the appearance of the ceiling itself will depend on the correct lighting, but also the general perception of the living room as a whole.

Design options

The most graphic confirmation that the stretch ceiling in the hallway of any size will look stylish and appropriate are these photos.

  • Almost imperceptible and weightless glossy ceiling reflects the floor itself. Properly chosen colors and the complete absence of lighting devices on the structure turn it into a floating model, and only a white border makes it clear that the ceiling is stretched.Stylish, minimalistic and beautiful solution.
  • The classic two-color ceiling with a predominance of a hint of coffee with milk elegantly complements the double lighting. Spotlights advantageously allocate doorways to other rooms, and LED strips just become the highlight of this design. At the same time it is the tape lighting that gives a highlight to the general light in the hallway.
  • In this case, stretch glossy ceiling connects the hallway and living room. A beautiful crimson hue blends perfectly with both wallpaper and doors, but thanks to the white inserts, turned lamps and glossy surfaces, it is the tension structure that is the main highlight.
  • The glossy green ceiling with two point lights very harmoniously complements the color scheme of the hallway. Wallpapers and glass in the doors only increase the aesthetic appeal of this design. The entrance hall itself looks taller and wider.
  • Here, despite the bright and saturated crimson colors in the interior, again, it is the stretch ceiling that becomes the main highlight, and all thanks to the bright photo printing on it. Sunflowers on a white background immediately attract attention, allow you to visually expand the space and make the interior itself stylish and unusual.
  • A vivid example of how the LED strip of a bright and saturated color changes not only the appearance of the dark-colored tension structure itself, but also the interior itself. Here the highlight lies precisely in the correctly chosen lighting and combination of shades of both the ceiling and the entire interior. Beautiful blue lights perfectly with spotlights and in general with all the objects in the hallway.

For the decoration of the ceiling space in the hallway, you can use not only these examples, but on the basis of them you can develop your own version, because such structures are made to order, and the lighting in them can be absolutely any.


It is necessary to say a few words about the feedback on such tensioning structures in the hallways from their owners. According to people, this is the design option for the ceiling space for many of them is the best. Owners note the simplicity of their care, unusual and stylish appearance, as well as affordable price. For many, it is important that the life of such a ceiling is very long and practical. Therefore, we can safely say thatthat stretch ceilings in the hallway and corridor - it is really a necessity of modern life. It is beautiful, stylish, practical and safe.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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