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For quite a long time, high-quality bedrooms from Belarusian manufacturers have gained popularity far beyond their borders. Now the most modern and stylish furniture products from various materials can be purchased at a very affordable price. If you also decide to opt for a Belarusian-made headset, you need to know in advance about all the positive and negative aspects of this acquisition.

Special features

One of the most important features of modern Belarusian furniture is the fact that in this country furniture production has been one of the leading for many years, and the furniture industry is one of the most developed. This means that the Belarusian masters who create various interior items are highly qualified specialists who have been honing their skills for years and invest all their love and knowledge in the products.

It should be borne in mind that in the manufacture of furniture in Belarusian factories are actively used as high-quality local raw materials and imported materials, which allows manufacturers to offer a very wide range of beautiful and original furniture - from elegant models to solid office furniture from an array of precious woods.

The main advantage of buying Belarusian products there will be its low price. Externally, it will be little different from the furniture of Italian or German factories, even if it will be exclusive models and author's design. But the price will be more attractive from the Belarusian manufacturer, which makes this furniture so popular among Russian consumers.

Another advantage is a huge selection. The range of Belarusian furniture factories is quite wide, you can easily find in the catalogs of Belarusian companies furniture of various directions, decorated with the help of original design ideas. You need a classic bedroom set or a convertible sofa, bright children's furniture or products for a bachelor's apartment - you can find any item in Belarusian furniture stores, which are already very much in our country.If necessary, the factory will be happy to make furniture according to your individual sizes and at a very pleasant price for you.

The quality and durability of such furniture is also widely known to all, it is created for use for decades to come.

So that the consumer does not doubt its quality, Belarusian furniture companies offer a fairly long warranty on their products. Belarusian furniture factories have long established modern high-tech equipment at their production facilities, which allows them to produce excellent furniture samples that meet international quality standards. Even the well-known Swedish concern Ikea today places most of its orders for the production of furniture at Belarusian furniture factories.

Belarusian manufacturers also pay great attention to the design of their products, taking into account the fashion trends of the world when creating them and due to this they compete with furniture of European factories.

Environmentally friendly materials used in the manufacture of Belarusian furniture, will allow you to easily install it in the children's room and use it to organizespaces in spas.

However, it is worthwhile to be frank - and there are also enough disadvantages when buying Belarusian furniture. Most often they are in delivery time - if you choose Belarusian furniture in the catalog, not according to the models that are in stock at the store's warehouse.

Popular brands

The most popular Belarusian manufacturers are, first and foremost, the well-known Pinskdrev far beyond the borders of Belarus, the young companies Black Red White and Timber, the famous companies Molodechno Mebel and Bobruisk Mebel, and Beldrev.

Each of these manufacturers offers original and classic collections that perfectly fit into the design of any interior - with its magnificent appearance and bright colors.

Let us consider the main manufacturers:

  • "Bobruiskmebel" It is considered one of the oldest furniture manufacturers since it has been operating in this industry for over a hundred years. Its products are well known in Europe, because they are distinguished by their excellent quality characteristics.
  • Furniture from Molodechno constantly takes prizes at various exhibitions (even on a global scale) - due to the high quality of performance.
  • Pinskdrev - this is a huge holding consisting of a number of furniture enterprises, supplying to more than 130 countries of the world. In the catalog of the company you will see a huge selection of upholstered and cabinet furniture - in various fashionable directions and styles (from classic to modern and high-tech style).
  • Factory "Timber" - a modern young manufacturer of Belarusian furniture for living rooms, bedrooms and many other areas of a residential building.
  • Holding Black red white today produces reliable and modern furniture, including for rooms with non-standard planning solutions.
  • If you want just one example to make sure that the furniture from Belarus is really a special quality and great design, you need to see the Belarusian bedroom "Allegro". This bedroom will be a luxurious decoration of any interior - thanks to the abundance of decorative elements, giving it a special chic and elegance. The Allegro bedroom suite includes a classic-style double bed, a spacious wardrobe with original rounded side doors, chic bedside tables and a walnut-colored dressing table.It is unlikely that anyone will refuse to see such magnificence in his bedroom.

In addition, there are a number of private and small factories in Belarus, which also produce custom-made furniture products. They are very popular in Europe.


Modern Belarusian furniture has gained immense popularity in the post-Soviet space and in European countries. In its manufacture are usually used natural and environmentally friendly materials. But it's no secret that natural wood furniture is always popular and does not depend on the vagaries of fashion.

Such furniture can be a real decoration of any modern interior.

It is able to fill the space of rooms with optimism, vitality and home comfort.It goes very well with any setting. Natural materials always have a unique texture and fascinate with the smells and charm of nature.

For the manufacture of Belarusian sets often used an array of valuable tree species, each of which has amazing properties. Belarusian furniture made of solid oak will always be distinguished by high strength, solidity and durability. Furniture made of solid pine will have a favorable effect on the emotional state of its owner and his family members, filling the space around them with calm and a sense of peace.

However, headsets and collections from the array are quite expensive, and not every consumer can afford to buy them.

In this case, Belarusian manufacturers offer to pay attention to cheaper models of their furniture products made from wood-based panels. At the same time, these products will be no worse in quality than elite models from the array. Belarusian furniture companies have long learned to provide high quality and environmental safety of particle board or fiberboard.

Tips for choosing

If you are also eager to place beautiful Belarusian-made furniture in your home, then you need to know Some important rules to consider when choosing:

  • First you need to clearly consider options placement of a headset or soft corner, what you decide to purchase, in the room where you need them most.Belarusian kitchen and bedroom sets differ in standard sizes, but still it is best to be safe and compare the size of the room with the dimensions of the purchased sets.
  • Usually buyers choose furniture, focusing on their taste preferences, and then can not put it in the room so that it looks harmoniously with the overall interior and combined with other products. That is why it is so important to initially consider the style of the furniture that you want to buy. Consider the size of the room, its purpose (children's or living room), the basic colors of wall and floor coverings, the overall design of the room.
  • Belarusian manufacturers offer a wide range of products of different types, and therefore you can easily select for any room in your home the desired set or piece of furniture. If your bedroom is decorated in a classic style, this means that the classic Belarusian production is also well suited here - models for the bedroom in a restrained style and neutral colors.
  • Choose furniture checked Belarusian manufacturers, whose products have a good reputation and quality assurance.
  • Do not try to save on the purchase of high-quality furniture for your home. First and foremost, think that good solid wood furniture will last you longer than products made of wood-based panels. It will bring unique charm and elegance to your home decoration.
  • Do not forget that you choose the furniture should be functional and comfortable during operation. If you like a beautiful sofa from the Belarusian manufacturer, sit down on it comfortably to see for yourself that the piece of furniture you have chosen really has a comfortable seat, excellent texture of the upholstery and a suitable mechanism for transforming into a bed.
  • Get already assembled furniture. Let it be a high-quality assembly of the manufacturer itself, and then your head will not be sore about how to quickly assemble a huge closet for your new bedroom.

With the help of these rules you can quickly acquire a suitable set of Belarusian furniture at a nice price and enjoy using it every day for many years.

Among the products of famous Belarusian manufacturers there is no pretentiousness or inappropriate decors in the design.

In the collections of Belarusian furniture factories, various classical motifs are fully represented, which combine very well with fashion and modern interiors. You can easily find exactly what you need. The range is wide, and a lot of options. This is noted by many consumers.

Review of the bedroom "Milan", see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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