What could be the built-in hallway?

The hallway is exactly the room that meets and sees off everyone who comes to visit you. And the hallway has a functional load - you can put a lot of necessary things into it, despite the small area.

Unfortunately, in many modern apartments the entrance hall is usually small and there is little light in it. Therefore, sometimes it requires the help of experienced designers to correct or literally change the design of the hallway: to expand the walls, raise the ceiling, think over the lighting and change the texture of the walls.


One of the best options is arranging your small hallway with a closet built into a niche or wall. Nowadays, almost everything can be “built in” - from wardrobes to hallways or walk-in closets.

The advantages of such a built-in hallway are obvious: saving space by using existing niches, the possibility of increasing the cabinet itself - from floor to ceiling.The number of shelves can also be installed, depending on your preferences, and sliding doors will save additional space.

The cabinet in the hallway can be installed without a rear or side wall, depending on which part of the hallway it will be installed. Built-in furniture with numerous shelves - ideal for any hallway.


One of the inexpensive and very popular options for the arrangement of the hallway can be wall panels made of MDF or plastic, imitating marble or wood. These cabinets are comfortable and do not require special care, they are easy to clean.

If you have high hopes for your hallway, use decorative stone for walls, and let the cabinet doors be mirrored.

Mirrors have the ability to "deepen" the space and increase the visual footage of the room.

A natural wood entrance hall is much more expensive than the previous ones and looks great in more or less spacious rooms. An alternative can be furniture made of veneered slabs, which apparently is no different from natural wood. True, it is much more expensive than the laminated product.

In cabinets, you can use the elements of decor made of metal, plastic or glass.


The built-in hallway in a small space requires special rules of "location". The main requirement in this case is minimalism. For example, a cabinet is not more than 45 centimeters deep. And best of all, a wardrobe without a back wall, in which you can easily arrange various shelves and all kinds of hangers.

Baskets and drawers located at the bottom of the built-in furniture will help to arrange there various necessary trifles and accessories. It is recommended to place a mirror in a small hallway, this will make your room cozy and original.

It is desirable that in the same place managed to place a shelf for shoes, a mezzanine for storing seasonal items in your built-in design.

A good idea would be to combine the cabinet with the side wall of the hallway, with the result that one of the panels of the cabinet can become a door to the next room.

It will look great built-in wardrobe and a spacious hallway. Volumetric, with sliding doors, it can become a “center” figure in the interior design. In the large hallway, a stand-alone mirror will ideally fit into which anyone leaving the house can look at full height.

If the size of the mirror is small, then it can be placed above the dresser.


Many of us often have doubts about the color of the built-in hallway - which one is better to choose, so that the room does not seem small and approaches the interior.

Designers do not advise choosing built-in cabinets of dark colors: they can make a dark room, create the effect of bulky filling the hallway.

Choose light colors or natural wood. The doors of the built-in wardrobe can be decorated with photo printing, be made of colored plastic. Mirror doors with sandblasted pattern or color matting are very popular.

The sand-colored bamboo facade is a good solution for any small hall. Doors from the stained glass window can be a stylish solution - different colors that make up the main drawing will add mood and suit any color of wallpaper.

Thanks to the use of different colors in the hallway, even a small space can be zoned, which will make it possible to use square meters more efficiently.

Design Ideas and Style

There is no definite design style for a hallway - everyone has the right to choose the one that he likes.But experts still recommend decorating the hallway in the same styles as the other rooms: you can change the color scheme, but all rooms should be designed in a single interior or harmoniously complement each other:

  • If your hallway is very small, there is no place for luxury: minimalism or high-tech will be the best option. And, of course, the mass of built-in furniture and mirror surfaces.
  • In some cases, and, more precisely, the hallways in the “Khrushchev”, an ascetic atmosphere is welcomed: a lot of coat hooks, a small shoe rack and preferably built-in shelves or a bench where you can fold various small things.
  • The minimalist furniture set can also be used in the country style: light-colored wall decorations, a built-in small wood-colored cabinet and a dark floor covering.
  • The cozy interior will be created also by the walls painted white, which will be emphasized by the built-in versions of the shelves of the light color.
  • The hall in Provence style suggests “aged” furniture with metal fittings, white or beige cabinets.
  • Modern style, which will give your hallway an unforgettable look - this is the original design, natural colors and a lot of floral ornaments.
  • In classic style, built-in wardrobes with mirror doors that will adequately decorate a long hallway with a corridor look perfect.

Decor and lighting

The special decor of any built-in hall is doors, sliding or hinged, from floor to ceiling, decorated with various decorative elements. The pattern on the cabinet doors can be made of gold or silver foil. The decor is bright accessories, vinyl sticker, photo printing.

Corner patterns will give a highlight to your built-in furniture, as well as stained glass film, giving a unique decorative effect. Yes, and the very location of the cabinet, for example, a corner or pencil case, can be an ornament to your hallway. Radial cabinet with frosted doors can smooth out all the irregularities and shortcomings of your living space.

Well, and, of course, coverage, which in some cases "dictates the rules." Usually in the hallway there is no natural light, with the exception of country houses or cottages. Therefore, only the ceiling lighting is not enough, you need to "illuminate" any other area, for example, at the mirror.

The abundance of light will never be over.In the case of a narrow corridor, the light should be directed at the walls, not at the ceiling.

If your apartment is not high enough walls, the light must be directed to the ceiling, visually "pulling" the walls. If the amount of light is not enough for you, install additional lighting in the niches or under the paintings.

At the end of a long corridor in your hallway must be present "beacon", in this case, the corridor will seem less elongated.

If there are niches in your hallway, then the lights in them are the perfect solution. The sconces or original lamps located in them will add charm indoors.


Furniture in your built-in hallway is chosen, depending on the style, and, of course, square meters. Depending on the size of the room, you can put in it not only a lot of different convenient devices, but also the most necessary amount of furniture:

  • For example, a sofa is a very comfortable piece of furniture that fits perfectly into a spacious hall. Padded stools in front of the mirror, comfortable stand for shoes will create a cozy atmosphere in the room.
  • In a narrow design it is necessary to install furniture that is compact and functional.And light shades to "expand" the appearance of the meter. You can use fun shades - bright yellow, olive, striped.
  • The main element of the narrow hallway is a built-in wardrobe. You can try to install a shoe rack in it, except for standard hangers. The doors of such a cabinet should be translucent or with mirror inserts. If the cabinet does not fit into the hallway, an alternative may be built-in shelves for hats and shoes.
  • As hangers, you can nailed on the wall originally decorated, stylized hangers for clothes.
  • The built-in shelves can also be installed under the ceiling if the number of free square meters is close to zero.

Additional room

Even a small hallway can be divided into several zones, which can serve as additional rooms and perform various functions. For example, a place where you can store only shoes so that it does not catch the eye.

You can adjust the location of the zones with the help of furniture: you can arrange a dressing area around the corner of the cabinet, a shelf for shoes can be placed behind the dresser.Thus, it is possible to allocate a small area for a dressing room - the built-in small corner cabinet is quite suitable for this purpose. In this case, sliding models are ideal: the same shoe stands can be folded.

If there is no room for it, then install a cabinet - it will be useful in order to sit on it, and the drawers built into it will be an ideal place to store some of the things.

In the old apartments in the hallway already made an additional room - pantry. If it is not there, then installing it will be a reasonable solution. If the hallway already has a niche, then you can install built-in shelves there and install the door.

In the case of a long corridor, you can isolate the storage room with a plasterboard partition with a door. In the extreme case, a built-in pantry is suitable, where it is convenient to store the workpiece for the winter.

Useful stuff

In addition to the necessary furniture in the hallway, do not forget about the little things:

  • For example, housekeepermounted on the wall is a useful and very convenient thing. Made in the original style, it will become a bright spot in the design and keep order in your keys. Some housekeepers can be equipped with separate shelves for correspondence. Keyboard with mirrors - a great gift for a housewarming party.
  • Ottomanwhich is necessary when changing shoes is a great addition to the hallway interior. Many products are equipped with a flip top, and inside the pouf you can store removable slippers or shoe creams.
  • Compact baskets for clothes or various accessories complement the appearance of the hallway. In such baskets you can put seasonal hats, elements of garden utensils and much more.
  • Very comfortable umbrella stand - a great accessory for your hallway. Made of various materials, this stand can be a “stylish” thing and very useful in rainy weather.


And a few more useful recommendations:

  • To the hallway had a complete appearance, be sure to lay in her door mat. This is an indispensable element of the decor in winter and autumn. The rug can be replaced with a mat or the floor tiles, which is very convenient to wash.
  • In case the shelf for shoes does not suit you for any reasons, install wooden trays with sides for shoes. So, your room will not look untidy, and the floor will avoid dirty stains.
  • If your apartment has a very small kitchen, you can use the hallway meters, for example, put a refrigerator there.However, remember that he needs a heat sink, so you can not put this appliance very close to the wall. And in order not to “stand out” too much in an unfamiliar environment, you can disguise it with a vinyl film that looks like wallpaper or furniture in a single color scheme.
  • If the hallway is a small chest of drawers, then its surface can be used to store many necessary things: keys, letters, hats or cosmetics.

Successful examples and options

If the hallway seems to you gloomy and gloomy, “revive” its original color of the door, for example, yellow. Such a bright spot will be the "center" in your interior.

Books can be placed on the shelves of the built-in wardrobe-case, which significantly saves space in the hall or living room. Not enough shelves and space for them? Use the furniture built into the "Khrushchev" with a mezzanine, made by hand. A small cabinet under the ceiling with separate shelves and doors harmoniously fit into any interior.

It is not necessary to order it in the store, you can do it yourself - cheaply and with imagination.

What you need for this:

  • Chipboard or plywood;
  • various fastening elements;
  • small wooden bars;
  • drill.

After you install the design under the ceiling, you can decorate it with various elements of decor, matching the color background of the room.

Niches in the hallway, which do not carry any functional load, can play the role of decor: properly selected halogen lamps and small sculptures installed in the niches will make the design of your hallway unique.

How to make a mezzanine with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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