Bright entrance hall in modern style.

Any hallway, as a room with a lack of natural light, requires special attention to the design. Today, many designers offer options for finishing the corridors in warm and bright colors. Having made the right choice of wear-resistant finishing materials that are amenable to cleaning, you can easily keep the light entrance hall clean and tidy, it will remain neat and cozy for a long time after the repair.

Advantages and disadvantages

One of the main advantages of finishing the hallway in bright colors is undoubtedly the ability to visually enlarge a room that is not too large, which will help fill the space with light and comfort.

For those who decide to make a hall in their apartment or house in very light, almost white colors, The following advantages can be noted:

  • Bright rooms can be easily divided into zones, which facilitates the design of any space.
  • The lighter the walls, the ceiling and the floor, the less light sources are needed to fill the space with a sufficient amount of light.
  • Light colors well mask irregularities of the walls and flaws of the layout.
  • As a rule, light colors, and especially pure white color, are perfectly combined with the whole color palette, which significantly simplifies the design development.
  • In light walls, decorative elements and bright accents and accessories look most advantageous.
  • Light tones have a beneficial effect on the psyche and contribute to the creation of special comfort and coziness in the room.

The disadvantages of the design of the hallway in bright colors can be attributed only to the impracticality of shades close to white, and the ability to stain them with street clothes or shoes.

But with the proper selection of modern washable and wear-resistant materials, this serious problem is not so difficult to solve.

Stylistic directions

The interior in light or beige tones in the style is generally recognized as an unsurpassed classic, which for many years will not go out of style, but will remain relevant at all times.But this should not limit you in choosing a design in a classic style, since light colors are suitable for the design of many modern styles, such as:

  • Chic baroque style - is one of the most complex in design and requires the presence in the design of a variety of decorative elements. It can be a wall stucco, gold-plated candelabra, luxurious ceiling chandelier, as well as expensive wallpaper with a golden print.
  • Minimalism styleon the contrary, it excludes any elements of decor and deliberate luxury, the walls in such a room can be decorated with plain wallpaper of light colors or decorative plaster.
  • Fusion style - one of the favorite styles of modern designers, as it provides a full flight of fancy, here, as anywhere there is appropriate creative mess, abstract design elements and fancy furniture made of leather. In bright colors, this style looks especially eccentric and fun.
  • Popular loft style - one of the most interesting and sought-after styles of modernity. Having beaten him in bright colors, you get a trendy and extravagant hallway. Here it will be ideal to combine light-colored plaster with a finish imitating white-brick decorative brickwork.For lighting such a hallway wall lamps made of crystal or high-quality glass are perfect.
  • Play Ecostyle You can decorate the walls with white artificial stone, combining them with beige vinyl wallpaper. For contrast on the border you can make a dark trim with artificial stone. In such a corridor will look very good furniture from light wood.

Having chosen a suitable design style for the corridor, you can set the general direction for the interior in the whole house or apartment.

Now it has become very fashionable to decorate all the rooms of their home, adhering to a single style, in the same color or manner.

Often for the walls, floor and ceiling in all rooms, starting from the hallway and ending with the living room, they choose the same materials to create the unique style of the whole house.

Selection of materials

Selection of materials for the design of the hallway in bright colors should be carried out from the point of view of the greatest practicality. So that the light entrance hall doesn’t quickly turn into an untidy room, you will have to choose carefully even the decorative elements that you will use to accentuate your chosen style.

To keep your light corridor clean and fresh for a long time, you need to follow the following simple rules:

  • You can not choose embossed wallpaper, even if the pattern on such wallpaper is perfect for you, yet you should give them up and choose a material with a perfectly smooth structure.
  • The material on the furniture facades should be easily cleaned from any contamination.
  • The materials used for the flooring should also not have a fleecy structure, the best option is ceramic tile or its combination with laminate.

In fact, in addition to pasting the corridor with beautiful and practical vinyl wallpaper, there are other modern ways of finishing.

On the walls in the interior of the hallway look such types of finishes as:

  • Decorative plaster of gentle pastel tones.
  • Ceramic and tile tiles.
  • Wall panels from natural materials (wood, bamboo).
  • Artificial stone or decorative brickwork.
  • Coloring paint waterproof paint.

The ceilings can be made suspended, stretched or leveled using plasterboard constructions, it all depends on the height of the room and on your preferences.

Remember the main rule - a light entrance hall in your house will require strict order and cleanliness from you, since it is according to the state of the corridor that you will judge the owner of the house, therefore select only such materials that will help you observe this golden rule.

Furniture and lighting

To make your light hallway cozy, you also need to choose the right furniture. As a rule, the hallway is not made to overload with a large number of various furniture, here you need to strictly adhere to the general harmony in the design and functionality, which is vested in the furniture:

  • If the room is spacious enough and its area allows you to fit a large closet with many shelves and compartments for storing clothes and household items, you should not refuse this possibility. This will help you maintain cleanliness and order, which is very important for a room decorated in bright colors.
  • It would be nice to place a closet with mirror facades in a small area of ​​the hall, this will help to visually make the room more spacious and fill it with additional light reflected from the mirror surface.
  • In the spacious corridor, decorated in the style of classic or baroque, elegant white wrought-iron benches or a small sofa fit well. The presence of such furniture is desirable to maintain by placing on the wall a large beautiful mirror in a white wrought-iron frame, as well as wall sconces with a similar wrought base.

Lighting in the corridor should also be given special attention.

Even in a bright room, in the absence of natural light sources, problems with full and eye-catching lighting may arise.

First you need to decide on the central ceiling chandelier, choosing it according to the style of the chosen design and, depending on the size of the room.

If the main light is not enough, then you need to think about the location of additional lamps that can be placed above the cabinet, near the mirror and at the front door. It can be both recessed LED strip, and all sorts of wall lights and sconces.

Also in the interior design you can make small decorative elements with mirror surfaces that will help fill the room with additional reflected light.

To save energy, you can install sensors in the hallway that react to movement and automatically turn on and off the light in the corridor.

We create coziness

Of course, each of us has our own preferences and understanding of beauty, so you need to be guided by your own taste when designing the corridor. But it is also necessary to remember that the hallway should be as comfortable and convenient for all family members as possible. As a rule, in the hallway we store outerwear, outdoor shoes, bags and umbrellas, so in the hall there should certainly be a convenient and functional place for all these accessories.

In a small room with a non-standard layout, you can correct the situation by purchasing modular furniture, which is a kind of designer.

Among the main advantages of such furniture are the following items:

  • Increased compactness of the elements.
  • The possibility of combining items.
  • Ease of permutation.
  • A variety of designs.

Elements of modular furniture can be made in one color, or differ in shades, it will help to create exactly your style in the interior.

Remember that even in a spacious corridor you should not place massive or cabinet furniture, this will make the room loaded and uncomfortable.

Furniture in no way should not interfere with the free movement of households, while it is necessary to take into account the free opening of all doors in cabinets, cabinets and drawers.

Small but expensive accessories will help you to decorate the room and add comfort - family photos, picturesque paintings, decorative collections of souvenirs from different countries and cities.

Remember that a hall decorated in bright colors will immediately make your whole apartment or house comfortable, filling it with freshness and spaciousness, you will want to return to such a house after exhausting working days again and again.

And right from the threshold you will be met by the soft comfort of your beloved home.

Even more options for the interior of the light hallway are presented in this video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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