How to build a chicken coop for 10 chickens?

 How to build a chicken coop for 10 chickens?

Today, many people keep poultry on their plots. The most popular are, of course, chickens. For such living creatures it is necessary to build a high-quality and comfortable “dwelling”. If we are talking about arranging a small area, then here you can put a small shed for 10 birds. Make it possible to do it yourself.


For a small number of birds (5-10) it is quite possible to build a small, but no less comfortable barn. Such constructions are excellent solutions for small areas where there is no possibility to put a large structure.

Consider what types of small barns for chickens exist, and what kind of structure they have.

  • Coop with a free-range area. This construction is a small house for chickens, which stands separately. In this case, birds can absolutely freely wander around the area of ​​the existing site. This kind of chicken coop has one serious disadvantage - it is quite difficult to keep chickens under control, which is why they can spoil various objects in the territory, for example, flower beds. In addition, having built such a dwelling for the hens, you need to be prepared for the fact that their litter will be scattered throughout the site.
  • Combined. Many farmers are turning to combined types of chicken coops. These buildings are optimal if you want to keep the birds fully and correctly. The main thing is to build a room of the correct dimensions, as well as to allocate a sufficient area for walking the hens.
  • Closed type. Basically, such varieties of small-sized bird sheds are constructed from old greenhouses, which are no longer used for their primary purpose. The main difference of closed hen houses is that they have to be constantly cleaned of contamination. They are best suited for organizing a summer "dwelling" for layers.
  • Cells If the area of ​​your site does not allow you to build a full-fledged chicken coop even for a small number of birds, then on one of the walls of the shed or at home it is possible to install small hinged cages in which it will be possible to hold layers. These objects are located at a modest height and placed in several rows (one above the other). The area allocated for walking, with such a solution remains unoccupied or there is organized a small in size open-air cage for chickens. Such "dwellings" for poultry have proven themselves in the maintenance of meat breeds.
  • Mobile. Portable mini-hen houses are very popular today. Most often, they are compact summer houses that can be easily transferred from one place to another or transported using small wheels. Mobile options are designed to accommodate no more than 10 chickens. Usually they are made of light and non-capricious materials.


Building a high-quality and durable chicken coop is impossible without first drawing up a detailed project. An extremely important step in this case is the preparation of the scheme and drawing of the future construction - they must be accurate.Only having a detailed drawing of a chicken coop on hand, one can imagine the final result.

It is also worth remembering that a well-designed drawing of a poultry shed will provide an opportunity to develop a plan of necessary actions. To get a good result, experts do not advise to refer to ready-made schemes and plans. It is better to do the design yourself. It should take into account the features of the site on which construction is planned. Although if the experience in these matters is very small (or it is not at all), it is permissible to rely on the finished drawings. Using them, it will be possible to find out many different subtleties of the construction of the barn. If the chickens are in a very tight space, where they will be completely uncomfortable, this will necessarily have a negative impact on their productivity.

For example, for 3 chickens will need to allocate free space in 1 square. m (for sanitary standards). If we draw an analogy, then we can come to the conclusion that for 10 birds you will need to make a chicken coop with a size of no more than 2x2 m.

Where to place?

The coop must not only be properly designed, but also located in a suitable place on the site.When all the dimensions of the structure will be known, you can proceed to the selection of a suitable area for its construction.

In this situation, you should follow these rules:

  • pick a place that is dry - in conditions of high humidity, birds can seriously get sick;
  • the surface of the shed should be at a slight incline - it is necessary that in conditions of frequent rains, the accumulated water leaves the building as quickly as possible;
  • it is extremely important to make sure that the chosen place is well illuminated by sunlight;
  • it is advisable to have space for laying hens on the south side of the plot.

Do not expose the house directly on the ground. Remember that this construction should have a sufficiently strong base.

Selection of materials

It is equally important to correctly select the appropriate materials for the construction of a small chicken coop. From this criterion will depend on the service life of the construction, as well as its level of security. Light poultry houses it is desirable to build from wood. This natural building material is environmentally friendly. It contains no hazardous substances that can harm humans or animals. Working with him is easy.In addition, the insulation of a wooden structure usually takes not very large amounts, since the tree itself is a warm material.

It should be borne in mind that the walls of wood must be made of considerable thickness. In this case, they will not freeze if you use the house in the winter season. The wall width parameter should be about 20 cm.

If you are planning to build a major poultry house for all-season use, it is better to make it out of bricks. Such construction will turn out strong and reliable, but it will definitely need to be warmed. Otherwise, the chicken coop will turn out cold and in the winter season chickens in it will be completely uncomfortable. In many situations, the brick foundations inside are sheathed in wood. As a result, acceptable conditions for poultry are formed.

The only material that can not be used in the construction of the chicken coop is iron in sheets. As for insulation, the ideal option would be high-quality mineral wool. It will not prevent the excess moisture from leaving the room if there are any problems with the ventilation system.The mineral wool has only one drawback - it does not tolerate contact with water. An alternative material is plain straw.

Stages of construction

A small house, designed for the maintenance of 10 chickens, you can build your own hands. If you have already made the necessary plans / drawings, have chosen a suitable place for the construction of the house, and also have purchased all the necessary materials, then you can proceed directly to the construction works.


The first thing you need to build a foundation for future construction. Of course, you can not make it, if you plan to make a temporary house, designed only for summer use. If the structure is all-season, it is better to make a high-quality basis for it. Most often for these erections prepare the column or strip foundations. Whichever option you choose, in any case, you will need a good concrete mortar, cement mix or bricks.

It is necessary to independently prepare simple tape bases in accordance with the following rules:

  • for a start, you will need to thoroughly clear the building plot, as well as remove the top earthen layer of 25-55 cm;
  • then it will be necessary to dig a hole under the foundation with a depth of about 30 cm;
  • you will also need to prepare a special "pillow" of sand and gravel;
  • to assemble the formwork, you must stock up with boards (formwork width should be approximately 25 cm);
  • lay under the formwork waterproofing material (suitable roofing material);
  • do not forget to make reinforcement using special rods;
  • Now you can go to fill the foundation.

It is possible to build a tree house from a tree only after it is completely set. But it should not be forgotten that the size of the prepared area must necessarily correspond to the dimensions of the future “house” for chickens.

If you want to build not a ribbon, but a columnar foundation, then for a start you will need to make the correct and accurate marking of the site for construction. It is made using rods of metal and rope. After that, around the perimeter of the planned erection, pipes are installed that are spaced one meter apart. It is necessary to take into account that the supports should not protrude more than 25-30 cm from the soil. They are strengthened with the use of a solution of cement and bricks.


The next step in the construction of the house will be the manufacture of quality walls. For buildings designed for the maintenance of 10 heads, it is best to prepare drawings of future ceilings. Most often, the walls of such buildings are made of wood (of course, there are other options, but wood is the best solution). Wood is also often used for wall cladding, for example, made of brick. At the same time, it must be remembered that all the formed joints and gaps must be filled with insulating materials, otherwise they will become “cold” bridges - cold from the street will penetrate through the bird shed.

In addition to boards, it is also possible to install sheets of plywood or wall paneling. The perfect material for building the walls of the house is a special adobe brick. As mentioned above, mineral wool will be the ideal insulation in this case. It is permissible to lay clay combined with straw.

Timber for the preparation of walls should be laid in accordance with the standard scheme. In the role of an insulating material, roofing material can be used to separate the foundation and bars. It is usually laid in a couple of layers.Floor logs in most cases also performed from a bar. They should be laid with an edge. In this case, the gaps and voids should be sealed with residual parts from the bars and special flaxjut fiber.


Having completed the construction of the walls of the house, you can proceed to the design of another important component - the roof. The preparation of this design should be approached especially seriously if you make a small chicken coop, designed for year-round use. In winter, chickens should live indoors with a quality roof.

The arrangement of the roof of the house has some features that need to be kept in mind during construction work.

  • It is advisable to design a roof of a double-slope structure - it will be an excellent protection for erection from snow and water accumulations.
  • Many wonder what roofing materials can be used to finish the roof of a barn. Basically, for this buy cheap tile, roofing felt or slate.
  • We should not forget about the thermal insulation of the roof structure. To do this, you can lay mineral wool or chipboard sheets.

Double-slope roof is good because it has the ability to organize a small attic. As a rule, people store litters for chickens and various feeds in such rooms.In addition, it is permissible to place the inventory necessary in the care of poultry. Having completed the installation of the ceiling beams, it is necessary to proceed to the flooring of the ceiling. In this case, it is permissible to use boards, and for insulation, clay is often chosen as clay or special coal slag.

How to equip the inside?

Having completed all stages of building a house for 10 animals, it is necessary to deal with its internal arrangement. It often takes a lot of time.

In carrying out such work, it is desirable to adhere to the following recommendations.

  • In the chicken coop, it is imperative to build high-quality and reliable ventilation. In such buildings should take place the flow of fresh air. This component is equipped by installing two pipes: one of them is inlet, and the second is output.
  • In order for the light from the sun to penetrate into the house in sufficient volume, it is necessary to supplement the construction with windows of suitable dimensions.
  • Provide a good perch for chickens. In the diameter of the perch should be about 3-4 cm. Between them, it is desirable to leave free intervals of 35 cm.
  • To make good nests, you can refer to various materials at hand.For example, it can be boxes or boxes.

Even at the construction stage of the chicken coop, it is worthwhile to decide on the exact location of the bird to feed. It is desirable to make this area as comfortable as possible for layers. The feeder length parameter is calculated based on a specific number of birds. For example, at least 15 cm should be allocated to one chicken. Of course, if there is such an opportunity, it is better to make a small margin of length. Build additional feeders. They can be made from old boxes. They are usually located at a height of 15 cm above the floor. Keep in mind that they should always be gravel. This material is required for layers to form eggs.

Inside the chicken coop it is worthwhile to arrange such a useful construction as a dust bath. For its preparation, it is necessary to take separate containers and pour sand, ashes into them. Bathing in such baths has a positive effect on the plumage of birds, and also allows you to get rid of many parasites that usually infest on birds.

Useful tips

It is desirable to equip the chicken coop with a double-slope roof, however, a lean-to construction is permissible. It must be done suchso that its slope was not directed towards the site for walking the poultry. When designing the house, it should be borne in mind that over time the livestock may increase and the hens will need more free space. As a rule, mini-chicken coops are erected on a column base. It will be the perfect solution for lightweight construction. In addition, after its preparation, you will not have to wait until the poured concrete grasps at 100%.

As mentioned earlier, there should be window openings in the hen house. The building can be equipped with several small or one large window. Do not leave the house without these elements. When drafting a barn for chickens, you need to remember that he will need frequent cleaning. That is why it is so important to consider the parameter of the height of this building - you should be as comfortable as possible to clean it. If before the start of construction work you stocked up with ready-made drawings, then it is imperative to check how they fit specifically to your site. Do not forget about the height of the future construction.

Electrical lighting should be installed in the coop. It is advisable to fix them above the feeders, but not over the perches.Such devices will come in handy when there will be winter outside the window, and with it a short light day. Making out the enclosure for walking birds, take care of its quality fencing. So you can protect the bird from the visits of predators.

Place troughs and drinkers opposite the perches. Take care that the constructed structure does not have gaps and holes, as animals dangerous for chickens can penetrate the inside of the poultry house. It is advisable to build a fencing of the house from metal sheets or slate. These details need to be dug deep into the ground. Bird nests need to be installed in areas of the coop where darkness occurs. Most often we are talking about the sites opposite the perches. Nests can be made from baskets, plastic boxes or chipped from wood. Drinking bowls and feeders should be not only in the barn itself, but also in the territory allocated for walking the chickens.

Do not use such material as a metal profile in the construction of a summer chicken coop, as it is very hot at high outdoor temperatures. As a result, not the most comfortable atmosphere can form in the barn.Place the chicken coops in places where there is no excessive noise, and the roadway is not located nearby. This is because chickens are more comfortable in peace and quiet. Excess noise scares this animal that may affect their health and egg production.

It is not necessary to build too large and spacious barn for 10 chickens, because in such an environment a small number of birds will simply be cold. It is best to build chicken coops in a place with a small elevation. If your site has a perfectly flat surface, then a high point on it can be built artificially using a split brick or stone. Do not keep chickens in the aviary all the time - these birds do not like to constantly be in cramped conditions. At least once a day the bird is required to be released from the aviary, otherwise it will be sick and badly rush.

When self-erecting a chicken coop, you need to remember that the surface of the walls in the interior must be perfectly smooth. Often they are covered with plaster or trimmed with plywood - each farmer uses his own methods. Be sure to follow the cleanliness of a self-built house.Dirty construction will be subject to various kinds of epidemics. Often the walls in poultry houses are covered with a layer of lime in order to protect the room from parasites.

If you notice that the chickens began to behave too aggressively, and also began to pluck out feathers from each other, then you should lower the level of intensity of artificial lighting slightly. Thus, you will be able to calm the animals.

The entrance door leading to the house should be equipped with an additional manhole. To organize it, a special opening is made at the bottom of the door leaf, the dimensions of which should not be less than 35x35 cm. In order to equip a safe approach to the manhole, you should nail a board to it, complemented by small horizontal sticks. If you have built a tree house, then you need to remember that such material is prone to rotting. To protect the wood from such damage, you need to miss it with a special impregnation, and inside to process with hydrated lime. In such conditions, not only rot does not spread, but parasites do not start.

Successful examples

A well-made chicken coop made of safe and reliable materials will not only last for a long time,but it will be very productive. The appearance of such a structure can be almost anything. In many areas there are original options that adorn the surrounding space.

For example, truly amazing on the plots look "fabulous" poultry houses, made in the style of a witch's hut or a small two-story house from a medieval village. These buildings can have a non-standard structure with small rounded turrets. Particularly interesting are such options, if complemented by different objects of decor. For example, it can be small fountains in retro style or curls from wild grapes. Of course, not every farmer has time to gradually build such structures, but if you decide to supplement the site with similar specimens, then you can be sure that they will make it brighter and more original.

In search of more traditional solutions, you can create a draft of a wooden chicken coop with a walking area. To fence this small structure should be using mesh material. The gable roof can be decorated with a green rolled coating - it will be in harmony against the background of green grass.Such a chicken coop can be supplemented with one window of medium size.

On the site it will be very interesting to look at a small wooden chicken coop, made in the form of a carriage on large dark wheels. If you paint the building in blue or light green, then it will look even more interesting. Complete this design with small windows with clippings in the shape of a heart and a corrugated roof to match the color of the walls.

How to build a chicken coop on 10 chickens with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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