Loft style hallways: interior features

As a rule, the loft style is designed for spacious and bright rooms, however rooms in apartments may not always have large dimensions. And in order to make the hall in this style will have to try well. But such a feature of this style, as the minimum use of furniture in the interior, will allow you to arrange the hall in the style of a loft. This style is associated with the lack of any boundaries, so when installing furniture you can not put it too close to each other.

Style features

Modern style loft appeared in the last century and is popular in our days. He came from America. Initially, in such a style it was decided to design premises similar to attics, abandoned factories or warehouses. A feature of this style is minimalism in the design of the room, freedom and spaciousness.Usually for decoration in this style uses a large and bright room. By dividing the space into zones, the room becomes functional, but at the same time remains light and not loaded with furniture and various objects.

Another major quality of this style is large windows and high shelves in order to get as much light as possible into the room. With this combination of features it is convenient to arrange the room as two main areas: private and guest. The colors in which the loft style is made always correspond to natural colors or pastel. It is unacceptable that the room was colorful and bright.

The materials made under a tree, and also concrete, plaster, a stone, threw or a brick will well fit here as it is peculiar to this style to resemble a little industrial style.

Decor items, as a rule, have a special industrial spirit.which is so inherent in the loft style. These elements can be old metal pipes, ventilation grilles. The modern look will help to add to this style various tablets, advertising posters, walls, painted graffiti, various sculptures and paintings.Vintage furniture or decorative elements will also find their place in a room decorated in a loft style. The main reason why the loft style is so popular is the progressive urbanization. City life is the environment in which we exist, and this, of course, reflects on how we will decorate, decorate our housing.

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Furniture and materials

As mentioned earlier, the furniture in the hall in the style of a loft should be at a minimum, but it should be quite functional and practical. It is desirable that in such a hallway there was a mirror, because mirrors are one of the main elements of modern interior design. It will help to visually expand and increase the small space. This is especially true for small hallways, where there is so little light.

The mirror should not take up much space in the room. It is necessary to place it so that it complements the interior and is in harmony with the furniture.

For the style of loft fits simple and not frilly furniture, without any decor or texture. It is better to opt for furniture that is made of plastic or wood.A small wardrobe is suitable for a spacious entrance hall, and shelves and a chest of drawers are suitable for a small one. For a loft-style hallway, it is common for furniture to blend in color with wall decorations.

It is important that the colors do not stand out bright, and had a neutral shade. You can focus on any one element of the interior decor.

Sometimes they are found in sofas or armchairs that are small in size. They must be made from natural materials such as leather or textiles. You can choose absolutely any shades of colors, but it is recommended to observe the colors set according to the general interior palette, or combine shades of black and white or even red, if the design involved an aggressive loft. If you want to put an ottoman, it is better to change it to the box, made under the seat. It looks absolutely no worse, takes up less space and places into itself a lot of useful things that will not take up much space. Instead of a cabinet, you can install racks that will hold all the necessary things and free up space. The main thing is that all the compartments of the rack were not visible, but hidden.

Glass on furniture should be frosted, replace them with mirrors. All decorative elements must be made under wood or metal. If you have enough space in the hallway, you can equip it with a bench, ottoman or stool. Also note that the light in the hallway should be quite a lot, but if it is not enough, install hanging lamps or floor lamps in the hallway. They will be well combined with the overall style of your hallway.

Loft is one of those styles that is aimed at active people. Therefore, if you have a bicycle, be sure to install a stand in the hallway for it, because it will fit well into such an interior.

It should be noted that this style can be original even in such austerity and simplicity, so feel free to experiment with the design and improve your hall in the style of a loft.


When decorating the walls of the hallway in the style of a loft you must adhere to the basic rules. Firstly, it must be a brick or plaster, which is applied to the wall of concrete.

As a rule, with a white brick, any finishing materials will be combined, but for this you can only arrange one wall of the room. If you have any problems with masonry, use materials that imitate brick.You can also use unusual wallpaper with the image of natural materials. This technique will give the room originality.

In the large hallway, use plaster or concrete in the design of the walls, which can be painted in any color. With this you will give the walls the look that this loft style requires. For a small room, use mirrors. You can even make a completely mirror wall. This will add more light to your hallway and make it wider.

Loft style does not tolerate any complex and loaded componentsThe exception is not the decoration of walls and ceilings. Stop on the most simple and uncomplicated materials, combine them with each other. When compiling material, be sure to take into account the fact that the colors of all surfaces of the room should be combined with each other. Materials use in this style natural and eco-friendly. The floor should certainly be made of wood, but since this option is very expensive, replace it with a laminate or linoleum.

When decorating a room, you can use metal or wood imitated elements: various frames for paintings and photographs, figurines, futuristic sculptures and designs.


If you started repairing in your corridor, then it will not be difficult for you to arrange it in the loft style even with your own hands. To decorate the walls, choose natural stone of white or red color, since the surface should look extremely simple. Another option is to paint the wall or apply a plaster or “liquid wallpaper” on it. This wall can be decorated with some interesting details, such as paintings, posters, calendars or photographs. The ceiling can also be left concrete and made of wooden beams, and to create the impression that you have an attic, the ceiling can be sheathed with wood. Such details in the interior are peculiar to the style of the loft.

In order to fit the furniture you need in such a corridor, it is recommended to purchase only built-in wardrobes for outerwear and things, as well as shelves for shoes. Cabinets, cabinets, poufs, sofas made of leather can be purchased with wheels to easily move them to the right place or change the interior to suit your mood. Very relevant at the moment is the division of the room into zones using furniture, if the size of the room allows you to do so.The bright colors of the furniture and walls are exactly what is inherent in the loft style. Such a color palette will make your corridor cozy, spacious, bright and modern.

Also in this industrial style, the use of antique furniture is important; you can additionally apply this technique when finishing the floor or walls.

Interior options

You should consider in detail how you can arrange the interior design in the style of a loft. In the first version, you can choose a specific color scheme for the design of your hallway. It can be not only light shades, you can also use brown or beige tones. Furniture in the hallway can be purchased in such colors. Also the main focus in the room can be heating pipes that do not need to be closed. They can be painted the color of the metal, and thus they will, on the contrary, emphasize the industrial style of the loft.

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In the second version, you can not be afraid of using large-sized furniture in this style. The sliding wardrobe will fit perfectly into your hall. You can also install a bench and shelves for shoes, and a large metal chandelier will make the hallway bright and original.For such a design, a mirror or a clock on the wall will be suitable so that the design does not seem too simple.

Colors in the interior must be designed in the style of a loft, otherwise the hallway will seem overloaded with details.

For the corridor, which does not differ in its large dimensions, you can also develop your own design in the style of a loft. Everything will depend on the layout of the home. If it is non-standard, a closet with mirrors and a ceiling lighting will suit you. In order to save space on the walls, you can install hangers or shelves for upper items and hats. Thus, you can beat a room of various sizes in this style. Light finish and proper lighting will give an attractive view to narrow corridors, rooms with stairs, as well as ordinary rooms.

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For rooms with a large area loft style will be very useful. In spacious and bright apartments, you can beat this style in different ways. To give the hallway an unusual look, you can combine decor items in street style with any vintage pieces of furniture. The wall can be made in black, but in order for it to harmoniously fit into the interior, it is necessary to install additional light sources on it in the form of wall lamps.The black color in this interior is quite appropriate, since the emphasis was placed on details, for example, on a picture or a mirror on this wall. Brick walls and wooden joist designs are all that characterize this style.

The main components of the loft style are natural materials and colors, as well as metal elements of decor: textiles, matched to the colorless, but expensive furniture, wooden or metal stairs, wooden coverings - all this will perfectly fit into any room, even the smallest. Loft is inherent in minimalism, it makes it special for those people who prefer simplicity, brevity, restraint, accuracy and order in interior design. Remember that the loft style can not be used in rooms with low ceilings, but if you really want, it is best to make small inlays of the loft to the traditional interior, and not to make the room entirely industrial. In small rooms there is a risk to create not a room under the attic, but a basement effect.

How to make a hall in the style of "loft" with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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