We make the hall in the style of "Provence"

 We make out a hall in style Provence

Provence is an organic combination of natural motifs and elements with the achievements of modern trends. A distinctive feature of the style is the combination of natural materials with technical devices. Provence is ideal for any premises, including hallways.

Style features

Provence - rustic style, reproduced in the French interpretation. It is universal, it has luxury and simplicity, modern and natural. Pastel shades are complemented by wicker furniture, textiles, natural wood.

Designers have the following style features:

  • Daylight. Provence implies a large number of windows. However, in the hallway there are no such opportunities.For this purpose, lamps are used - wall, spot, floor. The more lighting, the better.
  • Color spectrum. Only light shades are presented. Popular lavender, turquoise, blue, dusty rose, delicate light green, beige shades. Virtually no dark tones are used.
  • The materials for the walls are natural. It can be textured plaster, simple dyeing, wooden lining, rarely - wallpaper and only with floral motifs.
  • Flooring - wood, parquet, tile, laminate, carpet.
  • Furniture - made of wood, reed, rattan. Variants of other materials will stand out from the general style. Combined models with glass and metal inserts will not work.
  • Furniture and accessories decor - simple, not fanciful, as if all the details were transported from a simple village house.
  • Design - light, airy, for example, floral print, natural textiles. This creates a romantic and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Provence can be combined with other styles - rustic, chebbi-chic, country. They are consonant and have one ideological focus. But the elements of hi-tech, modern and pop art will not fit into the village motifs.

Experts pay attention to a number of positive aspects of Provence style:

  • This is the easiest style to put into practice. Accessories, materials, furniture are easy to find in stores.
  • A pleasant color palette has an emotionally calming effect on the psyche. Gentle shades do not irritate the visual receptors, it is pleasant to be in the room, I want to return there as often as possible.
  • The use of environmentally friendly materials has a positive effect on health and general well-being.

There are some drawbacks to this direction:

  • Due to its popularity, it may seem beaten and "pop." But on the other hand, in Provence make out either bedrooms or kitchens. The hall in rustic style will look original and fresh.
  • If you get too carried away with decorating, you can end up with a pitiful parody of Provence, resembling a storeroom in the country. In this regard, it is recommended to carefully treat the decorations of the room.

Furniture and materials

The theater starts from the lobby, and the apartment or house starts from the hallway. The hallway serves two purposes - a functional role and a display of the taste of the owners. Therefore, it is important to arrange this part of the dwelling comfortably and beautifully.

One of the main points that is worth paying attention to is the furniture. There are two options for the development of events. The first is the acquisition of new stylized or artificially aged objects. The second is the use of furniture with a history that will create the perfect design, imbued with the spirit of the times. Such interior items are sold at flea markets, flea markets. Each option is appropriate and is able to create an amazing Provencal style interior.

Experts identify the following features of the choice of furniture:

  • It is necessary to fill the corridor with furniture wisely, without overloading the space. The number of items is minimal, but everything you need.
  • The materials used are wood or metal. Forged furniture should not be evenly dyed to create the illusion of antiquity and vintage.
  • Shades of furniture - light. They are ideal for hallways and corridors. Furniture in oak sonoma color looks elegant, discreet, blending in with style. Contrast brown color will warm you with warmth and depth, will make the necessary accents.
  • The front door is in unison with the main color scheme or in the same palette with other elements.
  • The accessories must have no glitter and golden hue, only dullness with artificial aging.
  • Obligatory attribute of a hall - a hanger from a natural tree with metal hooks.
  • Instead of a hanger, you can put a closet without a mirror, next to place an old chest of drawers. It is not necessary that it fulfill its direct function, it can become an accessory that emphasizes the overall style.
  • An important element is a mirror. In the Provencal style, the mirror is framed in a metal frame and hung on the wall. Next to the mirror is a sofa or bench, sitting on which is convenient to put on shoes.

Provence provides endless possibilities for decorating furniture with their own hands. It will not be difficult to give a new life to the old dresser. For this, the surface of the furniture is sanded (sandpaper or sanding machine is used), primed with a special compound, then painted in the main color with acrylic paint with a wide brush with careless strokes.

For the effect of aging, experts advise using craquelure lacquers, which create cracks, and sandpaper, leaving scuffs, as if formed over time.

How to paint a chest of drawers in the technique of aging, see the following video.


There is a range of colors that are most preferred in Provence:

  • The main one is white. This is the color of the foundation. It is profitable for the hallway, as it will visually expand the area of ​​the hallway, fill the room with light and lightness.
  • Beige is universal. It is calm and goes well with any shades.
  • Pastel colors - mint, peach, yellow, dusty rose, olive, light brown, lilac, light blue, lavender.
  • Green, soft black, red, faded blue and yellow are the colors for accents, they will refresh the room, will add brightness.

An interesting nuance when working with shades - they should not flow from one to another, to be an interconnected continuation. The main task of each color is to stand out on a white background.


Do it yourself repair - even at the cottage, in an apartment or private house always takes a lot of time, effort, finances.

To sustain the general idea of ​​Provence and the country close to it, Designers identify two requirements for the design of the hallways in the Provencal style:

  • Use only natural materials - wood, stone, textiles.
  • The materials must be practical and of high quality, since the hallway is a room where they walk in dirty shoes, they leave strollers, scooters, bicycles.

Experts advise that the walls of the hallway and the corridor should be covered with plaster of light colors, imposing it in uneven layers, this will give a look of negligence. Less often, the room is decorated with wallpaper, but they should be pastel shades with a concise and inconspicuous pattern. For example, floral ornaments, a cell, strips will fit into Provence.

The flooring is wooden parquet. A more suitable replacement is laminate. Obligatory condition - matte coating, any shine is excluded. Another option is ceramic tile. She laid out in the form of patterns.

The third spatial element is the ceiling. It should be a logical conclusion to the tandem of the walls and the floor. You can simply whitewash the ceiling, decorate it with wood or install wooden beams.

The finishing touches are lighting and accessories. Good lighting with correctly placed light sources will accentuate the beauty of the Provencal hallway. Suitable ceiling chandeliers, sconces with wooden and metal decor, wall lamps.Accessories occupy a special place in the interior of the hall in the spirit of France. Used vintage items, modern items artificially aged.

To create a cozy hallway is filled with a large number of cute trinkets. These can be woven baskets, elegant wire coasters, photo frames, flowerpots with flowers, wooden caskets made using decoupage technique, figurines, dried flowers in high vases. In the hallway in the country, designers advise to arrange tables, baskets, small lockers.

In the matter of decorating the hallway with accessories, the main principle is restraint and balance, it is not worth cluttering up the room, which later will only serve as a “dust collector”.

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Options in the interior

Provence is a romantic, light, casual style that reminds of naive provincialism in the good sense of the word. He returns to natural materials, gives the field for creativity in creating accessories. A selection of photos will show how you can arrange a passer-by in the Provencal style in a stylish and original way.

  • Laconic hall - nothing superfluous, only minimalistic Provence.Stylized antique furniture is organically combined with plastered walls and the floor, lined with ceramic granite. There are very few accessories - live plants and a candle, but they accurately set the mood of the room, adding warmth and comfort to it.
  • This interior clearly shows how to properly combine the main white color with brown and muted black. There are no smooth transitions, each zone is clearly highlighted. Wall - brickwork, walls and ceiling - white plaster, floor - tile with wooden inserts. Stylishly look lamps on the walls and a small white headset with integrated ottoman.
  • Beautiful bright entrance hall in white and blue colors - this combination will not leave guests indifferent. The decoration is the simplest - painted walls, on the floor - laminate, a set of several items. Accents create a picture and a symbol of Provence - a bunch of lavender.
  • A huge bright entrance hall with a large window is the dream of any hostess. There is little white color, but the balance is maintained with elements of other styles. The hallway is made in calm deep colors, giving peace and tranquility. Softness and warmth emphasize wall sconces.
Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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