Storage room: features and varieties

The closet assumes the basic functions of storing things throughout the house, making it possible to relieve the situation in the living quarters.

The choice of location should be approached carefully. For a small room, the design will become cumbersome and dominant, even if it is made of ultramodern materials.

Owners of Khrushchev should not worry: in their houses there are storage rooms, which can always be disassembled and increase the area for new projects. In apartments with redevelopment in favor of separate rooms, a useless place is formed in the lengthened corridor, they can also be used. A wardrobe is built in harmoniously in the niches provided during the construction phase.

In any house, if you search well, you can find a blank corner or other suitable area for storing things, you should only choose the correct cabinet configuration, taking into account the specific area.

Features and benefits

The storage room is fundamentally different from the cupboard, pencil case, shelving, even the built-in wardrobe, and this is its peculiarity. By capacity it loses any piece of furniture.

Before you start to organize the closet, you should know in advance what things will be in it. Do not store clothes with preservation, shovels or even a bicycle.

If you are planning a dressing room, in it, besides clothes and shoes, you can find a place for a mirror, pillows, blankets, ironing board and drawers with trifles. It is better to arrange the closet closet to the kitchen and keep all the kitchen utensils in it, including winter supplies.

The storage for working tools, garden tools, vacuum cleaner, bicycle, etc. should be in the hallway or at the cottage outside the city.

There is only one drawback in the closet - it occupies a lot of free space. But these meters are used with maximum efficiency.

For life, this structure has many advantages:

  • A large number of things are concentrated in one place, which makes it possible to unload the apartment from excess furniture.
  • In a properly planned storage room, each thing knows its place, which makes it easier to find it.
  • The modular storage system and mesh designs allow you to realize the space for every centimeter, which increases the capacity of the dressing room and reduces the loss of usable space.
  • This wardrobe is exclusive, it is built under a certain area for storage of specific things, taking into account the tastes of the owners.
  • The whole family can use it, storage systems will be enough for everyone.

Types of designs

Wardrobes are divided according to their functional accessories: a wardrobe - for clothes, a pantry - for kitchen utensils, a working one - for tools, a vacuum cleaner and other household items.

The division by type of construction is closely related to the place where the structure will be located:

  • A niche, if its dimensions are not less than 1.5 by 2 meters, is suitable for a closet like a wardrobe. Sliding doors will separate it from the rest of the room.
  • The dead end of a deaf corridor is easy to transform into a closet, enclosing a drywall. Doors should be the same type for all rooms.
  • You can remake the pantry in Khrushchev, removing all the contents from it and finishing with trendy modules. The front door is transferred according to circumstances.
  • In a large square room will fit the corner version of the design. The facade is made straight or rounded.
  • If the room is rectangular, and there is a blank wall, part of the room is given as a dressing room.
  • Sometimes storage systems become warmed, well-equipped balconies or loggias.
  • In private houses, a storage room under the stairs leading to the second floor is well equipped.

When a place is chosen, it is necessary to deal directly with the structure and arrangement of the closet-pantry.


Arranging a closed storage space, you should take care of ventilation and lighting. Then, think about how the cabinet will be filled, draw a scheme for finding shelves, shelves, individual modules and various accessories.

Equipping the storeroom, the lower tier should be left under large things: a vacuum cleaner or boxes with boots. Summer shoes are best kept on shelves with the slope of the slim system.

In the central part is the best access zone, so you need to have the most necessary things here. These can be shelves with clothes, towels or laundry baskets. The upper tier is filled with items of rare use.The place for the bar under the hanger is chosen the most easily accessible.

Being engaged in the arrangement of the cabinet, you should know that the filling are case (made of wood, MDF), mesh (drawers, racks based on metal grids), loft (aluminum). The main elements are bars and pantographs, hangers for trousers and ties, modules for storing shoes, gloves, hats, and scarves.

Conveniently on the shelves to store things in boxes or baskets, for example, for the Scandinavian style of the interior this method of filling the shelves is required.

It seems to some not rational to leave an unallocated place in the center of the storeroom in order to be in it. The idea with the sliding modules standing close to each other solves the problem. It can be a unit with a barbell and hangers, a module with shelves or with mesh drawers.

Such structures are equipped with reliable wheels, completely leave the storeroom and are installed for the time of use in the right place.

How to do it yourself?

In order to build and equip a closet-closet, you can not contact the experts, and try to make yourself. If the house has pipes and boards, it is not necessary to pile them up in the closet.Specialized stores sell all kinds of storage systems and accessories. For an ergonomic pantry, it is better to use mesh structures, they take up less space. If necessary, to reduce costs, you can use the improvised material.

Let us consider in stages how to convert an old storeroom into a modern practical structure:

  • It is necessary to make a detailed scheme with the exact size of the pantry and all equipment. Identify repairs that may affect the redevelopment or decoration of the walls, consider ventilation and lighting.
  • Carefully level the walls and floor, otherwise all structures will be skewed. Cover the interior of the room with wallpaper or paint it with water-based paint.
  • During repair work, it is necessary to lay electrical wiring to the sources of lighting and sockets.
  • It is important to provide air vents for proper air circulation.
  • Ready-made grid racks, drawers, rods, pantographs and other elements of the storage system of the desired size can be bought in specialized stores and installed in the cabinet.
  • If the decision is made to make the construction of laminated chipboard, it is easy to order in hardware stores. In the same place, having finished sizes, will carry out with the maximum economy computer modeling of a leaf and will make its exact sawing up.
  • For mounting shelving and shelves there are special mounting systems (corners, shelf supports). When installing long shelves to avoid sagging can be used as a stand chrome pipe.
  • The door, depending on the capacity of the pantry, is selected either by a sliding or by a usual door leaf.
  • The finished closet should correspond to the interior of the room in which it is located.

With modern building and furniture market opportunities, it is easy to order the filling for the cabinet in the stores and assemble it yourself. It is necessary to have only desire.

Stylish ideas in the interior

The closet is the most functional device. This is not an old grandmother's closet in the far corner of the house, such a design can perfectly harmonize with the modern interior. Consider examples of successful integration of storage locations into the surrounding space.

Cozy bright room, most of which is given under the dressing room.The scope of the room allows you not to cling to every centimeter, everything is neat, thought out, placed in its place. Sliding glass doors zone the hall and at the same time combine its two parts into a single whole.

An example of an angular square closet-pantry. Only a large room can afford such a mini-room. Behind the strict sliding doors, the shelves are guessed both in the cloakroom itself and on one of its walls.

Interestingly decorated corner with internal and external storage system, which is the head of the bed. Two balanced inputs provide additional convenience in operation.

Cozy mini-room U-shaped for kitchen utensils. Here, everything is in easy accessibility: cereals, vegetables, dishes and appliances.

An example of a storage system located in a niche. Shelves, made of chipboard, lined up in a semicircle. The spacious room and open access (without doors) makes it easy to use every thing. Spotlights located along the contour of the structure completely solve the problem of lighting.

An excellent solution household pantry, which accommodates washing and dishwashers, all household chemicals and other cleaning products.

Wardrobe with folding doors.It is rationally equipped with storage places without the presence of empty space. There is easy and free access to things.

An interesting solution to the pantry, disguised as a closet. Located next to the buffet, the design looks like a furniture wall. Open cabinet doors allow you to see the real depth of a comfortable and functional room.

Option practical use of space under the stairs. It turned out quite roomy pantry with lots of shelves and a sliding module.

The idea of ​​storage systems is not new, it originates from old wardrobes and closets, but in a modern version it is a completely different room. Sometimes such rooms have mirrors, tables and poufs, they have a good time.

Installation of the pantry made of plasterboard with their own hands, see below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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