White bedroom set

A white bedroom set is a dream of many romantic couples. Can white color look decent in the interior of a personal zone? We will understand how to choose the right setting in the classic bedroom, accessories and bed linen.

While working on the design of the bedroom, many designers offer to “beat” the white color correctly, and then the space intended for personal comfort will become not only perfect, but attractive, because the fashion for white will never pass.

White furniture features

Choosing a refined interior for your bedroom, you need to pay attention not only to the color of the walls and ceiling, accessories and curtains, but also to harmoniously choose the shade of furniture.

Working on this issue, many experts are inclined to conclude that the light tone of the bedroom set will visually expand the area of ​​even a small bedroom.Of course, a bedroom in shades of dark wood will look elegant, but only in a spacious room.

In small and cozy bedrooms it will be too cumbersome.

White color is a classic version. Noble, pure, for many it is the standard of family well-being and harmonious relations. It is on the white furniture that you can feel pacified and rested, and the feeling of freshness will invigorate you for the whole day.

Do not be afraid to choose the white color of furniture in the bedroom - it will look great in any style: classic, minimalism, Provence, hi-tech or cutting-edge design. Such furniture will be combined with any shade of decor, it will perfectly fit a lot of accessories.

The one who believes that the white color is poor in shades is mistaken - its faces are endless: white color can be with a barely noticeable yellow, glossy, and gray shades and bluish look through it. And if you are a fan of contrasts, then the white color of the headset in this case is just perfect: it contrasts with any tone.

If you stopped at a completely white interior - from the ceiling to the white carpet, the feeling of a festive atmosphere will never leave you.A white bedroom, resembling whipped cream or white-and-white lace on the dress of the bride, will make your apartment unique.

Choosing a model

As we have said, white color can “sound” differently depending on the interior of the room. For example, luxurious glossy beds with the same bedside tables and wardrobe will create a royal atmosphere along with large mirrors or decorative accessories.

And another thing: the glossy facades of furniture, almost mirrored, can also visually enlarge the space of your room.

If the wood from which your stylish furniture is made has a matte surface, then your bedroom can be made in the style of retro, country or Provence - everything depends on your imagination.

A complete set of white headset in the bedroom is usually a bed - double or loft, wardrobe, chest of drawers, bedside tables and a mirror. These are the so-called ready-made solutions that can be supplemented by dressing tables or ottomans.

It all depends on the size of your personal space. The bed can be ordered on an individual project, you can add a chest of drawers as desired.Such a necessary thing as a dressing table may not be in the set, but its presence helps to emphasize the femininity of the interior.

Particular attention should be paid to the presence of a wardrobe, which can also be chosen at its discretion.

It is very convenient in any room, small and large:

  • saves free space;
  • it is possible to install mirrors on it, which will visually increase the area of ​​the bedroom;
  • it can be “inscribed” in the corner if necessary.

The main thing - to create an organic atmosphere in which your white headset will be able to emphasize all its advantages. Beds can have a high or low headboard, which can be hard or not so - depending on the wishes of the client.

Today, manufacturers offer furniture made from various materials, however, most buyers traditionally choose wood furniture.. He has a natural warmth, unique shade, and, of course, a considerable price. Therefore, lovers of high-quality furniture can offer an inexpensive version of modular systems made from chipboard or MDF. Externally, this furniture is almost indistinguishable from wood.For example, the facade is very fashionable from European solid cherry or beech, ebony or walnut.

Bedroom sets look very stylish, the facades of which are upholstered in white leather are stylish and modern.

Accessories and finishes of such sets also have no boundaries of fantasy - metal, chrome-plated metal, bronze styling, etc.

Bedroom Design Tips

Many of the inhabitants, who paid tribute to the white bedroom, complain that they lack bright spots. According to the advice of famous designers, you need to adhere to some rules:

  • In the bedroom, in which the white suite is located, a wooden floor is perfect. The walls can be painted white or pasted over with beige wallpaper. And let the floor be the only contrasting spot, this will be enough for your noble "bedchamber." Wall cladding can be made of wood panels, and let the color of the bedspreads on the bed be perfectly white.
  • Is your snow-white bedroom country-style? In this case, small wicker chairs or benches stylized “under the tree” will perfectly fit the headset.
  • Let the brick walls of your bedroom be painted white too. - The difference of textures will emphasize the sophistication of your choice. The walls made in a contrasting tone will help to add a certain highlight to the bedroom - bright wallpapers only emphasize the lightness of the white color of the headset.
  • Unbeatable option: white and black interior. You can arrange the headboard of the bed of your white headset in black color - wallpaper plain or with a large pattern. You can repeat the black print on textiles, curtains or wall paintings, but neatly, without frills.

We arrange the furniture correctly

In any room it is necessary to properly install the furniture set, especially in the bedroom, where most often, there is nowhere to roam. The main thing is to keep the proportions between the size of the room and the pieces of furniture placed in it.

The so-called modular models of the bedroom set can come to the aid, each object of which should visually expand the area of ​​the room.

This also applies to the above-mentioned wardrobes: they can be ordered in the corner version. By the way, they should be placed near the window so that all the contents are illuminated with natural light.

The harmonious arrangement of furniture in the room depends on the distance to the door and window openings. The central place is, of course, the bed, which should be placed head to the wall, and not at the window if possible.

Bedside tables, symmetrically arranged on both sides of the white headset, will give your bedroom a finished look.

For more information on how to furnish the bedroom, tell the following video.

Popular styles

If you have not yet decided which bedroom suite of white color is right for you, let us turn to the designers' tips to help you decide on the style of the room:

  • Classical. The furniture of this style is always elegant and concise, the decor should not be catchy. Depth and proportions - that's what distinguishes classic furniture.
  • Palace. Here various frilly and refined features on the furniture itself are welcome - curved legs, carved headboard, everything that resembles the golden era of palace life. In the design of the furniture of this style is used imitation of patina, gold or silver. The luxury of the palace balls, white, airy linen - and you can feel like the court of His Majesty.
  • Style of comfort and tenderness - Provence Various accessories, textiles, wallpaper with floral patterns will help emphasize the elegant atmosphere.
  • High tech - modern style, plenty of glass and mirrors, chrome-plated metal. Your white headset will become the center of attraction in such a room.

Choose your style and remember: the white color of your headset will look luxurious in any of them.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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