White chest of drawers in the bedroom

Dressers came into use in the XVIII century, becoming indispensable for storage. In modern times, they are trying to push cabinets and wardrobes, but they still remain relevant. Putting a white chest of drawers in the bedroom, you can not only simplify your life with comfortable furniture, but also please the fashion. This color is one of the most popular in interior design.

What it is?

The dresser is a piece of furniture for storing clothes, linen and other things. A distinctive feature of its design are drawers. Some people prefer to refuse the dressers, as they need to allocate a lot of space in the room. However, they have many virtues, and therefore are still popular.

In closed boxes it is convenient to store bed linen, which will not be creased, covered with dust and interfere in the closet for clothes. In addition, departments can be equipped with additional partitions or shelves for jewelry, cosmetics, ties, underwear. With the help of this piece of furniture it is convenient to keep every thing in its place.

If the chest is large, then each of its drawers can be reserved for an individual family member.

A chest of drawers saves space, as it can replace some other furniture.. On it you can put a TV or music center. Hanging a mirror over it, you can create a convenient place to put yourself in order and apply makeup. If a child has recently appeared in the family, then the surface of the dresser will suit as a changing table.

The dresser plays not only a functional role, but also a decorative one. There are many models made in different styles - as is the case with other furniture. The design is made varied by processing - for example, covering the surface with gloss.

This item may even become the main decoration of the room or supplement an existing kit. Other decorative elements are placed on the dresser - for example, photographs, flowers and plants, and figurines.


There are several main types of dressers:

  • model with a classic design with drawers;
  • a chest of drawers, whose doors are moving apart, revealing views of the shelves;
  • combined, combining in itself drawers, sliding doors or open shelves;
  • a dresser table in which design there is a workplace;
  • chest of drawers, part of which is reserved for small drawers;
  • for linen, with one large compartment under the pillows and blankets.

The most common materials are MDF and particleboard, since such models have an affordable price. Higher prices for those items that are made of natural wood. Additional parts and finishes can be made of metal, glass, leather.

Models of drawers differ in size:

  • Low consider those whose height does not exceed 100 cm. Standard size - 130 cm.
  • Average width - 100 cm.
  • There are narrow models (up to 100 cm) and long (up to 200 cm).

Conventionally, models of drawers can be divided depending on the style in which they are made. This is influenced by the overall design, method of finishing, decor. For example, strict lines and the absence of jewelry are a sign of the direction of minimalism, and the glossy surface is high-tech.Classic dressers can have beautiful legs with thread or gold trim. In the Scandinavian style furniture is often wooden and covered with white paint, while Provence often has antiqued treatment.

In general, for the decoration and decoration can be used different techniques: carving, drawing pictures, inlay with stones or crystals in very expensive models. The white base is often diluted with other colors: beige, brown, blue, gold, gray. One of the ways to make this chest of drawers more interesting is to use unusual details, including vintage ones (for example, pens).

Location in the interior

Commode allows you to visually correct the proportions of the bedroom. If the ceilings are low, then you should put a high, but narrow model. In the presence of an empty corner and space should be placed chest of drawers there. So the interior will look complete, without failures.

Often a mirror is hung over the dresser, which requires careful thought out. Mirror surfaces in the design strongly over-focus attention on themselves and can spoil the proportions. It is important to put a dresser with a mirror so that it does not reflect the doorway.

Estimated place under the chest should be measured, not forgetting the distance in front of him. It should be borne in mind that the boxes will be extended, which means that there should be empty space.

Adjust the space can not only the dresser, but also its color. Visually, white furniture can make the room more spacious, comfortable and bright. This is especially useful in bedrooms where there is little natural light or a rather monotonous setting.

A white chest of drawers looks best in a room decorated in light shades of white, beige. All objects and furnishings will complement each other, smoothly moving from one element to another. However, in design it is also customary to play on contrasts, so white furniture can be placed in the bedroom of any other color. The main thing is that the dominant shades should be no more than four, so that all the subjects fit each other in style.

Monochrome interiors (black and white combinations) are especially popular. In such a room a dresser can become a stand for a dark lamp, photo frames and any other decorative elements.

Tips for choosing

When buying a chest of drawers should pay attention to checking the drawers and the functioning of their sliding mechanisms.They should not jam, make noise and sharply open. The best option for the bedroom, where the atmosphere of calm is so important, will be the presence of a mechanism-closerthen the doors and drawers will close smoothly. In addition, the design of the furniture should not be gaps, all the details should fit snugly to each other.

Very well, if the thickness of the back wall of the dresser is at least 5-6 mm, otherwise over time it risks bending under the pressure of things.

In the bedroom, in which most often there is a large bed and a wardrobe, you should choose a medium size chest of drawers. In very small rooms, you can limit yourself to a narrow model with a large number of boxes.

Further you watch video review of a white dresser from the known trademark Ikea.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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