Electric curtains: types, pros and cons, rules of operation

 Electric curtains: types, pros and cons, rules of operation

Modern technologies are developing with tremendous speed and are being introduced into all spheres of our life, including room decoration. Connoisseurs of practical solutions are increasingly choosing electric curtains for home and apartment decoration. The choice of customers provided a wide variety of sliding curtains with integrated panel and remote control. In the article, consider in detail the models of this type, as well as compare the pros and cons of operation.


Special curtain control systems, with electric drives, decorate not only the living quarters. They are also often installed in office buildings, restaurants, hotels, hotels and other institutions. The presence of this design significantly increases the level of comfort in the room. For the design of standard window openings they are rarely used, however, in certain situations, the installation of this system is necessary.

The process of adjusting the paintings is automatic. The user can control the structure using the console or by setting a specific mode on the taskbar. You can change the position of the curtains in seconds, without approaching the eaves.

Where and when are they used?

Experts from the sphere of interior design distinguish the following situations in which you should pay attention to the electric curtains: If there are high windows in the room, electric curtains will be more than appropriate. This is not only a stylish, but also a convenient way to make an opening. With the help of the remote, you can easily manage the panels, without stairs and other similar structures.

Mechanized systems are ideally combined with panoramic or bay windows. As a rule, it is difficult to control the curtains and curtains manually in this case.The electronic system will cope with this problem. If a lot of furniture is installed in the room and access to the windows is simply difficult, then electrically operated curtains are a great option. There is no need to wade to the windows each time to fix the curtains or change their position. Pressing the button will be quite enough.

Designer style

In some cases, automatic control systems are used to create the desired design effect. This technique is ideal for high-tech style, which is the personification of innovative technologies and practicality. Also, these systems are an integral part of "smart" homes, where almost everything is automated and configured for remote control.

Varieties and characteristics

All electric curtains are divided into two classes, depending on the structure of the eaves:

  • sliding curtains (horizontal);
  • lifting mechanisms (vertical).

The second group includes the following options:

  • roll curtains;
  • Roman curtains;
  • blinds, pleated.

The mechanism of the sliding type is placed on standard canvases that are closed horizontally (portieres, curtains, etc.).

This design is more complicated and includes the following components.

  • The first mandatory component - tires. This is a profile with grooves, the frequency of which directly depends on the number of eaves. For their manufacture use polymers, aluminum or stainless steel. If you choose tires for heavy curtains, it is recommended to make a choice in favor of metal products. Plastic elements are suitable for curtains of light fabrics.

Also not to do without a metal chain or a special belt. On it fix the hooks of fixation and the carriage limiter.

  • Another mandatory component is the drive itself.Which is also called a little motor. It is installed in a separate case fixed on the side of the tire. The mechanism works in both directions, ensuring the closing and opening of the panels.

The structure of the remote control

The standard remote control used to control the electronic system has 4 buttons.

Each performs its specific function, namely:

  • closing or coagulation of the canvas, depending on the type of the eaves;
  • discovery or deployment;
  • stopping the movement of curtains;
  • a separate button that allows you to remember the current placement of the curtains and use it in the future.

Appearance, size and functionality of the remote may vary depending on the manufacturer and model design.

A variety of automation

To maximally automate the curtain management system, you can equip it with additional elements, expanding the functionality.

The following sensors and mechanisms are used.

  • If the windows in the room are located on the sunny side, it is recommended to install a special device that responds to the intensity of light. Depending on the illumination and movement of the sun's rays, the position of the canvases will change.
  • In the hot season, a sensor that responds to temperature will be especially relevant. As soon as the room heats up to a certain point, the automatic closing of windows begins. Also, this sensor is often used in regions with a hot climate.
  • A timer is very convenient in use, with which you can set the opening or closing of webs for a certain time.
  • Curtains awnings, if they are installed outdoors in terraces or on balconies, are equipped with precipitation sensors. As soon as it starts to rain, the screen closes.

Additional Information

All components, such as sensors and electronic drives, are divided into groups, according to the type of power.

There are two types:

  • Wireless. Such devices work at the expense of batteries or batteries of various types.
  • Wired. This type of devices is connected to the mains.

Most buyers are inclined towards an autonomous solution, due to the fact that in the event of a blackout, the functionality of the structure is retained.

Pros and cons of choice

Before ordering this system, you must carefully weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of electric curtains. Based on customer feedback and model reviews, the following list of positive and negative aspects was compiled.


  • Convenient control at a distance using the remote. To close or open the curtains enough one touch. This feature is especially useful if large windows with thick and long curtains are installed in the room.
  • Due to the fact that the automation works neatly and carefully, the service life of the fabrics and materials from which the curtains have been made is significantly prolonged.
  • This system can be correctly entered in almost any style of interior.
  • Convenient control at high ceilings and in hard to reach places.
  • Using the remote, you can control all the automatic structures of this type in the house.
  • The noise level during system operation is minimal.


After getting acquainted with the advantages, it is necessary to note the disadvantages of the curtains with automatic control.

  • The first thing that is noted as a minus is the high price, which is not affordable for every consumer. The cost of such structures is several times higher compared to the standard design of window openings.
  • For the operation of the system, an additional power line should be organized. Without proper knowledge and skills in this area, it is strongly recommended to use the services of specialists, and these are additional expenses. Also consider the cost of electricity and batteries, if necessary.
  • Installation of the system requires the participation of knowledgeable professionals. Here you can not do without special skills and tools.

After analyzing the above information, we can confidently state that the advantages of choice are several times greater than the disadvantages.It can be concluded that this is a practical, convenient and stylish version of the design of window openings in various styles. The installation of such a system will help save personal time, which is important for the modern consumer.

Power output

The main problem faced by those who wish to install curtains on automation is the organization of a separate line. The power cord should be placed as close as possible to the location of the drive. Many users who decide to make a conclusion on their own make a common mistake by placing a gasket on the other side.

Installation and configuration of the transformer is not needed. Due to the low power consumption, the system will not reset the wiring. The power required to operate the system has the usual parameters: frequency - 50 Hertz, voltage - 220 Volts. Due to the low power of the automatic eaves, the line is often brought to a conventional switch.

Management options

There are two ways to control the curtains on the eaves with an electric drive.

  • Remote controller. The most common option is to use the remote control. The advantages are convenience, simplicity, mobility and, of course, remote control.With it, you can control the system found in another room, as long as the remote was at hand.
  • Stationary button. In this case, the possibility of remote control is excluded, however, and this option has its advantages. There is no need to spend money on batteries that are needed for the operation of the remote.

Most customers opt for the combined mode by purchasing a remote and installing a button. In this case, the user has the freedom to choose. Depending on the situation, choose one or another option.

Interesting information

In the modern world, many technologies have been successfully implemented in smartphones. With their help, you can pay in shops, restaurants and other establishments. They are also used as a remote to control plasma TVs. Automatic systems for curtains are no exception. By installing a special application on your mobile device, you can control the eaves using a radio module. This system is very convenient to use, but has a high price.

Placement of eaves

A variety of eaves with an electric drive is divided into groups, depending on the type of fastening.

  • Side mounting on the walls - This is the most popular and common option. In this case, it is important to accurately measure.
  • Swing doors. This method is also used, however, much less frequently due to low practicality.
  • Ceiling placement. In the event that the walls in the room are too far apart, it is recommended to fix the eaves in this way.
  • Installation using a special cassette. This element also acts as a decor. Cornice put on top of it.
  • Combined option. This method combines the use of side panels and cassettes at the same time. The result is a sturdy, reliable and stable construction.

To learn how to install electric curtains with your own hands, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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