3D wallpaper on the wall in the bedroom

Among the wide variety of finishing materials for the bedroom, a special place is occupied by 3D-wallpaper. This relatively new version of wall decoration is gaining more and more popularity and is becoming an excellent solution for decorating bedrooms in various styles.

Bright solution for lovers of creativity

Stereoscopic wallpapers differ from their predecessors in the structure of the material, which allows you to create three-dimensional realistic images. Due to the special effect of distortion of space, even the most high-quality and widescreen conventional wallpaper can not be compared with the three-dimensional image of 3D-material.

The whole variety of stereoscopic wallpapers is divided into several groups:

  • Solitary. Made in the form of a small picture that can complement and diversify the interior.Most often they use images of nature, abstract motifs or macro photography.
  • Standard. They are glued to one of the bedroom walls throughout its area. Most often used on the wall surface above the bed or near the bed. A good option for zoning room space. On such wallpaper can depict a variety of drawings - from geometric shapes to natural landscapes and various subjects. Optical shifts on such photo wallpapers are visible to the naked eye.
  • Panoramic. They are made in the form of a solid canvas on one or two walls and create the maximum illusion that there are no borders in the room.
  • Fluorescent. Thanks to a special powder deposited on the image, it begins to glow in the dark. During the day, the products look like ordinary stereoscopic wallpapers. The luminous effect can also be created due to the backlighting with fluorescent lamps.
  • LED light. The most modern, modernized and most expensive type of wallpaper with a 3D effect. They are thin flexible panels coated with a special compound that begin to glow when exposed to electric current.This is a real electronic system with a lot of miniature LEDs, which can operate both on a network and autonomously. In this case, the image and the intensity of its illumination can be changed at will. To do this, simply use the remote control or a mobile application.

Whichever version of volumetric wallpaper is preferred, it is important to remember that to evaluate all their merits, several conditions must be met.

Maximum 3D effect can not be achieved in very small cramped bedrooms. In addition, for a true three-dimensional image, proper lighting is necessary, not only at night, but also during the day.

Advantages and disadvantages

From other types of wallpaper, stereoscopic differ not only in their more original and interesting appearance, but also in other qualities. Among the main differences and advantages of this finishing material are the following:

  • Environmental friendliness - One of the most important conditions for use in bedrooms, especially in children.
  • Ease of care - it is fairly easy to remove all types of dirt from such surfaces (using ordinary detergents).
  • Water resistant.
  • Resilience to the effects of ultraviolet radiation - such surfaces do not fade in time with the sun and do not cease to be bright and attractive.
  • Fire safety - voluminous wallpapers are made of non-combustible materials.
  • Durability and durability. These products can serve up to 10 years (without losing their properties).

At the same time, they literally transform the room, pushing its boundaries and helping to create a cozy atmosphere. In addition, the wallpaper attracts attention, diverting it from the shortcomings of the room layout.

As for the shortcomings of this material, then it can be attributed to those of its relatively high cost and the risk of annoying the owners.

Scenes suitable for the bedroom

The bedroom is a place for rest, relaxation and recuperation, therefore the most cozy atmosphere should reign here. This is largely dependent on the design of the room space, which makes the task of selecting the plot for stereoscopic wallpaper very important. The choice of image, of course, depends on the tastes and preferences of the inhabitants of the room.

However, there are several rules and recommendations that allow you to choose the right wallpaper on the wall in the bedroom so that they give only positive emotions and harmoniously fit into the interior:

  • For high-tech, modern or loft bedrooms experts advise to use urban themes. In such images, as a rule, bright and too bright colors are not used, which facilitates the task of selecting the appropriate color gamut. It is recommended to place pictures with architectural structures, arches of bridges, parks, roads on the wall behind the headboard.
  • Well combined with modern interiors and abstract drawings with the effect of 3D. Here you should also avoid bright colors. The choice of the size of the image is influenced by the size and degree of illumination of the room - the smaller the bedroom and the worse its lighting, the smaller the image elements should be.
  • Almost universal option for any style (from classic to modern styles) are considered 3D-wallpaper with the image of nature. A variety of landscapes can be placed in any area of ​​the room, as this theme in any design gives a feeling of comfort and creates the desired effect.

For images of people and animals when you make a bedroom should be careful - in some people they can cause a feeling of discomfort and even aggression.

  • In a separate category, designers distinguish stereoscopic wallpapers with colorswhose range is able to impress the imagination. Any floral story is beautiful, but the choice of images for the bedroom should be taken as seriously as possible. Wallpaper with bright colors is best glued behind the bed so that they do not irritate before bedtime, but the colors of pastel shades can be placed on any wall.

Designers do not advise placing pictures with large flowers and plants in small rooms. Here are more suitable options with small flowers.

  • If we are talking about a children's bedroom, then here the most relevant will be fabulous or cartoony plots, landscapes - or individual images with a neutral background.

Choosing the design of the bedroom, it is important to consider that the wallpaper with a 3D image will hang in the bedroom for at least several years. During this time, they should not get bored and stop pleasing the inhabitants of the room.

Selection rules

When choosing a 3D wallpaper, it is important not only to choose the right design that fits well into the overall bedroom design, but also to take into account a number of nuances.

The most important points to consider when choosing stereoscopic wallpaper in the bedroom:

  • Quality. The product should not have any folds or punctures.Even the smallest defect can reduce the 3D effect and significantly spoil the mood.
  • Texture. In the proposed assortment there are wallpapers with a smooth, porous or even embossed texture. They can be glossy or matte. It is important to note that on matte wallpaper there is no distortion of images due to sun glare. At the same time, dark matte wallpapers can deprive a room of “life” and comfort.
  • Color spectrum. Psychologists advise not to buy 3D wallpapers with contrasting shades for the bedroom - the transitions between colors should be smooth.

In addition, when buying stereoscopic tapestries on the wall in the bedroom, the size of the room, its lighting and the overall interior design are taken into account.

The task here can be facilitated by the service offered by many manufacturers of 3D photo wallpapers - custom manufacturing. In this case, do not have to turn dozens of catalogs and bypass stores in search of the best option, everything will correspond to individual tastes and wishes.

For more ideas on photo wallpaper designs with 3D effect, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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