Choosing a white wardrobe in the bedroom

It is impossible to imagine an apartment without a closet - if it is located in the bedroom, this is the most convenient option. And how many useful little things you can fit in the closet! The first mention of cabinets appeared in the III century BC in Egypt, such a product was a box with a lid. Since then, the appearance of the cabinets has been significantly transformed, but the goal remains the same - storage of things. Today, many people prefer to choose a white wardrobe in the bedroom.

Special features

White color symbolizes purity, and also has the unique ability to visually expand the space. In the bedrooms with a small area, a white wardrobe will be an excellent interior solution. Of course, such a piece of furniture will be a real decoration for the bedroom. This is understood by many consumers - that is why they often choose such products.So, we can distinguish several types of cabinets by location.

The variety of forms and models is very large, which allows you to choose a suitable cabinet that will meet all aesthetic and functional characteristics.


This cabinet has a box-like structure and stands out in the interior of the room. The main advantages of this type:

  • Easy installation. You can assemble the cabinet yourself, without the use of special tools.
  • Appearance does not depend on environmental conditions. If the bedroom has irregularities (for example, floors, ceiling or walls) - this factor does not affect the wardrobe itself.
  • The possibility of dismantling when moving or rearranging, no restrictions when installing in a new place.

The disadvantage is the reduction of the useful area in the room.


They almost completely merge with the interior of the bedroom, creating integrity and completeness. The advantages of such cabinets:

  • Esthetic look. The lack of gaps between the walls, ceiling. As a resulte - ease of cleaning.
  • The possibility of location in the bedroom with a complex geometry of suspended ceilings.
  • The simplicity of changing the facades under the desired interior. It is enough to change the doors to the desired option. The mount for this procedure is not affected.

The disadvantages include:

  • The impossibility of dismantling for installation in another room. These cabinets are made under the individual characteristics of the room.
  • Price. It is quite high, and it does not suit many consumers.

With hinged doors

The cabinets are divided according to the design of the doors. Today you can buy classic wardrobes with hinged doors. Such models will never go out of fashion, modern classics boldly and confidently keep up with fashion trends. They are distinguished by the number of doors in the product. The opening system is quite simple, the mechanisms work on the principle of light pressure.

Features, the advantages of such furniture:

  • noiselessness when opening and closing doors;
  • exceptional ease of care;
  • have extra handles that serve as decorations.

However, it is worth considering that the hinged doors occupy some space, being in the clear.


Virtually every house or apartment will meet this closet. Due to its characteristics, he confidently occupies a leading position and holds them well.The positive sides of the wardrobe are:

  • Saving free space. You can install such a closet in a small bedroom.
  • Doors will not require additional manipulations during operation. They do not need to twist.

However, there are some nuances:

  • It is necessary to get rid of dust in a timely manner so that the condition of the wheels does not deteriorate.
  • The characteristic sound when opening and closing doors, which can interfere with people living in the apartment.

Wardrobes with curtain doors ("accordion")

A modern solution that saves space. Not a very common option, but it is extremely attractive.

Wardrobes without doors

Such models are gaining popularity, but this product is usually used as a fashion accessory (however, it is very functional). The closet can be with a curtain instead of the usual doors - or they can be completely absent.

The advantages of "textile doors" include:

  • Noiselessness Curtains open without any distracting and interfering sounds.
  • Low price. It is enough to show a little ingenuity - and such an unusual “door” can be made independently.
  • Space saving. The curtain will move along the bar in a horizontal direction.
  • Variability. You will be able to choose the interior according to your mood, simply by changing textiles.
  • Airiness Curtains add coziness and lightness to the surrounding space.

Open wardrobes will also bring their own zest to the bedroom:

  • will increase the space in the room;
  • will create dynamics in the interior.

Do not forget about the peculiar care for such unusual pieces of furniture. You have to constantly get rid of the dust, it takes time.

The lineup

You can choose several typical models of cabinets - depending on the shape and size of the bedroom:

  • Direct (classic) option. For those people who like to follow the traditions and the requirements for the bedroom.
  • Angular. Allows you to stay in your room as efficiently as possible without taking up much space.
  • Radius Excellent option for complex configurations.
  • Concave.
  • Convex.
  • Undulating.
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Luxury, sophistication and good capacity - this is the perfect combination for modern hostesses.


Cabinet dimensions should be proportional to the room. In a too large bedroom, a small locker will not look quite appropriate, but in a small room there is no place for a huge closet.You can fit it in height from floor to ceiling, which will undoubtedly be an advantage when storing various things. A good option is to leave some space between the ceiling and the upper point of the dressing room.

Decor and materials

Once you decide on the shape and dimensions of the cabinet, you can think about the material from which it is made. To make it easier to make a choice, it is worth analyzing the main types of raw materials:

  • Chipboard (chipboard) - the material is moisture resistant, resistant to mechanical stress and temperature extremes. The advantage is also a rich choice of colors and low price. The negative aspects include the presence of formaldehyde resins, fasteners for wood.
  • Chipboard - differs from the chipboard by the presence of a special facing film, which makes this material more moisture resistant and durable.
  • MDF - plate, which is made of very small sawdust. They are held together by paraffin or lignin, and therefore - environmentally friendly materials. From such plates you can make absolutely any pattern or cut. It is worth noting that the price of MDF is somewhat higher.
  • Fiberboard (fibreboard) - produced by steaming the particles of wood dust, then formed using wet pressing. Differs in the low price and durability, however it is possible to use such plate not always and not everywhere.
  • Tree - natural material, ready to serve for a long time. A special feature is the high price.

Of course, the closet needs to be decorated with dignity so that it fits perfectly with the bedroom interior. The most popular options are:

  • mirror;
  • gloss;
  • matte coating;
  • integrated lighting;
  • carved facades;
  • decorative elements to which it is possible to carry a laid on decor, relief legs or a photo printing.
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In the interior of the bedroom a white wardrobe looks luxurious and "rich". All shades of white are perfectly combined with absolutely any color.

Such furniture will not be intrusive and depressing. Moreover - the interior of the bedroom will seem harmonious, dispose to rest.

Next, see an overview of an interesting model of white wardrobe for the bedroom.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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