White bedroom in modern style

Bedroom decorated in white colors, most often associated with the classics. However, at present, the white bedroom is successfully used by designers in many other styles, including the modern style.

The combination of colors and original solutions

White color has long been associated with purity, freshness and elegance. No wonder its name comes from the root of the verb "shine, shine, shine."

White is a special color. Is he:

  • matches perfectly with any other colors;
  • helps to visually expand the space;
  • makes the room brighter;
  • gives elegance and lightness to any interior, at the same time emphasizing its conciseness and completeness;
  • has a calming effect on the human psyche.

In addition, it has a wide range of shades: from white-boiled to pearl, which allows you to add any “mood” to the interior: from calm simplicity to noble aristocracy and exquisitely elaborate luxury.

All this makes the white color one of the most popular in the design of bedrooms for children and adults.

Features of modern style

In the modern style there are no particular prohibitions and restrictions - unlike most styles. It is characterized by:

  • the presence of bright spacious rooms;
  • a combination of simplicity and comfort;
  • maximum functionality and practicality;
  • attractiveness, not burdened with excessive decor.

And all these features are successfully underlined precisely with the help of white color, the characteristics of which perfectly fit the requirements of this style.

Interior decoration

An ordinary white room has many advantages, but at the same time it looks dull and not expressive enough. To many, such a room resembles a hospital ward altogether.

Therefore, designers in interior design are advised to combine white with other colors. The most original and winning combinations it forms with:

  • Black. Contrast interior design always attracts attention. This combination looks very modern and is considered quite practical. Predominant in a contrasting interior is white.Black only emphasizes the severity and conciseness of the forms.

When making a design, it is allowed to use a small number of details of bright natural shades (for example, it may be a grass-green bedside rug).

  • Blue. In blue colors, as prailo, partially trim the walls and ceiling. Blue can be curtains and tulle on the windows, a bedspread on the bed or a carpet next to it.
  • Lilac. This combination will give the room even more nobility and bring a touch of romance. White modular furniture with lilac accents from bedspreads, pillowcases, napkins will make the room cozy, and the atmosphere in it is soothing, which is very important for the bedroom.
  • Gold. Most often, this combination is used for the classic style, but it can harmoniously fit into the modern design direction. Here the main thing - do not overdo it with gold. So, gilding can be used on bedspreads, curtains, mirrors or wallpaper.

Of great importance in the design of the bedroom in white are the texture and texture of all used materials and furniture.

One of the new designs is white glossy furniture in the bedroom.Such furniture harmoniously fits into the interior, it looks beautiful and modern, does not require special care.

In addition, due to its reflectivity, it visually increases the size of the room. However, experts do not recommend glossing the entire bedroom - it is better to use combinations of glossy and matte surfaces that will help to create a more refined interior.

Professional Designer Tips

In the white color for the modern bedroom can be decorated walls and ceiling. The flooring most often used is parquet and laminate of light shades.

White color can be furniture, which in this case should not be too much. In the bedroom is placed a wardrobe, bedside tables, dressing table with a chair or pouf.

All pieces of furniture should differ in the correct proportions, smooth or smooth (slightly rounded) lines.

With regard to lighting, in a room made in white, do not need a lot of lighting. And again - due to the characteristics of the color itself.

When installing lighting equipment, designers propose to focus on the central lighting or to place around the perimeter.LED lamps and supplement them with desk lamps on the bedside tables.

It will be appropriate to look and decorative lighting to highlight paintings, mirrors and other interior items.

How else can you arrange a white bedroom, you can learn from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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