Finishing a country house basement siding under stone

The decoration of the socles and facades of architectural structures is carried out with the help of various materials, which not only give the houses an attractive appearance, but also provide reliable protection against the penetration and destructive action of moisture and changes in ambient temperature.

The socle siding under a stone belongs to number of such materials. Due to the high decoration and functional characteristics, it saves the architectural structure from a variety of negative impacts.


Basement siding panels are made from high quality raw materials. Manufacturers are trying to surprise consumers with their own manufacturing technology, however, they usually use the same components: polymeric materials, modifiers, natural talc and additives.

Due to the acrylic coating, the shade of the panels will not change under the influence of ultraviolet (which other materials for the basement cannot distinguish).

In addition, the siding under a stone has many advantages.

  • Due to the improved method of production and the use of special additives, the finished product has greater plasticity, moisture resistance and resistance to high and low ambient temperatures.
  • The advantage of ground siding over natural stone lies in the fact that the first is resistant to the growth of moss and mold, does not lend itself to corrosion processes and does not change over time.
  • The service life of this material is 45 years. It can be installed at sub-zero temperatures, which cannot be done with plastic panels. Siding does not produce an unpleasant chemical smell, very durable.
  • Compared with other facing materials, siding is cheaper.
  • Easy to care. The texture of the basement siding panels does not play a special role, the material can be washed with running water.
  • In most cases, such a lining does not need to be replaced and repaired.

But if for any reason the panels were deformed, then only the damaged element will need to be replaced.


It’s not so easy to find the negative side of a basement siding under stone, However, for a few moments you should pay attention to the purchase.

  • Limit in color. Since the panels are externally stylized as natural stone, it is not always possible to choose a shade to taste. However, if you did not manage to choose a suitable design in the catalogs of stores, you can directly contact the manufacturer and order the color of the panels at your discretion. The price of such a product will be higher, and whether the buyer should decide whether to overpay for such a service.
      • Despite the fact that the panels perfectly resist various loads and the negative impact of environmental factors, it is not necessary to expect fire resistance. Since the main material for manufacturing is plastic, the panel will quickly melt if you act on it with fire, and therefore you should not make fire or burn garbage near the house.
      • If installed incorrectly, siding may crack.therefore, it is necessary to study all aspects of the installation of this material (if the installation will be done by own hands), or to entrust the work to professionals.


      Installation of basement panels under the stone can not begin without knowledge of what types of siding exist. Manufacturers currently offer four versions of panels that imitate natural stone.

      Each type of decoration basement architectural structure has its own characteristics, advantages, and in some cases and disadvantages.

      • Wood fiber. Siding panels are made from wood fibers. The result is a product that perfectly imitates a stone. The main advantage is environmental friendliness and absolute safety for human health.

      Can even be used for interior decoration of the building.

      • Vinyl panels. This type of panels produced with the addition of dyes. Due to this technology, vinyl products are distinguished by a wide range of colors and textures, so it is easy to find a material of an acceptable shade and imitation of a certain type of stone.
        • Sandwich panels. Facing material with excellent external characteristics and additional thermal insulation properties. They are a multi-layer construction. Natural stone in this case imitates the top decorative layer.
        • Polyurethane panels. A kind of stone plating, made of soft plastic, interspersed with marble chips. This facing is available to every consumer, it is of high quality, as a result, very popular.

        Manufacturing companies

        The modern market of facing materials is represented by various manufacturers. The most famous are:

        • AltaProfil. The quality characteristics of the basement siding of this brand meets all existing standards, and its cost is much lower than foreign counterparts.
        • Docke The company is a leader among the manufacturers of basement siding. Trademark products can be found in more than 260 cities around the world. It is of high quality, practicality and reasonable price.
        • "Dolomite". The company uses natural stone dolomite as a basis for production, hence the name of the company. All basement siding has a wide range of colors. Raw materials for the production of siding supplies leading European company, which is a guarantee of quality manufactured goods.
        • "Technician". The company is engaged in the production of plastic products.The brand also specializes in the creation of basement siding. The work of the brand is distinguished by the ratio of the excellent quality of facade panels and an acceptable cost. The emphasis is on the production of siding, imitating stone.
        • Nailite American trademark. The main assortment is made of brick and classic panels with imitation under the stone, the most in demand. The cost is much higher than the competition.
        • Russian organization "Aelit" It is engaged in the production of vinyl basement siding - high-quality and reliable material, which is used for cladding buildings under stone / brick.
        • Fineber - The largest Russian company has a large assortment of panels that occupy an average price niche. Brand products have the best price-quality ratio for consumers.
        • Nordside - the largest domestic manufacturer of facade materials. To create siding panels uses high-quality polymer blends eminent European suppliers. Nordside products are resistant to temperature extremes, adverse weather conditions and exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

        How to choose?

        When buying a siding for finishing a country house you need to consider several factors. High-quality lining should have excellent technical characteristics and high-quality surface without a single defect. Depending on the material of the panel performance, the level of its burnout in the sun is determined. This can tell every seller in the construction center.

        It is better to buy stone thermal panels in those organizations where the range of products is very large and you can choose the color, texture and size of the panels. In addition, the store must exist in the market of building materials for more than one year and have regular customers.

        The choice of product affects its size. Larger panels are mounted faster, but their cost is much more than smaller ones. You can always get special licenses and certificates for high-quality lining.

        Installation Features

        One of the decisive factors that influence the choice when buying a basement siding is the simplicity of its installation. Regardless of the texture, material, production and color, the panels can be laid personally, with minimal time and without the use of special tools.

        Even homeowners who have never done finishing work and do not have the slightest experience in the construction industry can cope with such work. For cladding, you will need a small set of instruments and equipment that most likely have in every home.

        Installation work is performed in a specific order.

        • At the first stage, sheathing is constructed from the metal profile. Siding panels are fixed to it with the help of screws. It is better to buy special fixing elements designed specifically for fastening polymeric materials.
        • It is necessary to make small gaps between the panels, since when the product is cooled or heated in different periods of the year, the panels may vary in size (by 3-5 mm).
        • A distance of 1-2 mm should be made between the panel and the cap of the screw.
        • Basement panels are not recommended to be installed at an ambient temperature below -5 ° C. And also manufacturers advise to keep siding in a warm room for several hours before installation.
          • To remove or trim the extra length of the panels, you need to use the grinder with the thinnest teeth.Thus, you can avoid unattractive chipping along the edges, which, as a rule, leaves behind the usual hand saw.
          • When buying siding under stone, you need to carefully examine the joints and edges of the panels. They must clearly match and have no defects. All types of ground siding under natural stone from reliable manufacturers have a well-thought-out connection in the form of special locks. Products are inserted into each other and clearly recorded. The following is inserted into the previous panel, and so on, until the facade of the house is completely covered with facing material.

            The job is pretty simple. The main thing - do not rush and do all the steps as carefully as possible.

            How to mount a socle siding, look in the following video.

            Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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