Vetonit KR: product description and features

At the final stage of repair, the walls and ceilings of the room are covered with a layer of finishing putty. Vetonit KR is a composition based on an organic polymer base, which is used for finishing dry rooms. Vetonit finishing putty is a dry mixture of a uniform white color. This article will describe the features and characteristics of this product.

Purpose and characteristics

Vetonit KR is applied as a final coat when leveling surfaces of various types. A layer of putty on the wall or ceiling after it is dried is covered with a decorative finish. Sometimes the ceilings are not subjected to subsequent finishing, as the finishing layer has a rather aesthetic look.

Dry mixture before use is diluted with water in the required proportion.

Application options:

  • finishing the walls and ceilings of plasterboard;
  • filling of chipboard surfaces;
  • Vetonit KR can be used for leveling cement-lime based surfaces;
  • filling of walls and ceilings of premises with moderate and normal humidity;
  • when applied by spraying, Vetonit KR can be used for the treatment of chipboard and porous fibrous bases.

Restrictions on use:

  • Vetonit KR can not be used for finishing rooms with a constant high level of humidity;
  • this type of putty is not suitable for application under the tile;
  • cannot be used for floor leveling.


  • after complete drying of the layer of putty, the surface is easy to sand;
  • the possibility of applying to a variety of surfaces: plasterboard and gypsum plaster, minerals, wood, paint, bases made of organic material, concrete and lightweight aggregate;
  • the prepared solution does not lose its properties during the day;
  • the putty can be applied to the surface either manually (using a spatula) or mechanically (using a special sprayer);
  • the plastered surface becomes smooth and has a white color after complete drying.

Product Specifications:

  • composition of the mixture: binding agent (organic adhesive), organic limestone;
  • White colour;
  • the optimum temperature for using the prepared solution: from + 10 ° С to + 30 ° С;
  • the consumption of the dry mixture per 1 m2: with a thickness of the applied layer of a solution of 1 mm, the consumption is 1.2 kg per 1 m2;
  • full drying: 24-48 hours (depending on the layer thickness);
  • water resistance indicator: not waterproof;
  • packaging: tight paper bag;
  • net weight of dry products in a package: 25 kg and 5 kg;
  • storage of dry mixture: without opening the original packaging can be stored for 12 months in conditions of normal and low humidity.


First you need to prepare a working solution.

  • For dilution of one bag (25 kg) of dry putty Vetonit KR will need 10 liters of water. Do not use hot liquid. The temperature should not exceed 40 degrees.
  • The powder must be poured into the water in parts with simultaneous intensive stirring. Further mixing should be continued until the dry basis is completely dissolved.For faster and better results, it is best to use a drill with a special nozzle. In this case, complete dissolution can be achieved in 3-5 minutes.
  • After the water-powder mixture has become completely homogeneous, it should be left to settle for 10-15 minutes. After this time, the solution must be mixed again.
  • The finished putty will be suitable for use within 24 hours from the time of mixing.
  • Special instructions: the remaining solution can not be poured into the sewage system or other drainage systems, this can lead to clogging of pipes and hoses.

Work on filling of any type of base consists of two main stages: surface preparation for the application of the solution, filling of the prepared base.

Preparation of the base:

  • the surface to be putty needs to be cleaned thoroughly from dirt, dust, debris or traces of oil and paints and varnishes;
  • Neighboring surfaces that do not require the application of putty (for example, window glass, already finished wall sections, decorative elements) should be protected from getting solution on them with a film,newspapers or other covering materials;
  • It is important to ensure that the temperature during the application and drying of the layer of putty is not lower than + 10 ° C.

The process of applying the finished solution putty Vetonit KR consists of several stages.

  • The finished mixture for the leveling layer can be applied by spraying or using a two-handed construction spatula. When not solid, and partial filling it is possible to use a conventional narrow spatula.
  • If it is necessary to apply several layers of leveling putty, each subsequent should be applied only after complete drying of the previously applied.
  • Excess solution is removed from the surface and can be reused.
  • Further decorative finishing of walls can be carried out only after complete drying of the applied putty. At a room temperature of about + 20 ° C, a layer of 1-2 mm dries out during the day. It is recommended that sufficient permanent ventilation be provided for the duration of drying of the applied putty.
  • After the layer hardens, it must be leveled by sanding the surface. Further, it is acceptable to paint the surface or stick to the wallpaper.
  • The tool that was used in the work with the solution should be placed in a container with water immediately after the application of putty. Then rinse thoroughly with running water.


                Avoid contact with exposed areas of the body. During the work it is necessary to use protective gloves. At hit of solution on mucous membranes it is necessary to wash immediately them with a large amount of clear water. If there is a persistent persistent irritation, you need to consult a doctor.

                Dry mix and ready-made solution should be kept out of the reach of children and pets.

                Putty Vetonit KR has mostly positive feedback from the master finishers and customers. As a negative property, many note a very unpleasant and persistent odor, which for some time is kept indoors after work. However, finishing experts claim that a specific odor is characteristic of all organic-based blends. In most cases, with regular airing of the room, it disappears within a few days after hardening of the applied layer of putty.

                To properly align the walls, see the video below.

                Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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