Features of moisture resistant putty Vetonit VH

 Features of moisture resistant putty Vetonit VH

Repair and construction work rarely do without putty, because before the final wall finishing it is necessary to perform their perfect alignment. In this case, decorative paint or wallpaper fall flat and without flaws. One of the best putties on the market today is Vetonit.

Features and benefits

Putty is a pasty mixture, thanks to which the walls get a perfectly smooth surface. For its application using metal or plastic spatulas.

Weber Vetonit VH is a finishing, super resistant to moisture cement based puttyused for both indoor and outdoor applications in dry and humid conditions.Its distinguishing feature is that it is suitable for many types of walls, be it brick, concrete, expanded clay blocks, plastered surfaces or foam-foam concrete surfaces. Also Vetonit is suitable for finishing the bowls of pools.

The benefits of the tool have already been appreciated by many users:

  • ease of use;
  • the possibility of manual or mechanized application;
  • frost resistance;
  • convenience of applying multiple layers;
  • high adhesion, ensuring perfect alignment of any surfaces (walls, facades, ceilings);
  • preparation for painting, wallpapering, as well as facing with ceramic tiles or decorative panels;
  • ductility and good adhesion.


When buying, you should consider the main characteristics of the product:

  • gray or white;
  • binding element - cement;
  • water consumption - 0.36-0.38 l / kg;
  • temperature suitable for application - from + 10 ° C to + 30 ° C;
  • maximum fraction - 0.3 mm;
  • shelf life in a dry room - 12 months from the date of manufacture;
  • drying time is 48 hours;
  • Strength - 50% during the day;
  • packaging - paper three-layer packaging of 25 kg and 5 kg;
  • solidification is achieved by 50% of the final strength within 7 days (at low temperatures the process slows down);
  • consumption - 1.2 kg / m2.

Mode of application

Clean the surface before use. If there are large gaps, then before applying the putty they must be repaired or reinforcement should be applied. Foreign matter, such as grease, dust and others, must be removed with a primer method, otherwise the adhesion may be weakened.

Remember to protect windows and other surfaces that will not be treated.

Spackling paste is prepared by mixing a dry mix and water. For the batch of 25 kg will need 10 liters. After thorough mixing, it is important to allow the solution to infuse for about 10-20 minutes, then you need to mix the composition again with a special nozzle on a drill until a homogeneous thick paste is formed. If you follow all the rules of mixing, putty gets the consistency, ideal for work.

The shelf life of the finished solution, the temperature of which should not exceed 10 ° C, is 1.5-2 hours after mixing the dry mixture with water.In the manufacture of mortar putty Vetonit should not allow an overdose of water. It can lead to deterioration of strength and cracking of the treated surface.

After preparation, the composition is applied to the prepared walls manually or with the help of special mechanical devices. The latter significantly speeds up the process of work, however, at the same time, the solution consumption increases significantly. Vetonit can be applied to wood and porous boards using the spraying method.

After application, the filler is leveled with a metal spatula.

If alignment is performed in several layers, it is necessary to apply each subsequent layer with an interval of at least 24 hours. Drying time is determined depending on the layer thickness and temperature.

The range of layer thickness varies from 0.2 to 3 mm. Before applying the next layer, make sure that the previous one is dry, otherwise gaps and cracks may form. Do not forget to clean the dried out layer of dust and treat it with special sanding paper.

In dry and hot climates, for a better hardening process, it is recommended to moisten the leveled surface with water, for example,using a spray bottle. After complete drying of the composition, you can proceed to the next stage of work. If you align the ceiling, then after applying the putty there is no need for further processing.

After work, all tools involved should be rinsed with water. The remaining material should not be drained into the sewer, otherwise you can clog the pipes.

Useful tips

  • In the process of work, it is necessary to constantly mix the prepared mass with the solution in order to avoid setting the mixture. Additional introduction of water at the beginning of the solidification putty will not help.
  • Vetonit White is designed to prepare both for painting and for wall tiling. Vetonit Gray is used only under the tile.
  • To improve the quality of work, increase adhesion and durability of the material, a part of water (about 10%) can be replaced by mixing with a dispersion from Vetonit.
  • In the process of leveling painted surfaces, it is recommended to use Vetonit glue as a bonding layer.
  • For the surface of the facades, it is possible to use the painting of cement Serpo244 or silicate Serpo303.
  • It should be noted that Vetonit VH is not suitable for use on walls painted or plastered with lime mortar, as well as for leveling floors.

Precautionary measures

  • It is necessary to protect the product from children.
  • When working, it is important to use rubber gloves to protect the skin and eyes.
  • The manufacturer guarantees the compliance of Vetonit VH with all requirements in accordance with GOST 31357-2007 only if the buyer observes the conditions of storage and use.


      Buyers consider Vetonit VH to be an excellent cement based putty and recommend it for purchase. Judging by the reviews, it is easy to work with. Moisture resistant composition is an excellent option for wet rooms.

      The product is suitable for both staining and tile laying. After application, you need to wait about a week to complete drying. Both professional builders and owners who prefer to make repairs with their own hands are usually satisfied with both the work process and the result.

      Thrifty buyers say that it is cheaper to buy a product with bags. Users also recommend not to forget to wear gloves when mixing and applying the solution.

      See below for tips from the manufacturer of Vetonit VH putty for wall leveling.

      Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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