Advantages and disadvantages of plastic sheds to give

On the land can not do without a barn. This necessary building is not only a place to store inventory, but also performs many other useful functions. Most summer residents and owners of private houses prefer prefabricated plastic sheds. Practical products have many positive features, due to which they have gained wide distribution.

general characteristics

Combined hozbloki from plastic (polyvinyl chloride) - practical, stylish, durable and cost-effective option for villas, private houses and any other building with a land plot. While it takes a long time to assemble barns from pallets, bricks or wood, plastic models will be ready for use in the shortest possible time.

Building a shed is an important task that every owner of a private house or land plot needs to think about. To keep the garden, do housework, or simply take care of the garden, you need special equipment, tools and equipment.

A practical and roomy barn will not only put everything you need, but also protect the property from the vagaries of bad weather and intruders.

For the manufacture of buildings of this type uses a variety of materials from wood to stone, but prefabricated plastic structures have reached a new level. They saved buyers from the need to design the foundation, the additional cost of construction and other troubles. Modern models attract attention with their practicality, as well as a stylish and neat appearance.

Advantages and disadvantages

It should be noted that similar products appeared on the Russian market relatively recently. Despite this fact, plastic sheds have become widespread in a short period of time. The new product attracted the attention of not only ordinary buyers, but also experts from the construction industry.

More and more people are buying ready-made buildings from practical material instead of spending money, time and effort on assembling a structure. After analyzing the reviews of the owners and the opinions of experts, a list of advantages and disadvantages of plastic sheds was compiled.


First, we list all the advantages of the design.

Simple and easy assembly

The erection process can be carried out independently, even if you have never encountered such structures. Sophisticated models are assembled in about 2 hours without help, while the simplest options will be ready in 45 minutes. Work is carried out without welding, additional fasteners and complex tools. You won't even need a regular hammer.

This characteristic will save a lot of time, considering that it will take about a week to build the most conventional utility block. Do not forget that for the construction it is necessary to have special skills, as well as to prepare a set of tools, fasteners and compounds (enamels, varnishes, etc.).

Documents and preparatory work

The plastic shed is not related to capital buildings, in connection with which there is no need to issue special permits.All preparation is reduced to alignment of a site on which the hozblok will be established.

Bookmark the foundation is not needed.


If there is a need to move the building to another place, there will be no problems with it. The shed can be disassembled at any time, moved and assembled in another place. Due to the mobility of the object is not tied to a specific location. Despite this possibility, it is not recommended to frequently transfer hozbloki from place to place. In due course fastenings will start to be loosened and lose due reliability and durability.

Material Features

Plastic is a durable, reliable and practical material that is characterized by a long service life. He is not afraid of corrosion processes and has absolute resistance to moisture, mold and harmful insects. Unlike wood, plastic does not need additional processing for a long service life.

A quality product retains not only performance, but also color and shape. The average service life is about 10 years. The real period is longer with proper use.


Caring for a plastic shed is very simple.To put the structure in order, periodic wet cleaning will be enough.

To remove more resistant contaminants, you can use ordinary household chemicals.


Models offered by modern manufacturers have an original and stylish appearance. For a more expressive appearance, the plastic is given a texture and color of natural materials, such as wood. The choice of customers offer a huge variety of colors, styles, shapes and sizes. Modern plastic hozblok fit into any exterior, complementing the composition. Among the rich product range you will find products in the classic and modern style.


For the production of structures used heavy-duty plastic, which is able to withstand long-term and constant loads (strong gusts of wind, heavy rains, precipitation in the form of snow). Despite the relative low weight, the building will stand reliably and will differ from year to year in practicality and durability.

Most experts agreed that only high-quality products from reliable manufacturers possess such parameters, which carry out careful control of production at each stage.


On the territory of regions in which massive rain is a frequent phenomenon, one cannot do without drainage systems. Most plastic structures are equipped with convenient catchment systems. With their help, water is quickly collected in separate containers and it can be used for various domestic purposes, such as watering.


To save energy, manufacturers equip structures with special transparent inserts. The sun rays penetrating through them will illuminate the premises without the use of lighting.


For a comfortable indoor microclimate, air circulation is necessary. Manufacturers have equipped the buildings with a passive ventilation system, thanks to which oxygen moves freely inside the shed without standing. Due to this function, you can store food in the sheds, dry firewood, and also contain small animals, such as birds.

Service life and temperature conditions

Because of their resistance to direct sunlight, dampness, rust, precipitation and other external factors, plastic utility blocks will last a long time.Despite the fact that the declared period of service is 10 years, the actual period reaches several decades with proper use and care.

The indicator is affected by temperature conditions. Constructions of this type with no problems withstand a range from 55 degrees of frost to 80 degrees Celsius above zero.

Cost of

Prices for the model range of plastic sheds will surprise you. Favorable price due to the availability of material. Plastic is much cheaper than standard building materials. But also keep in mind that when choosing a prefabricated structure you do not have to spend money on laying the foundation and services of builders.

Main disadvantages

In order to become fully acquainted with the products of this type, it is necessary to familiarize yourself not only with the positive aspects of the acquisition, but also with the minuses.


Considering the fact that high-quality structures retain their appearance and shape over a long service life under constant loads, the material itself cannot boast of strength compared to alternative ones (stone, brick, wood). Plastic may break if hit hard.Damage to the structure can be caused by inaccurate handling or by using sharp tools.

This characteristic is in the hands of intruders who can simply smash the door.

It is strongly not recommended to store valuables in the barn for a long time.


In the cold season, it will be uncomfortable in such a structure because of the low temperature. Keep animals in a barn without additional heating can only be in the warm season. The design of polyvinyl chloride heats up and cools in the shortest possible time.


Plastic construction is recommended for such tasks:

  • the fence of the yard wells from small children and animals;
  • a structure for storing and drying firewood;
  • building for the arrangement of dry closets;
  • masking vegetable pits;
  • convenient and compact storage space for various tools and dacha merchandise: yard furniture, building materials and mortars, garden tools, barbecue stoves, barbecues and much more;
  • overlapping communications of various types;
  • hiding and protecting a septic tank;
  • storage of vehicles and compact vehicles (bicycles, motorcycles, etc.).

We have identified the main features of prefabricated structures.

A wide list of advantages of plastic sheds clearly demonstrates how products are rapidly gaining popularity among Russian consumers. Previously, designs made of plastic pipes were popular, but in their place a more practical, functional and outwardly attractive option came.

Comparing the pros and cons presented above in the article, each buyer has the opportunity to make the right choice, weighing all the pros and cons.


After analyzing the current reviews from real buyers, we can conclude that a plastic collection shed is a profitable purchase. Most feedback is positive. For a small fee, the client gets a stylish, comfortable and durable construction. Negative reviews were left by supporters of more standard options - wooden or brick sheds.

How to collect a plastic shed with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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