Classic style hallways: rigor and restraint

The classic style in the hallway, and indeed throughout the apartment, is very relevant today, since the classics are always in fashion, and such an interior is quite simple to create thanks to the availability of ready-made solutions in catalogs. In addition, the hallway will look better in the classics due to the restraint of this style.

It should be noted that the classic style is considered to be strict, but at the same time elegant. It is characterized by light or pastel colors and elements of luxury.

Special features

It is important to emphasize that the hall in your house is his face, so its interior plays a primary role. After all, it affects the overall impression, which will produce the look of the house. A hallway in classic design or neoclassic should also be combined with the rest of the house or apartment.

This style is mostly suitable for people who can afford luxurious comfort and prefer a refined interior. They feel well the fine line between aesthetics and kitsch.

However, classics in an ordinary apartment of a multi-storey building still mean something more simplistic than a luxurious palace interior.

The absence of unnecessary objects and a large number of decorations favorably distinguishes the strict and classical style of the interior. For such a style, a well-placed rectangular shape with a large number of mirrors and a variety of niches is well suited.

The main features of this style are also restrained and muted tones, furniture made from natural materials, a large amount of lighting, elements of stucco molding and walls in the form of textured surfaces, the presence of symmetry. This style is also distinguished by curly wood carving, marble tiles, embossing and decorative elements.

This interior style is excellent for large areas.

Choosing wallpaper for your hallway, you should focus on the glossy textures.

Relatively speaking, this style can be divided into men's and women's classics.Male classic style distinguishes brutality and pomp, which is well suited for offices and billiard rooms. For all other rooms, including the hallway, suitable female classics.

However, at present, it is rare to find a room decorated only in the masculine or only in the female classical style. Most often there is a harmonious combination. It should be noted that, for example, a wardrobe for a hallway in this style is equipped not with doors, but with a showcase. Modern furniture in the neoclassical style can serve you for decades.

All of the above features of the classic style also apply to your hallway. Often with this style it is equipped with luxurious and large mirrors and wrought-iron details. Also hallways equip with ancient architectural elements.

Summing up the intermediate result, we can say that this style is distinguished by universality and high cost of furnishing. The classic style is quite beautiful and aesthetic, but at the same time, not all people can afford it.

Furniture and materials

The classics are distinguished by the presence of expensive solid furniture from natural materials, such as wood, stone,metal, etc. For the hallway in this style in the repair, construction and decoration are also used natural materials.

Also for such a style can apply artificial quality materials that imitate natural well.

It is worth saying that for easier cleaning of your hallway, the materials used should not have prominent relief and should not accumulate dirt in themselves.

At the same time, high-quality plaster mixes, paper or fabric wallpaper and water-based paint with a plain matte composition are used for finishing materials. Also for the walls of the hallway using wood panels or moisture-proof wallpaper.

For the floor in this style is characterized by the use of marble or imitation of it. Also used parquet with imitation of natural wood, laminate or ceramic tile. And for the ceiling use stucco, multi-level construction of plasterboard or stretch ceilings.

When choosing lighting for the hallway, chandeliers with conic outlines and floristic motifs are used. One of the attributes of the classic style is a figured wooden table with carvings, located under a large mirror.

You can use the following furniture: a wardrobe with mirrored doors, a simple wardrobe for the hallway, a wardrobe with a showcase instead of doors, a chest of drawers, a banquette chair and an ottoman.

The choice of a particular furniture depends only on the size of your room. For example, a small sofa and chairs are relevant only if the size of the hallway is very significant. However, the furniture should have clear lines and tangible symmetry.

Currently, the classic hallway should be distinguished by functionality.

However, for the classics in the hallway is not taken at the same time to use a lot of furniture. You should also add that such modern finishing materials as laminate, drywall and stretch ceilings - this is rather the so-called neoclass.


It should be noted that the main colors of the hallway in a classic style are low-key pastel and light colors. Bright and colorful details, as well as color blotches for classics are unacceptable. Calm and natural warm shades are well suited to this style. For example, beige, blue, sand, wood, cream, pistachio or flax will be very relevant.

It should also be emphasized that a maximum of three colors should be combined with each other, and the two-color combination is the most common.In this case, one color becomes accent, which make up a variety of textiles, and the other - the main, it is selected from warm shades. For the general background, white is often chosen using contrasting furniture in natural tones. The floor must match the color of the walls.

One of the variants of color solutions for the hallway in the classical style is the use of a neutral scale.


At registration of an interior of a hall in classical style a large amount of warm lighting is used. In addition to the general light sources, also used point.

As the design elements of the walls in an apartment or house, a stencil pattern is used. Also in the classic design often used forged or chased products and stucco, figured wooden furniture or tall plants in pots. Also do not forget about the small elements of fittings and should pay a little attention to the choice of door handles, sockets and other details.

When making a design, one should be aware of the presence of symmetry and a composition center in the interior. This can be achieved with a mirrored wall. Although it should be said that the use of such a center is not always justified and depends on the size of the room.

When choosing fabrics should focus on floral ornaments.The walls of the hallway are zoned with decorative frames. Geometric patterns can also be used on the floor. This is done in order to avoid the monotony of white color background. Also for the decoration of the walls or ceiling used painting.

An essential element of the hallway in this style is a large and beautiful mirror, allowing at the same time visually expanding the space. Various accessories are also often used, such as antiques, vases, figurines, paintings or massive floor clocks.

Among the furniture for a classic-style hallway, a typical choice is a wardrobe or a closet, a bedside table for shoes, a bench or a dresser, and a large full-length mirror.

It must be emphasized that this style is well suited for the design of large areas. Classic style is distinguished by luxury and quality, so you can not save with this choice of interior design. However, even in a small corridor of an ordinary apartment, you can equip a classic economy-class style.

Registration in this way will be very important. And it can be very diverse with this style.After all, the classic style of the interior for many years of its existence, managed to acquire many distinctive features. You can arrange in a classic style not only your apartment, but also a country house or cottage.

Options in the interior

It should also be said that the classic style is well suited for a small apartment with a narrow and long corridor. After all, this style implies restraint and minimalism, which will be very useful for a small hallway. In it you can safely use arched openings.

And for the visual distinction of a large hallway in a private house, you can also use the colonnade.

Here is a typical example of a hallway, made in a classic style. Flowers in vases, a table lamp and a chandelier candelabrum are used as accessories. To visually increase the space on the wall hang two large mirrors. The walls and the ceiling are made in light beige tones, and such individual interior elements as banquettes and doors contrast with the general background.

Another example of a similar hallway. Here the room is narrow, and therefore to increase the space used a huge mirror on the entire side wall.Wardrobes are built into another wall. Jewelry and accessories are missing as such. The general color scale is light. The door stands out.

And one more example. A large open space of the room, decorative moldings on the wall, a full-length mirror, additional lighting in the form of lamps and bright colors in the interior allow us to conclude that we have before us a beautiful and luxurious interior in the classical style.

Here is a hallway in the form of a narrow corridor with a large side mirror wall hiding a closet. On the opposite wall there are photo wallpapers, which very well complement the overall style. The lighting is made in the form of a chandelier-chandelier and a wall lamp-candle. In the center of the corridor is used arch.

In this video, you will see a design option for an apartment in a classic style:

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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