How to make a smart chicken coop?

The competent arrangement of the chicken coop depends on how the bird will feel, and the quantity and quality of fresh eggs depend on its condition. In winter, special conditions for home chicken are required, so in some cases it is necessary to use automation.

In general, farmers do everything with their own hands, for example, they create a certain climate for the wards, provide walking, prepare nests and roost for layers. And the most "advanced" use the "smart chicken coop" system.

What is a

Taking care of your hens with care, you will need to do everything so that their dwelling is equipped with automation. This is especially important in winter, when airing is necessary so that the bird can breathe fresh air.The system called "smart chicken coop" provides a whole list of measures to improve the conditions for the residence of poultry. First of all, it is worth figuring out what this building is.

It includes the following points.

  • Automatically turn on and off the light. This means that when it is bright outside, the lighting in the chicken room should be extinguished. This is usually done on a schedule, as the bird rushes only in daylight.
  • The room temperature should be maintained at +15 +18 degrees. Immediately it should be said that this will require a thermostat. To provide heat, you need and heating equipment. In the country, you can use a film infrared heater - this is the most economical and efficient way of heating, which does not consume excess oxygen, and the humidity remains normal. For birds and humans, the device is not dangerous.
  • It is extremely important for the health and high egg production of birds to automatically open the door in winter. The chicken hole should not open and close too quickly, and the special built-in sensor should only respond to birds, as well as to domestic cats. His signal scares the last.Farmers have found a solution and use RFID sensors, which fasten a chicken to the leg. So you can conduct round-the-clock observation of wildlife, while recognizing passive individuals that do not rush.
  • Manhole opening automation It is also important because natural ventilation of the chicken coop occurs in this way, which means that there will be no dampness, naturally occurring mold, as well as a favorable environment for various infections to which the bird is exposed.
  • For the full content of chickens need and humidity sensorThis will require a drive for the window. However, there is another way to solve this problem - periodically turned on sewer pipe, equipped with a fan and supply and exhaust anemostat, the main function of which is the uniform circulation of air masses.
  • This is not all the wisdom that is associated with automatic control. Ideally, you can add this system counters, from which you can take all readings remotely via the Internet and manage management via the global network.

It should not be forgotten that a single autonomous system is not enough for successful farming.

In order for the birds to fly well and be comfortable in such an automated dwelling, it will be necessary to put some effort into other points of keeping the hens - walking and feeding.

Features of electrification of the room

The presence of electricity helps to solve several problems related to the arrangement of premises for the poultry.

Heating during the cold season

Experts do not recommend the use of improvised heating systems, as this is a certain risk, and there may always be a risk of fire. It is better to use IR emitters, they are installed either in one place where chickens can gather, or above each nest. In this case, it is unreasonable to use automation, and the continuous operation of the equipment will increase its service life.

Fan heaters are also used, and they must be equipped with an automatic temperature controller. Allowed on and off cycles without temperature control.

Coop ventilation

If electricity is not supplied, natural ventilation of the room is used with adjustable holes located in the lower part of the building.But when it comes to the farm, even if it is small, you will need to install an exhaust fan, which means preliminary electrical wiring.


Without this prerequisite, there is no way to do it in the winter, because even a few windows will not be able to provide enough light, and light in the coop should be up to 12 hours a day.

In such a situation, you again have to turn to an automatic system equipped with a timer - then you will not have to do it manually.

As a result of numerous experiments and research, many novice farmers, who are not familiar with the features of the automation process, came to the conclusion that it is necessary to comply with the Arduino technology. Using it, even the most ignorant person can build the necessary automatic system for different purposes, and in our case, for the optimal functioning of the chicken coop.

Tips on building a chicken coop are in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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